How to get a Job at Infosys company

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Infosys is one of the leading Tech Company in India At Infosys, the recruitment and selection process is customized uniquely towards searching for a suitable match between an applicant’s aptitude and the necessities of the company. Here is an article on How To Get A Job At Infosys Company.
To get a job in Infosys you must have skills and attributes which include analytical ability, communication skills, leadership skills, teamwork, creative bend of mind, innovative approach toward problems, professional competency and academic excellence. Know More Details On Service For Working Professional.
Also, you should have the ability to develop an understanding of facts from specific experiences and apply them to solve problems. The combination of all these attributes can help you impress the HRs and recruiting managers and can put you ahead of others.

Academic Criteria To Apply To Infosys

Before applying to infosys  you must take a look at your academic results and check whether you fulfil their academic criteria. You require a minimum of 60% marks in Class 10 and 12, and 65% and above in B. Tech, which is a pre-condition for applying to Infosys.

Aptitude Test

The aptitude test consists of three sections with a limited time and cut-offs for each section. These include logical and analytical reasoning, quantitative ability and verbal ability.

If you fulfil the academic criteria, qualified candidates then go through a three-stage recruitment process where they have to give an Aptitude Test, a Technical interview round followed by an HR interview.

The first section logical and analytical reasoning includes questions based on topics like data interpretation, visual reasoning, statement reasoning, data sufficiency, syllogism etc. The difficulty level of these questions are of easy to moderate level and you will be given 25 minutes to answer 15 questions.
The second section contains questions from Quantitative aptitude which includes questions on topics like number series, permutations and combinations, time, distance and speed, probability, algebra, analytical puzzles, and basic mathematical formulas, etc. The difficulty level of these questions are moderate to high, and you will be given 35 minutes to answer 10 questions.
The third and the last section assesses your verbal ability which contains questions on synonyms, antonyms, fill in blanks, vocabulary, paragraph completion, sentence correction, etc. Time management is important in this last section as you get 35 minutes to answer 40 questions.

There is no negative marking hence try to attempt all the questions even if you are not sure about the answer. Infosys Aptitude test questions are similar to CAT (Common Aptitude Test) but with a lesser level of difficulty. This exam doesn’t require any prior preparations, but you can practice mock test papers available online to get familiar with the questions and to increase your speed and accuracy. Based on this you will be selected further for the interview rounds which is a Technical interview round and an HR round.

Interview Round

The interview rounds consist of two rounds – technical interview round and HR interview round. To get an upper hand in this round you must have in-depth domain knowledge, and you must come prepared with the basic questions asked in an interview which generally revolves around your CV. During the interview, your communication skills will be assessed hence answer the questions politely and be confident. Know more about LINKEDIN,RESUME CREATION & REVIEW .

Technical Interview Round

You will be asked questions based on your CV, area of interest and your domain knowledge and also the profile you are applying for. You must have a thorough knowledge of at least one programming language and basic knowledge of the rest, complete information about operating systems and awareness of new inventions and innovations in Technology. These are few things you need to keep in mind before you go for the interview and be ready to eat whatever is served on your plate.

HR Interview Round

After the Technical round comes the HR interview round. In this round, HR will assess whether you are a perfect match for the job profile and the company or not. The objective here is to determine your personality, strengths and weaknesses, thinking ability, communication skills etc.

The questions can vary from one person to another depends on HR. Mainly the questions will be asked based on your background, hobbies, skills, current problems in our country and what do you think about it and questions about the job profile and the company.


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Infosys restricts candidates from applying again in the company who don’t get selected for the next nine months so get yourself prepared first and then apply for the job and give your best shot, after nine months you can fill the application form and apply again.

It is difficult to predict the exact questions so the more you practice, the better chances you have to get selected and become a part of Infosys. The recruitment process at Infosys is not that difficult, a few days prior preparation and a little luck will do the magic.

FAQS About How to get a Job at Infosys company

Q. Does Infosys hire freshers?

A. Yes, Infosys does hire freshers. The company actively recruits talented individuals at various experience levels, including recent graduates and entry-level candidates. They offer opportunities for freshers to join as trainees or entry-level associates and provide training and mentorship to help them develop their skills and contribute to the company’s projects and initiatives.

Q. What qualifications does Infosys look for in job candidates?

A. Infosys typically looks for candidates who possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field, such as computer science, information technology, engineering, business administration, or a related discipline.

Q. How can I prepare for an interview at Infosys?

A. To prepare for an interview at Infosys, it’s important to research the company, its services, and its culture. Familiarize yourself with the job description and requirements of the specific role you have applied for. Practice answering common interview questions, including those related to technical skills, problem-solving scenarios, and your experience working in teams.

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