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After 12th arts I want to pursue BMM what are the skills needed to do BMM?

And I m confused if to take journalism or advertising?

by Riddhi Bhadekar
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RE: After 12th arts I want to pursue BMM what are the skills needed to do BMM?

Ashwani  Mohan
Ashwani Mohan

Dear aspirant, First of all, I would like to appreciate you that you came on right platform for right guidance on very right stage. As you know 10th to 12th is right stage for making good career, If any one fail to make his or her career on this stage, he or she has to face lot of problems in his or her whole career. So again I want to appreciate to come on right platform at right time. before answering your question, let me introduce myself. I am a Career consultant and counselling Psychologist and i have been working in the field of Career counselling for last seven Year.

As per your query that you have to choose one out of Advertising and journalism. First of All , you must know about his field and required attributes for particular field, you make choice about Advertising or Journalism.
In today's scenario, Mass media has become all pervasive, taking on central role in politics, culture and economics. The media is certainly an exciting place to work. Its a place where ideas and personalities clash and where changes is constantly occurring. Mass media as a career has both glamour as well as attractive salary and perks. A lot of exciting things keep on happening in these fields since these are related to news, current events and things like image building and the world of entertainment.

Advertising consist of those activities by which visual or oral message are addressed to select public for the purpose of informing and influencing them to buy products or service. An Advertising professional must be:
Well read and informed
Proficient in language
outgoing with an awareness of the social and cultural environment
Hard working under pressure, Stress resistant
Expert at interacting with the people
public relations and team Spirits.

Journalism is an exclusive profession,which offer exclusive status and job satisfaction. Various forms of Journalism are : Daily news paper, magazine, video and Television. Job responsibility : Journalist write and edit news reports, commentaries and features for newspapers, magazines and radio or television stations. Journalist gather news and information by interviewing people and undertake research to provide background information for article.

To become a good journalist, one should have the qualities of being curious , flexible, having good personality, clear thinking and ability to write in the language of the news paper, periodicals or magazines.

Good Luck!

RE: After 12th arts I want to pursue BMM what are the skills needed to do BMM?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
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  • Meerut

Dear friend, many thank for your question. I really appreciate that you wish to make your career in Mass media. In India the Bachelor in Mass Media is full time three years degree program, and perhaps at present in our country this is the most desired and ambitious degree course. BMM is very popular course and many students who wish to make their career in mass media opt this course. This degree program prepare the students in carving their career in various sectors of the media , the television, radio and the print media. This course has been introduced to groom the students in media field along with improving their communication skills. Further this course also nurtures the creative skills of the students. This course provides the students an outlook of theory and practical aspects. The course includes, through comprehensive research, logical writing, verbal communication skills, and through knowledge of mass media and infornmation age.


Now as per our question, the basic qualifications for BMM course will be ;

1. Communication skills, this is also known as soft skills, peoples skills, interpersonal skills, personal skills. Every person is borne with this skill but we never analyze our behavior, how we communicate with other persons. The persons with strong communication skills are very successful in personal, professional and social life. The persons having good communication skills are considered as cool, calm, confident, optimistic and with charismatic personalities.

The common communication skills are :

Verbal communication skills; how to say and what we say

Non communication verbal skills; here we do not say a word, our body language conveys the meaning

Listening skills; how do we interpret the verbal as well as non verbal communication skills.

Since you would like to make your career in mass media, you have to interact with many people and with new faces, therefore a strong communication skills will make to successful in you career. The knowledge of current scocio economic, political and other fields will help you to understand the Indian scenario in a better way. You should be a regular reader of news papers and listener of news, especially the analysis.

Discussion with your friends for current topics will give you better analysis. The choice of field of marketing or advertisement , that can be decided after completion of your degree but listen to your heart and mind, that will automatically decide your interest and field.

With all my best wishes,

Good Luck..

RE: After 12th arts I want to pursue BMM what are the skills needed to do BMM?

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