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About the buffing operator category

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RE: About the buffing operator category

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Dear Sahil, 


Buffing" is the procedure used to sparkle metal, wood, or composites utilizing a material wheel impregnated with cutting mixes or rouges. The material buff "holds" or "conveys" the compound, while the compound does the cutting.  Buffing for the most part requires two operations, a cut buff and a completion buff. Indeed, even the cut buff, which is the coarsest buffing operation, is too fine for expulsion of pits, course grating cleaning lines, or profound scratches. This is the reason surface planning before buffing is basic to a high radiance, last wrap up. Phenomenal pre-buff surface readiness begins with utilizing the finest grating belt that generation will permit. It is starting here that evacuation of the first scratch line should be proficient to accomplish the last buff completion.  Cleaning and buffing are completing procedures for smoothing a workpiece's surface utilizing a rough and a work wheel or a leatherstrop. buffing utilizes a free rough connected to the work wheel.Buffing might be finished by hand with a stationary polisher or bite the dust processor, or it might be computerized utilizing specific hardware.

A Buffing Operator is a vital occupation part connected with the Finished Leather area to include esteem in calfskin generation. In mechanical completing procedures buffing administrator or cushion assumes a vital part by rubbing the cowhide surface to give a specific surface to calfskin in view of customer's particular.

Brief Job Description: A Buffing Operator plays out the way toward evacuating the grain on the calfskin by scraped area. All the more especially he/she evacuates the tissue side of the calfskin by mechanical scraped area to deliver a softened cowhide impact, or to decrease the substance. The procedure is otherwise called "snuffing", if expulsion is on the grain side of the calfskin. The point of the buffing/snuffing operation is to enhance the consistency of the grain appearance.

Individual Attributes: Buffing Operator ought to have great deftness, judgment in situating and buffing, engine aptitudes and vision (counting close vision, separation vision, shading vision, fringe vision), profundity discernment and capacity to change center. Likewise ought to have fundamental estimation and numerical abilities.

It is not a desk job 

Need not handle a team 

Travelling is not part of the job 

Contractual work and part-time jobs are available 

Working from home option is not available

Companies usually work for 5/6 days a week and 8 hours every day. This may vary from tannery to tannery.

Shift system maybe available and the job is not suitable for people with special needs

The key competencies required are

  • Equipped to identify the side of leather that should be fed in while buffing or snuffing
  • Knowledge of the common faults
  • Proficient in handling hides and materials
  • Competent in equipment operating procedures
  • Equipped in the method of sharing domain-related information with team members
  • Well versed with sources of updates on footwear and related areas
  • Ability to follow manufacturer’s instructions

The skill is trained in institutes like

  • Indian Institute of Leather Products (IILP) 
  • Government Leather Institute 
  • Central Footwear Training Institute, Chennai 
  • Council for Leather Exports (CLE)

Hope this helps

Happy career planning

Preetha Ajit

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RE: About the buffing operator category

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