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Dear Aspirant, There are no competitive exams for animation and designing. There are good number of jobs available in private sector. You can do Bachelors course, Diploma and Certificate courses in animation and designing. For designing, it is recommended that you do Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA) where you will be taught all types of designing (graphic, web, etc.) Best wishes

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Hi Art direction is one of the most promising career options today, considering the size of the entertainment industry in India. The job profile consists selecting the right location, conceiving visuals in 3D, working in close co-ordination with the film director, cinematographer and costume designer to develop the feel and look of each frame to supervise the decoration and sticking to the budget.[There are courses like P.G Diploma and Certificates Courses in art direction][1]. The minimum qualification for P.G Diploma courses is a graduation in any discipline.[At graduation level you can o

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Interesting that you wish to pursue a career which is highly creative and is rarely opted for students as a career.Firstly before you opt for this career, please do check how good is your [visualization skills and how innovative are you??][1]Secondly, why do you wish to pursue this career???To pursue Animations, one can pursue it from a UGC recognised university. Either a Diploma or a degree course are available under the UGC system. These courses are mainly industry specific and does provide you with jobs in the leading industry.Instead of pursuing a course from a [private institute like

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Hello Friend,Congratulations that you are studying the course as per the guidelines given to by the Career Expert.Its really pleasure for us !!! As you have been doing you Bsc with Animation and you have a desire to study further in the same field that shows your spirit to learn and definitely you are enjoying what you are studying that's the most important thing.As you are willing to go for your Masters in Animation but you have not metioned in which state/city you would like to study so i am just giving information of the colleges; here are some of the Best colleges where you can pursue your

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Please give me more specific details - college name, no. of years of course, affiliation etc of your Graduation college to be able to answer this question.

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Dear Smita, Good to know that you have interest in a highly creative industry - Animation and Film Making Industry. The good thing about this industry or taking of this course is that its open to every student i.e be it science, commerce or arts. I am enclosing career chronology for entering into animation & Film making institute: » Clearance of senior secondary school examinations from CBSE, ISC or any other equivalent board in any stream.» Taking up a 3 year course leading to a Bachelor of Sciences in Animation or film making from a reputed institute. » It can also be taken up by complet

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Dear aspirants, I would like to appreciate you that you came on right platform for you right query. As per your query, you want to join Media, Entertainment and animation. I would like to suggest you that before joining  any field, you must understand that field.   The present era has been rightly named as era of communication and technology. Its the era where people aspire to be aware of the happenings at the national level and International level. this aspirations is fulfilled by the media, a means of mass communication. It includes newspapers, Journals, periodicals, magazi

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