7 Rules for Asking LinkedIn Connections for Help

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 This is probably the best place for you to clear all your whereabouts related to 7 rules for asking LinkedIn connections for help. LinkedIn is an employment and business-oriented service that operates via mobile phones and websites. It allows its members both the workers and the employees to create a profile and build connections with each other. The members can also invite anyone to become a connection. the members can send the invitation to the people to become a connection who is not even on LinkedIn. It is mainly used for professional networking. There are Over 600 Million LinkedIn Members From Over 200 Countries And Territories. Someone looking for a job or someone willing to offer a job can turn to their LinkedIn connections. Rules for Asking LinkedIn Connections for help can include someone whom you already know, someone whom you know a little bit, and someone whom you do not know at all. When someone is looking for help, he or she should know how to ask, ask in the right way. There are lots of people out there ready to help you. It is better to avoid asking for help from a person you do not know at all. But still, there is no harm in requesting, you can always ask for.


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lets roll in to know more about 7 rules for asking LinkedIn connections for help.

Make sure that forwarding your information is simple

Make Sure That Forwarding Your Information Is Simple 

Every time you ask someone to recommend you, you should make it easy for him or her to do that. Your resume should have all your contact information as well as stick a link of your resume in the PDF form in the body of the message so that it becomes easy and simple for your contacts to forward it. Also, adding a personalized description of how you are eligible for the job as well as the duration of time you can work for them.

Also, keeping your resume updated and available in both online version as well as hard copy will always benefit at the time of need.

These little details are the most crucial part of your resume and must relate to the aspirations of the person forwarding it. Ask for anything that you might have missed so nothing in particular is inaccurate.

Keeping these things in mind will help you throughout the process.

Include the word ask in the subject line

Subject Line 

There are hundreds of email notifications pending in every account. You have to be very specific about what you are asking for. You need to insert the word Ask In The First 200 Characters. The notification might catch the attention of the reader if it has specific keywords used in the most innovative manner so an eye catchy subject is a must to include.

Be specific

Try to stick to the point. It is specific about your request and asking. Be specific about your request as nobody has enough time to read a 1000 words long request. Be clear, polite, and direct during asking a connection for help. Try to keep things fixed. You must already know what you want to talk about and how you have to talk about it. The usage of words highly matters as catching the reader’s attention in the very first line is the sign of wisdom.

It should be easy to know you


Since you are asking your connection for help, it must be very easy and comfortable for him to recommend you. You must try to make it easy to get other people to know you. When you ask someone to recommend you, in a way you are asking him to put his professional reputation on the line a tiny bit. You need to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date and complete. Link in your Twitter and Tumblr handles so that people can get an idea about your thoughts and personalities.

If someone reaches out to you, let them know

If Someone Reaches Out To You, Let Them Know 

If an employer contacts you or reaches out to you on the basis of a recommendation by the person whom you requested to, reach out to them immediately and thank them. Tell them how thankful you are to them; it is a great gesture. The recommender can help you again whenever you are in need and can also help you further in the interview process. Being punctual would show your level of interest as well as the courtesy to thank should be the first thing that one should do.

Also, even if the response is not in your favor, you must notify them as they could bring in further opportunities for you in the near future.

Remind the person how you know them

Remind The Person 

LinkedIn is a very big platform and every person talks to hundreds of other people around the globe. It becomes very difficult for someone to remember every person they meet or talk to. It is your responsibility to remind yourself of the connection you are asking for help as it would make your chances higher to get recommended.

The significance of any event that might connect you or any ground of relatibility will level up your chances of communicating with the person effectively.

Try to keep some things a little informal


The LinkedIn profiles out there are too formal, as a result, they are not able to open up and give a clear idea about themselves. You need to keep things informal sometimes so that the connection you are asking help from and the employer whom he recommends you to gets an idea about your personality. Avoid writing long paragraphs in your resume, keep it short, simple, and up to date.

There are lots of people out there to help you, you only need to ask in the right way. You just need to avoid silly mistakes. Never tell the employer that you do not know the recommender, always try to say something like you already know him, he’s a colleague, or alum, etc. trying to help out in the career development. LinkedIn in groups is of great rescue to the person looking for a job. You can also be specific about some companies of your choice, there is no harm in naming them. Try to open up and be real about specific details. Don’t be outrageous about the details as if they are of no use to the related help you are asking for, it might affect the profile.

The shorter the better, as they always say fewer words have the depth to create an image in the reader’s mind in lesser span of time.

After knowing 7 rules for asking LinkedIn connections for help, another rule that could work like cherry on the cake is mentioned below.

Remember to be polite

The person helping you might take his own time and may not reply immediately, so you must not send endless letters for the update. Being patient and polite is the only way out when you are asking for help.

The curiosity might level up with time but having patience and letting the other person with adequate space of time is the courtesy to follow. It’s okay to follow up but being relentless will never help.

THE CONCLUSION : 7 rules for asking LinkedIn Connections for help

The article talks about the 7 rules for asking LinkedIn connections for help while some basic attempts to make you understand better with the highlighted points. The rules will help you enhance every bit of your profile for a better future.

We hope we have made you understand the 7 rules for asking LinkedIn connections for help, Although there could be more. Keep visiting the website to know more.

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