Dear friend, many thank for your question. I really appreciate that you wish to make your career in Mass media. In India the Bachelor in Mass Media is full time three years degree program, and perhaps at present in our country this is the most desired and ambitious degree course. BMM is very popular course and many students who wish to make their career in mass media opt this course. This degree program prepare the students in carving their career in various sectors of  the media , the television, radio and the print media. This course has been introduced to groom the students in media fi

Advertising offers work opportunities in both executive or creative side. The nature of work depends upon the department one is in.Executive Department- Executive departments coordinates each and everything related to a client's advertising campaign. TThey have to undetstand all aspects of the client's business , plan the advertising campaign, coordinate work on the campaign with the client and the various specialisits working on the advertising campaign. They are responsible for allocation of funds  to the various media, for keeping within agreed budget and for producing detailed

Dear Aspirant, For advertising careers, you can do bachelors in mass communication. Or after a general graduation like BCom or BA, you can go for PG courses in Advertising, Media Management, Mass Communication from a reputed Institute in India. The above courses are the most done courses for a good career in advertising and media. Doing a good course from a good Institute is a mandatory thing to begin your career in advertising. Advertising is all about being creative, with over all awareness, knowledge about business dynamics, knowledge about people's choices, changing trends, etc. Please

Dear Vivek,Knowing the interests areas for making a career is definitely difficult and I am glad and happy to see you approach us at [CareerGuide][1] for seeking guidance and clarification for your career development. After BCom, since you are interested in [marketing][2] and [advertising][3], I would suggest you to choose Media Management or Mass Communication or Advertising from a good Institute in your city.I would suggest that you should undergo a [psychometric test][4] from This test will clearly tell you that what are really your interests areas, passion, liking, compet

Hi Advertising is the means of informing as well as influencing the general public to buy products or services through visual or oral messages.Some of the commonly used media for advertising are T.V., radio, websites, newspapers, magazines, bill-boards, hoardings etcScope:Career opportunities in advertising include openings in private advertising agencies; advertising department in private or public sector companies; in advertising sections of newspapers, journals, magazines; commercial section of radio or television; market research organizations etc.The main areas of operation are client ser

Dear Aspirant, I am very glad to see you approach [CareerGuide][1] for seeking guidance and clarifications for your career development. Let me assure that you have selected the right platform to get advice from. I think I can guide you considering my more than 10 years of experience in counselling and industry. I appreciate your detailed query. I am glad that you have asked this at a right time and stage. For advertising careers, you can do bachelors in mass communication. Or after a general graduation like BCom or BA, you can go for PG [courses in Advertising][2], [Media Management][3],