After completion of PG IN COMMERCE what next?

will you please explain to me right details

by Sachin
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3 answers

RE: After completion of PG IN COMMERCE what next?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear Career Aspirant,

I am glad that you decided to approach with your unique career query. In my more than seven years of career experience I have rarely seen a query where a student asks after passing a post graduate course, what to do next. However, I appreciate that you wish to do some thing more to enhance your employability after your post graduation in commerce and I suppose this post graduation is MCom course.

I am thank ful to you for approaching for seeking guidance and clarification on your career query.

What next after MCom?

Sadly but true, I would like to tell you that the value of MCom has diminished completely and the course is no more relevant to the industry unless you wish to work at a really low level and low paid job.

I am glad that you have realised that some thing needs to be done after MCom since may be you have realised that though by doing MCom, there are no jobs and if there are very low paid and low profile jobs.

Being Employable is the key to career success:

Though MCom is not a bad course and definitely gives enhanced knowledge about commerce, it is not sufficient considering the industry expectations and demands.

I would suggest you to become more employable by acquiring industry relevant skills and competencies.

I would sugest you the following:

1. If you can afford and if your family permits and there are no family compulsion to earn, it is recommended that you do an MBA in any specialisation of your choice. MBA will give you that enhanced knowledge as well the managerial skills which is required in the industry today. Please make it a point to do your MBA from a really good and reputed Institute which gives good placements and has a record for it in the past.

2. Try to acquire computer and soft skills if you have not acquired till now. Knowing Computers is very essentaila today and aconributed high in making your self employable.

3. I would recommend you to under go the Employability check test called as Professional Skills Index Psychometric Test from This test will tell you exactly where do you stand in terms of skills and competencies for getting a good job and make a good career.

Best Luck

RE: After completion of PG IN COMMERCE what next?

Ravi Mahawar
Ravi Mahawar


Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for completing postgraduation in Commerce.

This one is the common query of so many aspirants who clear the postgraduation and search for the further career opportunities.

Be ready for campus recruitment. If you were attentive at class, completed all your projects then it will be easier for you to get selected.

As your pursued masters degree in Commerce, it will be beneficial for you to improve the existing sector.

The best option after completion of postgraduation is appearing in NTA UGC NET Exam. If you are interested in teaching or research sector then go for NET Exam.

You can also look for Public Sector Government Jobs after postgraduation.


RE: After completion of PG IN COMMERCE what next?

Rohit kumar
Rohit kumar

After completion of Post Graduation (Commerce), you can appear in the UGC NET Exam, you have to select the subject which is similar to your Post Graduation subject, as you completed your Master’s in Commerce then you are eligible to appear in

  • UGC NET Commerce
  • UGC NET Management

Maybe you will be eligible to appear in UGC NET Economics.

Check the UGC NET Exam eligibility recommended by NTA.



RE: After completion of PG IN COMMERCE what next?

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