Hello Thank you for choosing [CareerGuide.com!!!][1] [An MBA degree from a premier institute in India is highly advantageous][2] by three reasons - excellent pay, excellent placement and excellent job advancement and growth opportunities. Your pay also is highly dependent on from where you are graduating with your MBA. However an MBA with Finance is extremely rewarding in terms of job scope, growth opportunities and even pay structures. You are currently passed school level, so to study an MBA finance in future, you should study a BBA Bachelor of business administration with finance speciali

You are Class Xth fail-Okay-that's fine.Failure is natural in life-depression is also a general feelings at every failure-but don't stick to it. every one should know to grow positively. Now your duty is to analyze cause of your failure-you should do it.find out the causeanalyze itspot the causesstay with the causessolve it asapget the help of either teacher/guardiansThis means you set your future objectivity to solve the problem.Here is some points you should take the help of themIf regular course is tough for you go for NIOS boardappoint teachers for the subject which you can not relatemake

Hello BE+MBA is totally an excellent package. Reading up your query, I infer two routes from your career profile. One is the technical route and the other is a non-technical route. 1. Technical route: BE Computer science plus [technical support job][1][BE Computer science][2] [degree plus working][3] as a technical support is a completely technical route. You have spent four years in a[> technical engineering education][4], and have also spent money on this education. Your work experience that you have constructed is also in a technical line and not in any other dimension. Ideal

Hello, Thanks for approaching counsellors at [CareerGuide.com!!!][1] Finance: Finance is a lucrative career option and it is very much suitable for students with high numerical aptitude. [To embark on a career in finance][2] you need to have studied a basic bachelors degree related to finance. This includes either a Bachelor of business administration BBA with finance or a Bachelor of commerce Bcom with Finance as the first graduation degree. Completing this basic bachelors degree, you can then study a masters degree like the MBA with finance or a MFM Master of financial management or a MCom

Dear Friend,Let me first thank you to share your question in details with us so that we can understand and take a holistic approach towards the questionSince you have done B.sc and then marketing and system MBA you can do almost all the jobs. I have worked in Capital market myself and there are lot of thing which you can do in capital market.Since you have changed lot of jobs and devoted most of the crucial years in Capital market as a equity advisory its better and suggestible to continue in the same field of capital market.Since you have worked as equity adviser you would have to achieve you

A very good question for which I also had to research a bit more to know the exact difference. Basically looking at the course structure of CFERM it seems majorly focused on securities market. Another big difference is that CFERM is a certificate course offered by NISM, which means that it is neither a diploma nor a master degree. It is purely a one year certificate course. However looking at the course structure it is definitely strong and will help build excellent skills in finance, risk, analytics. On the other hand Masters in Financial Engineering is also a unique course offered by a forei

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Ask a complete question along with your 10th, 12th and graduation stream and scores. 

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Take the career tests available at Careerguide.com at  It will help you a lot. Best wishes, Himanshu

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Administration and organization frame the centre of any business' example of overcoming adversity, and the drivers of business administration and organization are experts who put in their ability in overseeing business effectively. Business administration includes making utilization of an organization's accessible assets in running and growing the association's operations, while in the meantime guaranteeing effective conveyance of administrations to the organization's customer base. Business organization deals with taking care of the smooth working of various organization operations - fund, pr

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So ioHello, Thanks for Asking..!!   Its not only your wish, more than 90% people are interested in the same job & work. (less work pressure & good salary structure.   I think that you can get this combination in Government Jobs. But still you have to work hard to get selected in the exam & qualify the exam successfully. Because the number of candidates appearing in the exam is really high, so the competition level automatically become harder.   If you have completed graduation, then you have so many good career options available like :   Banking Jobs ( IBPS PO,

Career options in entertainment sector includes courses in performing arts, animation, multimedia, music etc. the job opportunities will be in film and television fields. Please search the details of the institutes like lovely professional university, Asian institute, vogue institute, IIMC etc to find courses like Performing arts with specialization in acting/ music/ drama etc. film production, multimedia design, animation etc. You can choose according to your talent and interests. 

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Wherever you get with a full scholarship or a stipend.  Try for abroad if possible. Best wishes, Himanshu

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MBA is a great career option.

Don't do such a specialized course.  Go for a generic one for a better prospect. 

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Hello Parimal, What do you wish to do further? Choose a course that would come handy with your course that you are pursuing.   Since it is a management course, you could opt for a personality development classes, computer related courses, language classes etc. Also depends on the specialisation, you opt for in the future. eg. If its Finance you choose, then an advanced course in tally or accounting could be beneficial etc.   Wish you good luck..

Prepare for CAT/XAT. Also you may apply for IBPS vacancies. Also you may do some online courses available freely from abroad Universities. Best wishes, Himanshu 

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Hi Aman If you are really serious and passionate about music then dont be worried.This will be the best option for you. You would need to join bachelors in Fine Arts . There us plethora of opportunities in India and overseas as well. You can be a vocalist or you can specialize in any Musical instruments as well. Go ahead .All the best .

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Dear Prashant, Thanks for writing to CareerGuide! I appreciate your efforts to help your friend. Most important is selection of career is to understand interest, passion and aptitude. It seems that she has very good background in accounts hence MBA Finance would add value to her knowledge and skills. I have few reflective questions for your friend.  1. What are your interests?  Do you prefer working with people, numbers and data, abstract ideas, or real-world things like animals or equipment? Or some combination? What task you enjoy the most?  Do you like spending time ind

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