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As a Research Analyst, what is the scope and relevancy of doing an MBA?

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2 answers

RE: As a Research Analyst, what is the scope and relevancy of doing an MBA?

Alok Agrawal
Alok Agrawal
Verified Career Expert
Mananger at Etoe Group/Career Counselor
  • Bangalore

MBA- Master of Business administration is all about improving and sharpening your skills with respect to business perspective. It just brushes and shines your skills and make you refined and polished for business world. After the course you can view the situations even better then before.

For a research analyst there lies a huge scope and relevancy. We can say that for being a research analyst one needs to study the real life scenarios and aspects. In MBA most of the study is based on practical study through the Case studies and role play and many other different training methodologies etc.

By all the techniques and styles used in MBA you can get a huge vision about the research field. You can learn about pros and cons both sides of coins. How other researchers used their skills in certain scenarios. How they come up with excellent ideas and reports to overcome some obstacles for industries.
Even you can go for research specialization where you can enhance your research skills like analytic, quantitative skills, statistical skills. Not only the theoretical but practical examples of some industries where you want to work in future can be studied and focused. through all this practice you can be more clear on your head about the areas to focus and give more importance to that. You can even analyse where your forte lies and which areas you need to improve.

RE: As a Research Analyst, what is the scope and relevancy of doing an MBA?

Alok Agrawal
Alok Agrawal
Verified Career Expert
Mananger at Etoe Group/Career Counselor
  • Bangalore

As a research analyst, MBA will help in moving up the ladder. It will help to gain leadership position after doing research analyst. being an research analyst, it will limit your position in the organisation>However, after doing the MBA, It will help to gain leadership position and team management. i was earlier working as Officer but after MBA I got the role of manager and now I am managing a team while doing the role of ana nalyst in the company.

MBA in other words help yoi in sharpening your various skills such as time management, Stress mangement, team management which all are quite essentials to move up the ladder in an organisations.This will help to manage team.It will also help to present your analysis to the clients as well as higher management.

After doing MBA, It will greatly help you to understand the requirements of the clients which in turn help you in doing the nalysis which in turn helsp yoi in presnting the analysis to the client.Besides these MBA will help you in understanding the business and external environment in a better way. you are able to build long term startegy for your career growth which in turn helps you and also the organisation.
I also did MBA for teh same reason as with out MBA there lies very limited opportunities in any carerr. they will not provide you leadership position where you will handle a group of people and a team. howvere, after doing MBA you will get lot of opportuniteis to move up the ladder. It will open a great scope for you to move ahead in teh career.
Hope this answer will clarifies lot of doubt about the relevancy and importance of MBA as research analyst and will also help you to move higher in your career.So if you are getting a chance please do MBA, It will greatly help you in moving ahead and it ia also a long term decision regarding your career. It will also help you in understanding the business climate in better and useful way. it will also help to understand the client requirements which in turn will give great business as well as other opportunities with the client.

All the best for future and for your career.

RE: As a Research Analyst, what is the scope and relevancy of doing an MBA?

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