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An expert guide to entry level jobs for MBAs

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: An expert guide to entry level jobs for MBAs

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Job hunting is always a tough task for graduates. Hunting for a job after MBA requires prior research and knowledge about the prospects and scope of the work to be done after the study of MBA. One needs to give time to themselves and prioritize their tasks so that they can better understand and search for the right job.


Step by step guide for a better future

  1. USEFUL NETWORKING: Believe it or not, people who are having networks in their own field of work, have better chances to get a job. Recruiters actually are not always interested in investing time in hundreds of resumes. Instead, they select people within their own networks. Start interacting with your college alumni or people who are linked to your line. This will help a long way.
  2. SOCIALIZING: Social media has always been on top in every field of knowledge. It is a great platform to create contacts and a powerful circle. Start searching for the companies and follow the linked recruiters on Twitter. LinkedIn is a powerful app which lets you create your own professional image so that people may recognize you and your interests in a particular field. Keeping a check on various companies and their recruiters makes it easier for you to link to them and make important contacts.
  3. MOVE OVER THE CV GAME: Don’t just limit yourself till CV. Follow your passions, talk and share about your hobbies. Let the world know that you have immense talent other than your professional line. This lets you be an all-rounder in the eyes of recruiters. Start using blogging as your weapon or social networking sites to share and view your interests.
  4. INTERNSHIPS: Internships are a great way to indulge into an invaluable experience which will be nourished through the lifetime. It gives you an insight about the field you are going to adopt as your career. It makes you understand the concepts well and makes you gain knowledge about the corporate world and how things work in an office environment.
  5. TAKE YOUR STUDIES SERIOUSLY: Many of the students ignore their college marks. College fun and frolic overshadows the hard work which needs to be done to get good grades. Yes! Grades are very important for a job hunting prospect as good grades will attract good companies towards you. So start improving your grades and let other things be kept aside for a short while.
  6. A GOOD RESUME: A strong, well-written resume should never be ignored. Set yourself different from others and let your resume reflect your personality and the way you will be handling a particular company. Show them through your resume that you can be an asset to their company.
  7. YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR: Before landing for that important interview keep in mind the culture and environment in which you are going to head your steps. Invest your time and a little money to buy appropriate clothes for a strikingly good interview. As the recruiters don’t know who you are, they are going to judge you by the dressing sense and the cultures you carry.
  8. DO NOT HESITATE FOR SALES JOB: Most of the students hesitate to be a part of sales marketing and do not land for the interviews. But if someone wants to start their own business, sales line is the best area to kick-start your career and expand your horizons after MBA.
  9. BE CONFIDENT: Be always confident in what you want to say. Rehearse your answers many times unless they get concise. Put your best efforts into each interview. Don’t be so much outspoken. Let your answers reflect your personality.
  10. NEVER LOSE HOPE: Always keep in mind that an opportunity will strike your way sooner or later. Think always positive and be calm and humble. Never let your failures become your weakness, rather take lessons from them and improve for further interviews.
  11. SETTING SMALL GOALS: Setting small goals will help you to stay motivated as they are not big and are usually achievable. Set a monthly or weekly task to apply for jobs by setting a number. In this way, there will not be any kind of pressure.


For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: An expert guide to entry level jobs for MBAs

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