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Jewelry designer specializes in designing of various kinds of jewelry including traditional, fancy and custom-made. Designers make use of gold, silver, stones and other precious gems for designing jewelry. Designers must understand the different types of design specifications and should master the art of producing exquisite designs that stand out in the market. Designers have to create designs for a specific line of jewelry or they can even be self-employed and can make designs as per their style. Jewelry designers must be talented enough to make creative designs in accessories and all types of jewelry. An expert knowledge in the process of cutting, designing and polishing is a must. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Jewellery Designers answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Jewellery Designers

Jewelry Designing is an art & profession of designing & creating jewelry.  Top 10 Jewelry Designing Colleges in the world :- () Arch College of Design & Business () The University of Kansas, Lawrence, USA () Central Saint Martins, University of the arts London () Birmingham City University, United Kingdom () Rochester Institute of Technology () JD Institute of Fashion Technology () California College of Arts, USA () San Diego State University, USA () China Academy of Art   Among all Arch College of Design & Business is the most established one. It offers Bachelor of J

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A Jewelry Designer is one who designs jewelry through his art & creativity. There are many precious stones which used in making jewelry. Sometimes Jewelry Designer sell their jewelry through own. They should know some simple things like how to cut a stone or to give a shape to make wearable jewelry. Eligibility Criteria for a jewelry Designer should be at least graduate. A student who has passed 12th class from any subject or course. Further he would take any Jewelry Design Course from a well known college.  There are many jewelry Designing Colleges in India. Arch College of Design &a

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Yes, of course! There’s a huge scope of Jewellery design worldwide…… In fact this particular field, will keep on growing in upcoming years. The Jewellery Design is gaining new scope with innovation at its peak. We can expect a huge demand for the expertise in the field of the Jewellery Design worldwide and any person who opt to become a skilled Jewellery designer will surely have lots of opportunities in hand. Remember, this era is for new profession and all old professions will take a nose dive…. IF YOU ARE THINKING TO JOIN ANY JEWELLERY DESIGNING COURSE TO BECOME A

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[Jewellery design][1] is a form of creative art which studies about gems and metals. It includes the whole process of testing the precious metals and gems, cutting, polishing and finally making beautiful patterns with them. [Jewellery designing requires a wide variey of skills such as creativity ,vibrant imagination][2], good knowledge of color combination , fine aestheic sesnse, familiarity with traditional designs. The most crucial trait required in jewellery designer is the sense of design and passion for this profession.To be ajewellery designer one also needs to have excellent skills in

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The typical day of a Jewellery Designer involves one or more of the following activities. Please note that each of these activities take a lot of time. Therefore it is possible that some day you will be working on a certain activity and the other day on another activity. Researching the various color trends and learn about the new designs from the different sources available.Once the colors are decided, the next task is working on the illustrations.They draw the sketches and prepare the initial design which needs to be approved by the senior designer.Once the design process begins, t

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India is the largest consumer of gold jewelry in the world. The [jewelry industry in India][1] is fully job oriented and there are openings for various categories of jobs. The large jewelers firms offer both artisans jobs as well as jobs for designers. One can also start his own jewelry house. [Jewelry designers][2] may opt to freelance for both Indian and international markets. With proper international contacts, export opportunities may be tapped on by jewelry designers. The [skilled jewelry designers][3] can also start their own training schools. Jewelry designer with relevant qualificat

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