What are the career options after M.Sc(Biotechnology)

i am a post graduate in Biotechnology. What options I have that can be chosen as a viable career. I am confused whether to get into private sector or apply for a governmental position...Please suggest...

by Sachindra
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4 answers

RE: What are the career options after M.Sc(Biotechnology)

Dr. Dinesh Bhutada
Dr. Dinesh Bhutada
Verified Career Expert
Chief Career Counselor Abhinav Career Scope
  • Pune

For getting the job opportunities in Biotechnology sector, it is little tough as biotechnology industry is not grown like any other industries in India. It is many times necessary to do the Ph.D. in Biotechnology to get the better job opportunities as the major career starts after Ph.D. only. Currently you can work as teacher upto the class of 12th can teach subject like Biology (zoology and botany). this can be done for time being uptil the getting other job.

You can also appear for the NET and SET exam for getting the eligibility for becoming the Professor in college.

On the basis of graduation there are many opportunities available like banking, UPSC and state services examination. But for these you need to have more patience and study hard. one can get success if his focus is clear about the same.

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RE: What are the career options after M.Sc(Biotechnology)

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru


Thanks for approaching us at!!!

I am glad you have chosen biotechnology field and are interested in a related career. I am Gomathi, a chief counsellor into this counselling industry since 23 years. I could be here to guide you today through career opportunities in Biotech. You can take any of the four routes for a career in biotech.

1. School level teaching:
With a MSc Biotechnology, you can work for schools. But you could only work as a Biology teacher and not as a Biotech teacher as not all schools have this subject at school level. Moreover growth opportunities are very less. You will be restricted to only school subject teaching and you cannot be involved in any kind of research as school teachers hardly conduct research activities. Moreover your salary will also be at marginal level. Don't forget, many schools also demand you to have a BEd degree at least. But if you have other teaching qualification like the NET, it is quite acceptable. But if you have a strong passion for teaching school students rather college students, this is the right field.
2. College level teaching:
At college level, you can teach students and also engage in continuous research. It requires a MSc plus NET-National entrance test score or a SET- state entrance test score. If you also have a PhD, its great. You are more preferred with a PhD degree. In case you are considering studying a PhD, you should write NET exam, UGC-JRF exam and be awarded the fellowship. This fellowship will get a monthly stipend of minimum Rs 12,000 to 18000 depending on the year of study and university where you study. As a college lecturer you can also engage into research. Research career is always interesting and if you like it, you can go for it. The good thing about college teaching is you can do both teaching and research.



  1. Research and development laboratories:
There are a lot of research development laboratories throughout India and their work is only to engage in scientific research. They are NOT involved in teaching. Their role is 9am-5pm or even beyond in conducting only research. There are many research centres for plant biotechnology, agri-food research centre, animal biotech research centre, horticulture research centre, cancer research centre and many. You should approach the relevant research centre according to your specialization in MSc Biotech. If you have studied general Biotechnology, then you can approach any research centre that you like.
One tip here: If you are unsure of what specialization you are in, think on what subject you did your MSc thesis/ dissertation/ project. If you did some thing about plants, then plant biotech is your specialization area.
4. Work for biotech companies:If you dont want to be in a career that involves teaching and research, then biotech companies like Biocon, Shantha biotech, Panacea and other pharmaceutical companies like Sun pharma, Dr Reddy's lab are right for you. You can visit their website and send job applications. You will be initially recruited as a trainee as they will teach you what you are supposed to do. After you perform well in training period, your job gets confirmed. You have a variety of career options in biotechnology and all you have to do is find the right role, right people, right company/university at the right time.
My best wishes to you. Good luck.

