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I wanna know about which one is better BMS or BBA course?

I wanna know about which one is better BMS or BBA course? Actually I wanna know about IMS & IIMT

by Himanshi Agarwal
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RE: I wanna know about which one is better BMS or BBA course?

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What is the difference between BBA and BMS


Both BMS and BBA are undergraduate Management degrees.

A few noticeable difference between BBA and BMS are 
BMS is offered by Mumbai University and admission purely on a merit basis
BBA is offered by Pune University and admission based on the entrance exam
BMS is purely theoretical with fewer chances of internship or practical approach
BBA is more practicals, whereby they teach through project methods and internship is a part of their curriculum to get a degree,.
Now BMS has also begun the project method of teaching but lags behind in terms of internship or company exposure.
Since it is a management course, both of the courses expose you to the minute details of management studies and prepare you in terms of personal skills and practical skills to deal with any situation that comes forth.
Both of these courses have become popular in India as the demand for managers has increased. Students who want to pursue a career in management typically enrol in both of these courses after completing their higher secondary school. Both of these courses are available in India at various institutes. Some institutes, such as MBA entry, hold admission exams for both of these programmes. The syllabus and difficulty level are the only differences.
The Indian economy has opened up to globalisation and liberalisation in the last ten years. As a result, management courses have become more significant. Both of these courses are not offered at the same university or college. Some colleges offer the study as a BBA, while others offer it as a BMS. These degrees are offered at universities across India, including Guru Nanak Dev University, Delhi University, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, CCS University, and others.
Common myth and difference between BBA and BMS
It is a common myth that they prepare you for an MBA program.
During the 3 years, you are exposed to only management in terms of HR, Finance, and marketing which is just the basic, not much detailing.
For better job prospects and positions, MBA is a must.
After the course, you could get entry-level jobs in any organization, which would mainly be looking out for your expertise in understanding the role in the organization.
Both the courses groom you in certain qualities required like:
  • Presentation skills
  • Grooming and etiquettes
  • Communication skills
  • Team player
  • Management crisis
  • Bulbs in the extroversion quality
Of course the course would only expose you to these traits, how much you learn is completely your forte
IMS is a good training institute for management studies. They have good teaching methods and strategies,but best would be your own personal experience.Go attend their mock tests to get a better idea about them.
 I hope i gopt your query solved about differencd between BBA and BMS
Wish you all the very best...

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