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Can plastic industry be a suitable spot for the job seekers? What are the various courses it offers?

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RE: Can plastic industry be a suitable spot for the job seekers? What are the various courses it offers?

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Plastic is the most widely used material present in our daily life today. With the growing period of industrialization day after day, the plastic industry is the most favorite spot for the recognition of the tremendous growth rate. People want the cheaper, reliable and safer material in their daily needs, and plastic provides all the three’s in it. Thus the immense use of the plastic in one's daily life is a perfect example, that how plastic play an important role in the lives of the people. Let me tell you the story behind the plastic industries, that how they are becoming the market giant. The waste plastic and its associates lie in the dumping sites causing several nuisances. The plastic industry has the potential to reuse, recycle and apply the engineering principles to manufacture a innovated and usable cheaper product which gives the tough competition to the companions. Hence, the plastic engineering concept is the governing element for the development of the plastic industries. Since any of the industry which going to set up will provide the enormous job opportunity with it.It's true for the plastic industry too. The plastic industry or can say simply that plastic engineering g has the potential to give tremendous jobs in India. In this article, I’ll be talking about the various jobs associated with the plastic engineering field and the courses correspond to it. If you are a job seeker, trust me, this article is only for you!


It is the branch of science, that deals with the application of engineering principles to create, innovate and design new plastic equipment, plastic goods and other valuable product that has multiple uses from the used or raw plastic.

Thus it can also be said that the plastic engineering is the value addition of the waste plastic.

For any of the innovation, it needed a detailed study of it, practicals and methods. Thus for the plastic engineering, a dedicated course of plastic engineering is available to the young aspirant.


There are not at all number of courses in the plastic engineering, the only B.Tech and M.Tech  in plastic engineering is sufficient to make your good and attractive career.

  • Tech (Plastic Engineering)

Plastic engineering is a dedicated course of four years in India. If one is aspiring to pursue the plastic engineering than he or she has to study the following subjects in the graduation phase.

  • Plastic Industrial theory &Sociology
    plastic Industrial theory & Chemistry
  • Measurement of plastic dimensions & Metrology
  • Polymerization principles
  • Open chemistry lab on plastic testing
  • tech.
  • Drawing of machinery
  • Technology of machines
  • Plastic material determinations
  • General conductivity and superconductivity of plastics
  • Economics of the plastic and product design
  • Design of molds and products
  • Polymer design and analysis
  • Thermodynamics lab
  • Transfer Rheology & Testing of polymers
  • Synthesis & Polymerisation
  • Polymers and resins lab
  • Auto CAD and StadPRO designing platforms


Top colleges for the plastic engineering

The very first name in the plastic engineering colleges will be the central college of plastic engineering (under the aegis of central government), which requires the creamy layer students.

  • Central institute of plastic engineering and technology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
  • Central institute of plastic engineering and technology, Lucknow, UP
  • Central institute of plastic engineering and technology, Chennai, TN
  • Aryabhatt college and University, Patna, Bihar
  • Bijupat Nayak college of engineering, Rourkela
  • BhimRaoAmbedkar technical institute, Aurangabad
  • Central institute of plastic engineering and technology, Manipur
  • LakshmiNarayan college of engineering, Nagpur
  • North Maharashtra institute of technology, Jalgaon.



Since in the beginning, I have told you that, now plastic engineering is providing with the good job opportunities. Some of the jobs are:

  • Government jobs

The various public sector undertaking (PSU), like oil and natural gas corporation, oil India limited, Indian institutes of petroleum, petroleum engineering plants of governments, oil refineries, fertilizers industries, etc conducts the departmental exams to recruit the top plastic engineers.

  • Private jobs
  • Research heads

The main job of the researchers is to research on the various plastic compositions and degrees of the plastics.

  • Quality controllers

In order to control the quality of the plastics for their usage, quality controllers are assigned with the task. It is one of the inspecting types of jobs.

  • Design engineer

Considered to be the backbone of the plastic industry, who works on the development of the designs of the plastic to convert it into valuable equipment.

The plastic component in the vehicles is designed by the design engineers of the automobile engineering heads.

  • Toy industries

Toys are the most important product of the plastic industries, the amount of plastic used in the toys industries is much higher than the other industries, so the requirement of the engineers are very large in the to industries. The toy industry also contains various design engineers, framers, chassisframers, light engineers, plastic researches.


  • Safety engineers

Safety is the key element for any of the industry. Since there are various hazards associated with the plastic industries. Hence, each and every plant of the plastic, have the number of safety engineers with it.

  • Plastic molds developer

Plastic molders are the one, who cast the shape of the plastic as per as the design of the article. It is one of the units of the plastic industry.

  • Plan and section Drawer

If one is having command over the AutoCAD, one can take the opportunity to be a specialist of design drawing.

  • Professor

Last but not the least, one can join the technical institutes as ateacher? Professor, which is the highly paid job of the country.

Concluding Remarks

Plastic engineering has the vast and rising potential to make a career a bright spot. All is a need to score best in your 12th class, get the admission in the top plastic engineering institute, work on innovations And designs and get to your dream job.

Hope will help you!

RE: Can plastic industry be a suitable spot for the job seekers? What are the various courses it offers?

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