You are Class Xth fail-Okay-that's fine.Failure is natural in life-depression is also a general feelings at every failure-but don't stick to it. every one should know to grow positively. Now your duty is to analyze cause of your failure-you should do it.find out the causeanalyze itspot the causesstay with the causessolve it asapget the help of either teacher/guardiansThis means you set your future objectivity to solve the problem.Here is some points you should take the help of themIf regular course is tough for you go for NIOS boardappoint teachers for the subject which you can not relatemake

Hello Thank you for choosing [!!!][1] [An MBA degree from a premier institute in India is highly advantageous][2] by three reasons - excellent pay, excellent placement and excellent job advancement and growth opportunities. Your pay also is highly dependent on from where you are graduating with your MBA. However an MBA with Finance is extremely rewarding in terms of job scope, growth opportunities and even pay structures. You are currently passed school level, so to study an MBA finance in future, you should study a BBA Bachelor of business administration with finance speciali

Hello BE+MBA is totally an excellent package. Reading up your query, I infer two routes from your career profile. One is the technical route and the other is a non-technical route. 1. Technical route: BE Computer science plus [technical support job][1][BE Computer science][2] [degree plus working][3] as a technical support is a completely technical route. You have spent four years in a[> technical engineering education][4], and have also spent money on this education. Your work experience that you have constructed is also in a technical line and not in any other dimension. Ideal

Hello, Thanks for approaching counsellors at [!!!][1] Finance: Finance is a lucrative career option and it is very much suitable for students with high numerical aptitude. [To embark on a career in finance][2] you need to have studied a basic bachelors degree related to finance. This includes either a Bachelor of business administration BBA with finance or a Bachelor of commerce Bcom with Finance as the first graduation degree. Completing this basic bachelors degree, you can then study a masters degree like the MBA with finance or a MFM Master of financial management or a MCom

Dear Friend,Let me first thank you to share your question in details with us so that we can understand and take a holistic approach towards the questionSince you have done and then marketing and system MBA you can do almost all the jobs. I have worked in Capital market myself and there are lot of thing which you can do in capital market.Since you have changed lot of jobs and devoted most of the crucial years in Capital market as a equity advisory its better and suggestible to continue in the same field of capital market.Since you have worked as equity adviser you would have to achieve you

A very good question for which I also had to research a bit more to know the exact difference. Basically looking at the course structure of CFERM it seems majorly focused on securities market. Another big difference is that CFERM is a certificate course offered by NISM, which means that it is neither a diploma nor a master degree. It is purely a one year certificate course. However looking at the course structure it is definitely strong and will help build excellent skills in finance, risk, analytics. On the other hand Masters in Financial Engineering is also a unique course offered by a forei

Hi, Having education from the competent educational platforms makes the career path easy. If we talk about the Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, we have got here in India the great learning platforms in the forms of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and IB (International Baccalaureate). These two platforms are, for any best standards, competent in terms curricula and related things. The CBSE is an Indian Board whereas IB is an International one and both are providing quality education in various schools/colleges in India.       Take Psychometric Tests

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Dear Aspirant, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is an excellent career option in the field of law. There is specialisation available in law courses in IPR. IPR is about the copyrights, patents, geographical indications, trademarks, etc. which are the intellectual property of an organisation and organisations are very much keen to protect them through the IPR laws. There are also litigations which arise in this field where expert advocates are required to plead in the Court of Law. For a career in IPR domain, doing a LLB course is recommended. After that a Masters in Law (IPR) is possible or

Hello Nitin The very first thing that I would like to tell you is don’t try to relate education and financial condition. There are many scholarships, schemes of financial assistance by colleges and education loans offered by banks. In order to  choose a career for yourself, list down your interests, skills and favorite subjects. Also think about and inclination towards various fields. As a result you will get to know whether the field of management is suitable for you. Once you decide the course that you wish to pursue, it will be easier for you to search for scholarships and other

Hello Niketa,  The only straight and simple answer to your question is " JOB". I am of the firm belief that pursuing a course or degree or certificate just for the sake of seeking a higher qualification makes no sense. The content from the course must be put into real life practice. Only then the course adds value to the effort taken. Also, work experience and market demand which one can analyse during work must be the means for selecting a course. When I say experience, I mean a minimum of 5years. At the sametime the job profile must be proper and significant. This helps in making a choi

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Hello Khushboo,  Firstly good to know you are a management graduate in finance.  Let me tell you a point here, certificates and courses are just add ons to help you get a name to yourself. Not denying the knowledge. But honestly speaking its the work experience that accounts for all degrees and certificates. Rather than adding a certificate I would stress on the work experience and actual job profile.  Being in a proper job role would then aid you towards the industry demand and the course needed for it. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck...

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Well, The Finance is obviously at the helm of all business affairs. Businesses are run for and revolving around the only thing and that is finance. Owing to such ever-growing importance to the finance affairs and processes, the corporate world requires talented and skilled finance professional to be in the race to achieve more. The finance affairs involve financial analysis, accounting, banking, bookkeeping, finance management, corporate finance, etc. For working professional, it is required to update knowledge and skill sets so as to align with the objectives of the organization and to m

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Hi, After BBA you could do MBA course in Finance, Marketing, Information Technology or E-Commerce in a top bschool which will just not give you placements but will also upgrade your skills and personality development. Getting a Good Job depends on various factors like- Where you are doing your BBA course from ? Is the college a reputed Business School ? What is the kind of marks that you obtain in the BBA Exams? What are the Companies that visit the Colleges for Placements? SO keeping this in mind you get chances in future. Also you can do some professional courses related to stream or special

