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How can one become Scientist at ISRO-Indian Space Research Organization?

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RE: How can one become Scientist at ISRO-Indian Space Research Organization?

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ISRO stands for the Indian Space and Research Organization which has its headquarters in Bangalore in the state of Karnataka. ISRO is the face of all the space and the extraterrestrial research and is also responsible for all the aeronautical explorations from our country. As the running of an organization of this kind would require manpower, so does it requires the brainpower and has a large team of scientists and engineers to widen the vision of the space beyond Earth. A scientist is the one who works to find something new by applying scientific knowledge to practical situations and to join the dots by integrating the inventions and discoveries as they are made to make new breakthroughs in their respective field. Scientists work in collaboration with other scientists because outputs will not always be as planned so with the help of the fellow scientists, problems can be worked out time to time as they arise.

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Following are some points one should keep in mind if looking for a job as a Scientist-

  1. To become a scientist at ISRO one first needs to have opted Math and Physics as his subjects at 10+2 level and have a thorough basic knowledge of these subjects.
  2. Getting admission in IIST (Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology) can be the easiest ticket to get absorbed in ISRO as a scientist/engineer.
  3. ISRO often picks up graduates and post-graduate engineers from IITs, NITs and other reputed government and private institutions. So it is better to have a degree in a course that is more likely to be shortlisted for the consideration of such jobs such as B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Radio Engineering, and Engineering Physics. There is sometimes a requirement of electronic engineers and developers as well. There are sometimes vacancies for Civil Engineers as well.
  4. One would need to make sure that his/her record stays academically good throughout as the selection criteria set by ISRO for hiring a fresher as a scientist is not very tolerant at its thresholds, so to stand out is an essential requirement.
  5. After completing B.Tech from any college, an examination namely ICRB (centralized Recruitment Bangalore) is conducted by ISRO and individuals are tested as per their respective branches of engineering and after clearing the interview, one can get appointed as a scientist or an engineer at ISRO. Candidates must have a minimum aggregate percentage of 65% and above in in their respective relevant streams.
  6. After the completion of M.Tech or D. in trades such as Geoinformatics, Remote Sensing, Instrumentation, applied Mathematics, Geophysics, Geography or any other equivalent degree in the field of Physics or Mathematics one can apply directly for the job of a scientist at ISRO. The selection consists of written exam and Interview and after clearing these sages scientist/Engineer position can be obtained in ISRO.
  7. One can get selected as the junior research fellow in ISRO; by this, they can get to research as scientists and engineers. The screening process for the selection of Scientist in such an organization is very tough and requires the best of knowledge, wits and a very presentable and calm attitude.

The job of a scientist requires deep knowledge and a mindset for tackling tricky and patience testing problems, it is not necessary that these traits would be inherited by each and every person but to remember that these could as well be the key to one’s selection is a big reason to enhance them. With these skills, being good on record is also very important.

The job as a scientist at ISRO is as much demanding as good as it sounds. Agencies that work in the field of space explorations are not very abundant as the cost of the activities and projects carried out by them is very high and requires huge funding. Every country has one or at most two such organizations and they expect the most precise work from their employees as only the tiniest of mistake may lead to the failure of a whole activity in which a great deal of money was invested. So it is essential to keep in mind that the job of a Scientist would surely not be easy and the working hours in such jobs are uncertain.

It may not seem easy to become and maintain oneself as an Engineer/Scientist at ISRO, but the urge to find and explore the universe from the perspective of its making is what keeps it going and opening new pathways for the better and fruitful understanding of this Universe.

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RE: How can one become Scientist at ISRO-Indian Space Research Organization?

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