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Confused between CA,LLB and others

Hi.I am totally confused.I even took a psychometric assessment test that revealed that I have an investigative personality.Now the thing is that I am confused regarding three major options.Please suggest me one that will be suitable for me.I basically want to do something independently and want to become self-employed.I love studying accounts but not working as an accountant on the other hand would like to work as a lawyer but not study law as it has a lot of rote learning.I Just graduated from a Bachelors in Management Studies scoring 78% and topping ly college consistently for 5 years.MBA is not possible due to various financial constraints and family issues. Option 1 Mcom with LLb Option 2 Mcom with CA Option 3 Mcom with Short Term Courses like Business Analytics, Digital Marketing Etc. Please guide me for the same. Will be much thankful

by Murtaza Rupawala
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4 answers

RE: Confused between CA,LLB and others

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Dear Aspirant,

Firstly thank you for taking the psychometric tests for assessing yourself and then coming with your questions.

The first impression I get about you is that you are too much restrictive, have to much reservations and too much prejudices over many things. This attitude is not good and will be dangerous when you step out for finding a job. Such attitude will lead you no where. You are a scholar in academics and if you can change this attitude towards being positive and adaptable, then sky is not the limit for your career growth.

If you are an investigative nature person, then studying Law as one of the options will be best.
Apart from this Auditing & Taxation also requires investigative nature and hence CA is good for you too.
Another option is CFA, which is of financial analysis which also requires indepth investigative nature.

Please do not do MCom. That has become redundant in the industry. You need a strong professional qualification like LLB, CFA or CA.
MBA you can do it later after having work experience.
If you choose LLB, MBA is not required.

If you wish to become self employed, Lawyer and Chartered Accountancy would be best for you.

Best wishes

RE: Confused between CA,LLB and others

Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD
Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Consulting Psychologist
  • Delhi

Dear Murtaza,

Thanks for writing on!!

As per your choices its clear that you would like to work independently so you suggested combination options of MCom with CA or with LLB or other courses.

Firstly, you must be knowing that CA is very different from LLB. So first step is to decide whether you would like to work/ offer services in pure Accountancy or matters related to company laws. Both are very good options as both have their own sector of growth and clients.

If you are specifically interested in company laws, Company Secretary (CS) is also a good option for you and you may do LLB if you wish. However, after CS, no need for any further study. For C, you need to clarify exam and become a member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). It has a very good scope and offer lucrative jobs. You may start your own consulting firm.

If you are interested solely in accountancy, then go for Chartered Accountancy (CA). As for CA you must be aware that you need to first give a CPT exam (Common Proficiency Test) clearing which you have to take up Articleship and then appear for exams conducted by ICAI (Institute for Charted Accountancy) that happen twice a year. If you want to have post-graduation, then you can do M.Com through distance education while preparing for CA. Doing post graduation is a good idea as it adds to your resume a value of having double degrees. A post graduation definitely is a good credit in your CV.

So, I recommend you to first decide whether you would like to offer Accountancy services or services related to corporate laws and then take a decision either to do CA/MCom or CS/LLB.

Do write to us or call us again if you need any further help.

I wish you all the Best for your bright career!!
Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD

RE: Confused between CA,LLB and others

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Dear Aspirant,

Further to Dr. Pandya's views, please note that as per the industry today, which I am more near to, CS+LLB is an unofficial mandate required in candidates. Just CS won't get good jobs. A CS is expected to handle Legal work also in companies today. I have seen many CS getting rejected because they do not have LLB qualification and knowledge.

MCom is just a masters degree, however industry requires professional qualifications. MCom can be done just for your personal satisfaction of being a post graduate.

Best wishes

RE: Confused between CA,LLB and others

Prathamesh Kapote
Prathamesh Kapote
Verified Career Expert
Founder And Director At Canvas Career
  • Nasik

Hello Murtaza,
Welcome to
Thank for writing us with your career query.

Well that's good to hear from you that you have been one of the top students in your college in Management.
Considering all your background that you have so lets do the introspection for your career life journey which is to be chalked out.
First of all Friend i would like to advice you that you are not at all confined to the three courses that you have mentioned. You have a lot many career options available for you only the thing is that we need to explore them.

So considering that-
1. You wish to work independently i.e self-employed.
2. You love to study accounts but don't want to be accountant.
3. Financial Constraint
4. Investigative

After taking these things in my mind ,i would advice to give a thought for the Certified Financial Planner course also called as CFP or Financial Planner. Definitely you will love to make a career in this field. As you have interest in accounts and you wish to be self employed and the course can be completed in less finance and the work nature is mush of Investigative.

Financial Planner are the people who manages the Financial Investment of an Individual as well as of Corporate s and organisations. When the question comes of managing finance its needed to be invested very wisely in order to face the unpredictable financial needs. So for the same Financial Planner plays an important role in managing and investing the finance very wisely.

Financial Planner have tremendous scope in the Financial Institutes,Banks. After successful completion of the CFP course one can either take up a job or can start his/her own practice.There are only around 3-5% people working in this sector so the career prospect is quite wide and addition ti this is that the course is recognised in 24 foreign countries so you can practise the profession in any of the listed country if you are willing to work.

The course can be completed within an year. While the fees also do not cost much high. The examination fees costs you around you 30,000-40,000. While if you go for the coachings than you need to consider that fees (as such coaching is not necessary because the course is designed that one can study at the home). Their would be addition to the finance where you need to purchase the notes of the course from outside. So you can look out for the various publication that provides notes and purchase according to your Budget.

Hereby , i am providing the link about the course for further details ,you can visit and take a step for it

  1. Eligibility :-

  2. Examination of CFP :-

I think this would be the perfect career course option for you.

While CA will take a lot of time to be completed. While only LLB with CS makes a good sense to make a career in Corporate sector.

While Business Analytics and Digital Marketing are also good career options. Do a proper research and than decide where your interest lies and Sail in the Boat sunny

I hope you find the information relevant to your career query.

Feel free to get in touch again for further queries.

Wish you Good Luck thumbsup

Thank You

Warm Regards
Prathamesh K

RE: Confused between CA,LLB and others

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