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Textile designers are specialists in making and weaving different types of patterns and stitches in fabric designs. It is important to have a flair for creativity, a keen interest and an eye for colour and pattern of fabrics. The work involves drawing and making of digital designs using technically advanced softwares such as Auto CAD. Having a degree in textile designing can help designers gain expertise in this field. Designers can experiment with a variety of colours and textures. The work also involves generating of new designs and production techniques and make latest designs in compliance with the latest fashion fads. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Textile Designers answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Textile Designers

Hi,Textile and fashion designing is a rewarding profession relating physical properties of textiles to the human need for fashionable and functional clothing and home accessories.This option combines the art of design, the science of chemistry and the prospective of history in a rich challenging learning environment that prepares individuals for dynamic careers at the creative forefront of the textile industry.The textile industry is the second largest employer in India after the agricultural sector employing 35 million people directly.The opportunities for Textile designers are ample in both

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Hi,Textile Designers are the designers who conceive and design the fabrics, clothes and other textile materials using artificial and natural fibers to produce the quality products.There are many companies who hire Textile Designers in India , some of them are listed below -- Avalon Information System Pvt Ltd. Coimbatore , Erode.- Textrade International Ltd . Mumbai- Haryana Textprints (overseas) Ltd. Faridabad.- Studio Designs Pvt Ltd. Delhi.- Richa Fashion Pvt Ltd Delhi /NCR- SAS International Gurgaon.- Studio B Designs Pvt Ltd Delhi- Art India Jaipur- Krishna Alkali (Bombay) Pvt Ltd Mumbai-

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Textile design is a process of creating design for knitted, woven or printed fabrics. They create two dimensional designs that can be produced in a design which can be further used for commercial or artistic use. They often work in knit, weave and print. Textile designers can work at textile companies, boutiques, garment manufacxturers, fashion houses, chain ngroups, textle studios etc. They can join garment manufacturing units, fashion designing houses , textile manufacxturers and retail houses as full time worker. Opportunitues for textile designers are also avaiable with government and priv

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Dear aspirant Thank you very much and also i am glad that you decided to approach counsellors at [Meracareerguide][1]. Becoming a professor is highly ambitious and great you choose this line. Before i start explaining on how to become a professor, let me introduce myself. I am Gomathi venkat and i am a professional counsellor practicing in this field for over since 23 years now. I specialise in guidance and counselling on education choice and career line for university students and all the other people. I am also the Managing Director at GV Counselling group based in Bangalore and recently mo

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As a Textile Designer, you do following activities as a part of your day to day work: Checking the emails at the start of the day and look at the schedule to be followde throughout the day. The important part of your job is to meet the clients and have discussions with them in order to understand their needs and requirements. That will give you more clarity on how the design should be like. They read and understand the properties of material required and choose the textile as per that. Once the textile has been chosen, they work on the design part. The d

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Hi, Some of the prominent institutes of India  conduct an entrance exam for drawing and designing skills. You also need to show to the colleges/ institutes a portfolio of work. The entrance exams conducted by some of the prominent institutes are:NIFT Entrance exam – Conducted by National Institute of Fashion Technology,NEED – National Entrance Exam For Design conducted National Institute of Design,DAT – Design Aptitude Test conducted by Pearl Academy of Fashion,CET – Common Entrance Test conducted by School of Fashion TechnologyMnetioned below are the namesof few g

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