Hello there..Please go to the above page to get the idea and details related to MICA-Mudra institute of communication Ahmadabad or visit (www.mica.ac.in). You can find all the details hereMarket Research and Data analytic is a very important course in current market conditions, all companies need to do analysis on some or the other data related to their work, for which they need experts on data analytic and research. So you can be a good resource available in market for data management work which is having lot many openings now a days. So doing this course will help you a lot to progress in yo

This is how the typical day of a Research Analyst goes like:Entering the office and checking the emails. They have to make sure that important mails are getting immediate attention.They go through the news and happenings in their industry and see if there is an important update.Depending on the stage of their work they start to work on the research part - primary or secondary research.They collect various resources to dig in to the details and collect the information.They have to meet different people and interview them.There are meetings throughout the day with managers and other team me

Hello...To start with let me introduce myself, I am working as a financial analyst in a private company, I am having experience of around three years in the same field and planning to work in the same field only as there my skill and interest lies.Coming to your question, if we see it is really different to work in MNC- multi national company and start up companies. The difference lies in various things and areas as mentioned below:First point is salary which is very important factor to decide. The MNC's as having lot of fund investors and fund to invest and carry their business will defi

First of all resumes need to be prim and proper, do not give too many information, no body going to read its not a book. Next if you ask about the key things they are as mentioned below: first comes the educational background related to research field like If you did MBA in research specialization or any other such study.Do mention the awards and possessions while studying in research if any.Second is the years of working experience you have in research filed, mention all the companies you work with.Third explain the job responsibilities, work carried out by you in brief in your

Dear Friend,Research Analyst as the name suggest has to do lot of Search of data have to analysis the data and interacting with different people in management of companies and bureaucrats in governments to understand the policies of Government and based on policies of the government, plans of management.Lets first understand what does research analyst do :1) Understanding of Sector for which he would do a research 2) Finding Data of Financials of these companies3) Comparing with Other Companies of Same domain4) Doing a trend analysis5) Meeting with Management from the company6) Understand

Dear Career Aspirant, Thanks for writing to www.careerguide.com! Well, for fresher, academic records matter a lot. I echo what my colleague, Mr. Vaibhav has mentioned. In general, first class or equivalent grade in any graduate course or your last qualifying degree. First class throughout your career considered positive. Once you have experience, your skills, knowledge and positive approach will be considered for the position. Wish you best luck with your career, Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD

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Dear Aspirant, Big dilemma. Comparing Govt job and research is not actually relevant. Please clarify your educational qualifications and work experience if any. Research as a career is a good option, if you have the perseverance and inclination towards research/teaching, innovation, then you can go for research institution job opportunities. If you wish to have a more secure, less innovative, less hectic lifestyle, want stable monthly income etc. then government job is recommended. You will have to select based on your personal inclination and interest. However both are good opportunities. Bes

Dear Aspirant, Nice to know your inclination for become a researcher in the engineering operations field. For this, after BTech, I would strongly suggest you to complete Masters (MTech) from a good Institute/University and you can take Operations also a specialisation in Masters. Doing a Masters would be very essential for your future career growth since this is a minimum qualification for doing a formal research as PhD. PhD in Operations is very good as far as the industry is also concerned. If age permits you can also do PhD as a JRF in a recognised University. Alternatively you can opt for

Hi Nihaar, I have no clues whether defence doers provide engineering student with project work. But I like to support unique and innovative ideas. So I would suggest, contact the DRDL office with a complete ready plan of your project. Probably seeing your keen interest they may give you a chance. Wish you good luck............

Hello Nagendra, Interesting to see your interetst in Space and researdch followed by joining NASA. But honestly, space science and research centres are basically Research oriented centres and hence requires someone with atleast a masters degree and who wishes to pursue a P.HD further in areas related to astronomy or space science etc. After 12th, you would have to pursue either an engineering degree and further it with a masters in engineering. especially astronomy and space science. As far as NASA is concerned,. generally researchers at an advanced stage or with many years of experience are r