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A Lifestyle Accessory designer designs accessories such as jewelry, shoes, hand bags etc. that complement well with clothes and outward wears. Accessory designers work in a range of areas including clothing manufacturing, department stores and retail shops. Some of these life style accessory designers may have their own businesses. A designer in this field must be well equipped with the latest trends and fads in the market. Many designers hold a degree in fashion and merchandize related fields. A designer must have excellent social and communication skills along with creativity and keeping abreast with technology. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Life Style Accessory Designer answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Life Style Accessory Designer

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Hmmm.Interesting.Firstly congratulations you are a graduate and secondly because you have not jumped over to a career, you waited and have given some thought over it.Hope so that during the break, you are doing a self analysis and exploring your own talent.As self exploration will help you decide which field is good for you and which you can think of in terms of a career.It is high time, you know what are your likings, your strengths, your dreams and where do you see yourself few years from now.What kind of a job are you going to be happy with.Are you an extrovert, ex tempo or happy following

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Dear Rachel,To put all your career queries to the rest, you are strongly recommended to get your psychometric assessment done. The assessment involves assessing the aptitude, interest and personality of the students using standardized psychometric tests. The duration of assessment is approximately 90 minutes which can either be taken online or offline. The option of taking an online assessment is available on as well. There is no prior preparation required to undergo this assessment. The tests are evaluated by a team of psychologists & career experts. After the analysis

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