BE+MBA = next? await for a carrer advice

I have completed my BE in computers and MBA in Finance. MBA I completed from the sikkim manipal distance university as I did not want to be a student any more. I chose finance to learn how to handle money as my dad is a businessman and wanted to get realtime understanding as he always says learn to handle money. I completed MBA while working as a technical support engineer at hewlett packard. Now I really want to spend my life doing a job I like which is very hard to decide.please help me.

by Aruna
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4 answers

RE: BE+MBA = next? await for a carrer advice

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Hello there!

Thank you for approaching career counsellors at and i am certainly happy for you to take the right decision to seek our guidance. I see you are a BEng in computer science and also hold an MBA by distance in Finance. I have two suggestions for you and you choose whichever suits you.

First of all you need to understand that MBA is a professional degree and there is no point in studying it if it is not a classroom based study. Especially finance, accounts, operations needs more discussion and practice. You need a classroom environment where they teach you and let you discuss with fellow MBA class students. Now a days business schools also adopt case study method where they give you real world business cases and you should try to solve. Students either solve individually or be a part of group to do discussions. If you had chosen to study MBA in HRM then no problem. As said, finance and accounts are more practiced based subjects and a distance education will not give you the required practice level.

But dont worry. I suggest you two ways. One, join your dads business. Try getting into his finance department and take responsibility. Ask your dad to support you now and then but not leave you all alone. Apply all the financial theories you studied in you MBA where ever possible. This will give you hands on work experience and improve your financial skills. You being part of your dads business can also help him.

Alternatively, try applying for jobs in finance and focus on entry level roles only. There are many start ups who could be interested in your profile. You may also try checking for opportunities with Ernst and Young as they have plenty of finance entry level careers. You could probably work in a company from an entry level finance role and grow your career. After you have achieved master skills in finance you can quit your job and take care of your dads company.

I also see you took an MBA course because dad asked you. See if you really like this stream. Else you can feel free to continue your current tech support job itself. Try to do well in that job and later do a full time MBA or part time MBA but not a distance MBA course. But take at least five years time overall to do full time MBA. It will complement your career well.

Good luck.

RE: BE+MBA = next? await for a carrer advice

Rohit Gala
Rohit Gala
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director & Counselor at Svastrino
  • Mumbai

Hello Student,

Wish you are doing well in your life?
Initially I am a Counselor with London School of Economics and Political Science as well as with Uni of London Research department.

I have just gone through the information you have provided and would like to tell you that there are various careers that you can opt being in job market. As you have done your BE in Computers and also a par time MBA from Sikkim Manipal Distance Uni you can opt n any of the computer operating organisations all around the globe. There more of weighteig will be given to your BE as your MBA will be less validated in comparision to full time MBA's.
Never the less you can start applying to all the openings which can satisy your pay requirements.
If you want to understand the working of money properly you can start working with a share agent so that the derevatives, arbitraging, money transactions can be understood easily by you.

Take a chance and moveon. Gradually you can also keep a track on your fathers business as that will also train you practically to be in business with your father.
Slowly and gradually you will also be a part of something big that you invent.

Doing that you can aslo join your fathers business totally if you intent too. Or you can also grow to fulfill your dream further by understanding money flow and market further starting your own company or trading firm.

Thank you.

RE: BE+MBA = next? await for a carrer advice

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear Job Aspirant,

BE Computers and MBA Finance! I suppose that you also have gathered some years/months of work experience in the computer field. A job at HP is really a good achievement and I would like to compliment you for that.

Your Dad is right, irrespective of the profession you do, one should be able to handle money. This is very critical for a secured and stable life ahead.

I am glad that you approached for seeking guidance for your career query.

Before I proceed to advice you my part, I would like to tell you about myself in brief... I am an Educationist and an Economist! I have been into career counselling for more than seven years now and have counselled many students from diverse fields of engineering / finance / law / management / banking, etc. I am also an established author and my articles and research papers are published across the nation in reputed newspapers and magazines for more than ten years now on topics like economics, finance, law, management, banking, taxation and ofcourse career management. I am also into teaching for some years now.

Now that you have decided to take up job and not join your Dad's business, you need to first understand what you need to have.

I think you have left the job of HP. My Dear, I would strongly ask you join back HP if possible or any other IT company on the basis of your prior work experience and BE Computers qualification.

I am afraid and sorry to tell you that an MBA through a distance learning course is not that much very well accepted by the industry. I think you should not rely on the words MBA as if they are your ticket to great careers in jobs. Just MBA degree would not be sufficient for you.

I think you should start applying for IT jobs and also approach HP company again. I think based on your previous job experience, you actually had got a wonderful break through by getting into HP company.

I would suggest you to start applying for jobs and register or update your CV Resume on famous and top job portals like times, shine. com,, etc

I think you should also once speak to your Dad and get his views on your career path.

Best Luck

RE: BE+MBA = next? await for a carrer advice

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


BE+MBA is totally an excellent package. Reading up your query, I infer two routes from your career profile.

One is the technical route and the other is a non-technical route.

1. Technical route: BE Computer science plus technical support job
BE Computer science degree plus working as a technical support is a completely technical route. You have spent four years in a> technical engineering education, and have also spent money on this education. Your work experience that you have constructed is also in a technical line and not in any other dimension. Ideally a wise decision could be is to develop something you already have in hand. So this explains that I suggest you to develop something technically on which you are already talented at. I understand you are a BE graduate. So think of any ways to develop your technical career that you already have in hand. You can may be think of a ME/ MCA/ MTech degree related to computer science. Or you may also do some certification course in computer or applications. With these certificates you can probably get risen up in your job at Hewlett packard?

2. Business route: MBA with finance plus dad's business
You have studied an MBA degree by distance mode. Plus you also look out for getting into dad's business. May I know what sort of business is your dad in? Unless I know the nature, I might not really be able to advice you correctly. However I can say that studying an MBA by distance education is not much weighable than studying an MBA by full time mode. Employers often don't recognition a distance degree, where in a full time MBA/ part time MBA is well received in this working world. Also try explaining to yourself in what ways can you make use of this MBA Finance in your dad's business? Is your dad's business into financial industry? If he is working in a financial sector, it may be right for you to switch into his business and put your learning into practice.&NBS;

Finally I would advice you to spare a few minutes in taking up the psychometric assessment from this website. Taking up the test, you will be clear on your strengths and abilities and what you also want to look up to in future. You will be very clear to understand if you want a technical route or pursue a management route. I believe you are technically talented and I would personally advice you to grow in this line rather than diverting into a fresh line like the management. I hope you understand. My best wishes to you. Good luck.

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RE: BE+MBA = next? await for a carrer advice

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