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Well, Group Discussion (GD) is one of the important things required to be aced to enter IIMs. Many other B-Schools also made it compulsory for candidates to face Group Discussion after an Entrance Exam like CAT. Generally, IIMs admissions are done on the basis of candidate’s performance in CAT, Written Ability Test, Group Discussion and Personal Interview. This was the trend that continued for until recently when Majority of the IIMs did away from the Group Discussion compulsion from their admission procedure. Now generally admissions to IIMs are being done on following things:- Common

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Hello Akhil,  Choosing a career is the most essential thing since ones entire future prospect is based on it. One wrong choice and future may sound bleak. Hence making a correct choice at the right time is a must. Wish you had been specific as to what you currently doing. Anyways the best and full proof way of selecting a career is by choosing on the basis of ones strength, interest, potentials and aptitude. Thus I would suggest Aptitude test or career counseling test also available with Mera career guide, which will reveal your potentials and aptitude and interest and help you in making

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Hello Akhil,  Unless and until you have selected a stream or course, you cannot make a career at all. Firstly it would be great if you be specific as to what you currently doing or pursuing. Secondly what or where your interest lies. Anyways the best way to choose a stream one must be aware of ones potentials, aptitude and interest. Hence self analyse. Follow this with an Aptitude test or career counseling test that would help you in making a confirmed choice. Please do not choose on the basis of your score or percentage, friends or family or the career which is currently most popular. Ho

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Hello Akhil, We are here to help you choose a career itself. But for that we need you to be specific as to what you currently doing, your qualification, your area of interest, what you wish to do further etc. Anyways, please note, you must select a career based on your strengths, interest, aptitude and potentials. Thus I would suggest, Aptitude test or a Career counseling test, available with Mera career guide. Wish you good luck...

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Dear Aspirant, Now forget what you have done in 12th and graduation. Your Masters degree will matter the most for the future jobs and career. You need to improve a lot in communication and English which is a great negative point for you in terms of job interviews and cracking those and getting selected. Just have great degrees now adays wont give you high salary or job satisfaction. Therefore, if you have done Masters in Finance & Marketing, to begin with you will have to apply for freshers job vacancies. Since your Masters is dual, which means neither finance nor marketing is completely k

Hello Doing an MBA is extremely advantageous for ones personal and professional development and I can assure you that you have taken the very right decision in your career. So please be confident that you are going on the right path in your career. Many students dont feel confident about MBA because they are unsure if they are deciding something right for life, afraid of life after MBA, afraid of managing finances to study an MBA, and afraid of getting jobs after an MBA. All these questions tend to revolve so often into the minds of students and therefore thinking about all these factors

Dear Aspirant, How many years of experience have you acquired in the HR domain? If it is more than 4 years, then your finance experience of four years would not be directly relevant now in the new job market in India.  Now whether to choose HR or Finance should be dependent on your liking, quality of experience and your willingness to continue over your career life remaining. I feel that since you have the HR domain experience from Dubai and you have the past experience in Finance and also you are qualified, you can look out for companies who have HR plus Accounts requirement. This is pos

Thank you for replying.. I am in +2 and opted science after 10th. But now I realised that science is not my cup of tea.  If asked what I am really interested in studying then I'd definitely say English.  So can u tell me about courses related to English and about job opportunities? I want to know except teaching what other career options are there for English.   Also can you give me a complete detail on Visual Communication course.  I want to know its syllabus and what kind of job can I get after studying it.  I want to know what all jobs are available if I study Visco

Dear Aspirant, Again you are a case of an engineer shifting to other areas. Hope you understand that your engineering degree, money spent, time spent and years spent will go waste when you decide to go to another sector / domain for career. If you are interested in Investment Banking, Analysis, etc. I would then suggest CFA course from CFA Institute USA. Chartered Financial Analyst is the best qualification to gain jobs in investment banking, broking, mutual funds. banking, finance, etc. MBA from a BSchool wont help you if you are interested in a technical finance domain. You may do MBA execut

Dear Aspirant, Many engineers are seeing selecting commerce/management fields after their engineering. It is definite that you have realised that you wish to be in the commerce or management domain very late. Hope you understand that when you choose BFSI domain for your future career, your engineering and the money spent, time spent and energy consumed will go waste and will have no value. You also wasted an engineering seat. However are you aware that being an engineer you can work for BFSI domain in software companies. Software companies get contracts from BFSI companies for doing their tech

Dear Aspirant, You can definitely call us over this system for a limited time discussion. Post the free talk time available to you, you will have to the fees and get in touch. You can also post your career concern here, so that other counsellors can also help you in the mean time. Best wishes

Pursuing an MBA enhances your personality and you will be able to express more passionately in the corporate world. You will also be able to compete better in the industry, to succeed in the corporate environment, its actually necessary for the you to take up the MBA course as it equips you with the required skills.  As you have shown more concern regarding this course. I would recommend to do MBA finance first and then go for CWA course as you will be able to focus  more efficiently in the area of finance area and that will give you good package too. And moreover there are many good

Dear Aspirant, Hope you are decided about MBA and you are aware why you need an MBA. Just to tell you that MBA is not required by each and every person for excelling in career.  It appears that you are a graduate from Commerce stream.  Firstly I strongly suggest you to aim for an MBA from the Top 10 BSchools in India or if you are planning for MBA from abroad then from Top 20 BSchools in the world. Doing an MBA just for the degree and paper qualification sake is useless and shall not result in anything productive. For MBA, firstly you need to appear for one or more than one entrance

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