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RE: What are the career options after M.Sc(Biotechnology)

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur

Hello there

Thank you for choosing and writing to us. I appreciate your interest in Biotechnology and firstly congrats on your post graduation. Biotechnology is a vast science with a variety of branches. Perhaps, your career depends on the elective you have chosen to do at MSc Biotechnology. For example, if you have studied Plant biotechnology as your elective, you can work for plant biotech companies or plant research laboratories in India. Some of the example careers you can consider are Plant research institute, Cotton research institute, Fibre research institute, horticulture, potato research, vegetable plant research and many more.If you have chosen Animal biotechnology as your specialization, you can similarly work for animal research labs in India.
So lets consider your career prospects on a large scale. Some of the coolest career options for Biotech graduates are:
To pursue any of the above mentioned careers, one is expected to have studied at least Micro biology, Molecular biology, genetics, meat science, food science, plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology, Bio chemistry, biology, nutrition, forestry, fibre research, horticulture, potato research and vegetable research science.
The sectors you could locate for job research are:
Some of the career options you could pursue are.
1. Further study: You can opt to study a PhD in Biotechnology if you would like. A UGC-NET/ CSIR score is essential for PhD admission and a UGC-JRF score is required to get you a monthly stipend. After a PhD, you can work at universities or colleges as a lecturer/ professor and a researcher.
2. Medical employment: You can be placed in medical field like the hospital and private clinics and research centre, if you have studied Medical lab technology or biomedical engineering. This can get you a job in operating and handling patients with complex medical instruments like the CT scanner, X-ray and many more.
3. Management: You can also consider going into HR/ Marketing careers in life science companies like pharma companies. But this role completely deviates you from Biotech and gets you into the management side of biotech companies.
4. Healthcare professions: You can work at health care research centre that involves medical transcription and other professional services. You can also work at Diabetes center, cancer research centre.
5. education: As said in the 1st point, you can get into an education centre if you would like. You can also go right now into employemnt at colleges with a Masters degree only. But this requires you to have written and passed UGC-NET/ UGC-SET score or a UGC-LEC to be able to teach with a Masters degree only.
6. Computer/ IT: finally you can also get employment in software industries that run life sciences projects. You can do medical coding, medical transcription and also do molecule designing using softwares.
Hope this helps. Good luck.

RE: What are the career options after M.Sc(Biotechnology)

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Thank you very much for contacting It is good to know that you are a biotechnology graduate and looking for the best suitable academic program at master level. Hereby I will catagorically mentio the different possible degree prgram at master level including the names of some prestigious university and institutions in India.
1. Master of Sciences in Biotechnology: It will be a natural option being a biotech graduate there is no problem in taking MS Biotechnology, though I am not clear whether you are btech or bsc so please think accordingly about M.Sc or M.Tech at master level in biotechnology. There are several universities and institutions are offering this program. But you must prefer to appear in entrance test based admission gateway like Jawaharlal Nehru University ( has Centre for Biotechnology, School of Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences etc. It does not matter whtether you are being taken in life sciences or biotechnology or enviornemntal these are the different patways to obtain the similar objectives in academics. No doubt from this institution you will get the highest exposure at national and international level and the infrastructure you will have at excellence. Other institutions like University of Delhi (, TERI (, AMITY (, BITS-PILANI (, BIT-MESRA (, JAYPEE (, SHIVNADAR (, SOUTH ASIAN (, NII (, THAPAR (, CDFD (, IIT-D (, IIIT-HYDERABAD (, IISER-B-K (, CIMAP (, BARC (, TIFR (, JC BOSE INSTITUTE (, KOLKAT UNIVERSITY (, IARI (, ICAR INSTITUTES (, CSIR INSTITUTES (, IISC (, NCBS (, SHASTRA UNIVERSITY (, PUNJAB AGRICULTURE UNIVERSITY (, ETC.

  1. Other streams like Biophysics, Nanobiotechnoloy,Marine Technology or Sciences, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics wtc have the bright future for you. It is your interest which could be prevelent throughout the course study. You need to see the syllabus and entire modules available online. Just visit the institutional website and then analyse the content with your basic strength where you can see the future comfortability. Alywas prefer scholorship oriented course program which will authanticate your academic credential in terms of understanding and indvidualistic approach to build any concept.

3. Further your interest can lead you towards the civil services also you are eligible for the central govt emplyemnt also. Must explore the eligibility criteria and how to prepare for that. Never take any decesion in hurry or by any local reference where people use to be in regression mode after wasting the time and effort. Alwyas remeber your time and age are very important factors for your successful career. So one has to be very good manager while pursuing any job in life.


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RE: What are the career options after M.Sc(Biotechnology)

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