What is a good pay package for an mba in finance from a good institute

I want to have a career in management sector.I have just passed my 12 in commerce. I wish to do mba. What is a moderate salary of an mba from a good institute

by Arwa
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4 answers

RE: What is a good pay package for an mba in finance from a good institute

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello, dear student...

First of all, thank you for coming to!!! with your question and asking your query to us, it is always our pleasure to answer your doubts and make you clear about your career path decisions, and help and guide you in the best possible way we could. You took a very good decision by approaching us for the clarification.

Coming to your query about your choice of doing MBA in finance and doubt about the fresher pay package in the same I would like to say that all fresher in average colleges are getting package like four to five lakhs,(4-5 lakhs) and good colleges likes Indian Institute of management you will get a good pay also like twelve to twenty lakhs (12-20 lakhs) depending on the college and company coming for placement, even you can get placed in Big four famous companies in finance if you are from college like:

Again I would like to inform you that to get into colleges like IIM's you need to clear CAT exam, and if you scored good percentile  98-99 percentile then only we will get through the top colleges, after that you need to clear group discussions and personal interview too for admissions.

One more important thing is you can do your master degree that is master in business administration only after completing your graduation degree as you have only completed your 12th twelve now, you need to complete graduation degree from any stream like B COM commerce line or BBA in finance in case you want. Keeping in mind that stream will help you in your management course in finance too in later stage. while doing the graduation degree start preparations for the entrance exams side by side to save time.

Hope you got the answer for your query about the pay package of a MBA fresher in finance and accounts stream, and you will start preparing for the entrance and will enroll in the course as soon as possible. Just be focused and start with full commitment and confidence, than not far are days of happiness and celebrations.



all the best for your bright future and have a successful career path

Thank you

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RE: What is a good pay package for an mba in finance from a good institute

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear,

Thanks for visiting at!!!

I am very happy that you have made up your mind for doing MBA after your graduation and wish to know all about it at a very early stage. I am happy that you also decided to approach CareerGuide for seeking guidance to your query. My colleague Ms. Sonia Agrawal has already given you her thoughts and now I would like to add to her advice.

As complimented above, aiming for an MBA is a good decision. However would like to know whether you have decided to do MBA by your own choice or by seeing other MBAs, or by your friends views? It is important for you at this stage to get answers from yourself first before deciding on a particular career stream. Do not go by friends advice or reading news about MBA salaries, etc. Always remember that you are a different person and you need not do things as all people are doing it.

You may have unique abilities, competencies which are not there in anybody and therefore if you choose you career based on this, you will be able succeed more than others.

Do not do a career like MBA based on the salary figures. I recommend you to see the movie 3 Idiots if you haven't seen it. A very good reality has been shown in the movie and remember that your competence, ability, personality, passion, skills, give you the salary you deserve and not the just the qualification or a degree name.

Getting an MBA is not enough to earn high salary, high salary is not a compulsion on the company if you are an MBA.

If you really want to earn high salary, you also have to equally high profile candidate and you can become high profile only when you have the necessary and high quality of competencies, abilities, skills.

So my Dear, I would like to recommend you to get your foundation strong first in your graduation and then choose a career. A career apart from MBA may be waiting for you which may make you more successful than any MBA.

Best Luck

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RE: What is a good pay package for an mba in finance from a good institute

Alok Agrawal
Alok Agrawal
Verified Career Expert
Mananger at Etoe Group/Career Counselor
  • Bangalore

Hello dear.....

Thanks for!!!

First of all let me introduce you to myself, I did my MBA in finance from IIM shillong and currently working as as a financial analyst in a private company, having a experience of more than three years in this field, before that was working with a govt company HPCL ( as a operation officer after completing my btech from NIT Bhopal. As I am working in the same line I can relate to your query better and can give a suitable answer for it.

coming to your question that if you are [doing MBA in finance from a good institute][2] what are the chances of a good pay package or say whether you will get a good placement or not.If you say about good institutes than it is obvious that the good institute for MBA master in business administration which will lead you to a good pay package are IIM's indian institute for management. To get into a IIM you need apply for CAT common admission test if you are getting a score near to 99 percentile than your chances of selection are high, than you need clear few more rounds in the selection process and get enrolled for the course.

Coming to pay package I would say it is obvious that if your highly qualified and that too from a top institute than your chances of getting a good pay package is also high. In institute like iim you can get a very good package if you are good enough to clear all the rounds in the campus placement procedure, many good companies will come for placement like deloitte, goldman sac etc which are dream companies for finance back ground person.
Having practical experience I would say you will get a good placement in top institutes and if you will try off campus also preference will be given more to you as compared to any other candidate, it is always a plus point to study from a good institute. Pay packages vary from company to company and what position they are offering also matters a lot as if it is high level post than you can get package like 24 lakhs per anum too.

Just get ready for the entrance and go for it with full confidence, you will definitely reach your goal
Thank you

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RE: What is a good pay package for an mba in finance from a good institute

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing!!!

An MBA degree from a premier institute in India is highly advantageous by three reasons - excellent pay, excellent placement and excellent job advancement and growth opportunities. Your pay also is highly dependent on from where you are graduating with your MBA. However an MBA with Finance is extremely rewarding in terms of job scope, growth opportunities and even pay structures. You are currently passed school level, so to study an MBA finance in future, you should study a BBA Bachelor of business administration with finance specialisation. You should have a high numerical aptitude to be successful in MBA Finance degree. Unless there is a good interest in maths and statistics subject, it might be very difficult to study finance subject. `After a BBA degree with finance, you can study an MBA degree with finance specialisation.

To study an MBA degree in finance, you need to write and crack the CAT exam with a very good score. If you get a top score in CAT and also perform well in personal interview - PI round then you can be selected at very top reputed business schools in India. So your pay scale will depend upon the institutes you graduate from with your MBA degree.

  • IIM Ahmedabad (, ISB Hyderabad ( Students with an MBA qualification from these two premier institutes in India, usually get a pay scale of a minimum of 12-20 lakh per annum. Freshers get a pay of 12 lakh and the pay increases as per the work experience the candidate have had prior to their MBA degree.

  • IIM Bangalore (, IIM Calcutta( Students with a degree from these two institutes can expect a pay scale range of 10-15 lakh per annum.
  • IIT Delhi ( IIT Delhi ( is the first IIT ranked management school that offers excellent placement and pay package. Students can expect a range from 10-15 lakh here as well.
  • IIT Kharagpur Vinod Gupta school of management: IIT KGP is the second best ranked management school under central govt approved IIT's. The pay here for an MBA Finance graduate is usually around 8-15lakh per annum.
  • IIT Madras: IIT Madras is the third best management school under IIT's and the pay offered here ranges between 7lakh and 15 lakh.

The other IIT and IIM institutes usually start with a minimum pay of 6lakh per annum and goes upto 12 lakh per annum. So the rest of the institutes across India offers a pay from 4 lakh and above.

To get a better pay after an MBA:
1. It is essential to graduate from a top tier institute
2. It is essential to have at least two years work experience before studying an MBA, and this will help you to start with a minimum pay of 7lakh and above. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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RE: What is a good pay package for an mba in finance from a good institute

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