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Do I have any scope for jobs outside India after Msc in Biotechnology?

I have passed my 12th with a deep inclination towards the subject. I have heard Biotech has less scope in India. Can a Mtech /Msc degree from any good pvt. colleges like SRM,Amity,KIIT can get me any job scopes in countries like Germany and USA? Ive heard in south India, biotech placement is working out still as compare to north. But these degrees are quite expensive ,at least 12 lacks. I need to know if any pvt. college in Bangalore have lower fees as compare to rest and about its admission procedure. Is it through COMEDK test? If you know some good colleges to study.

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3 answers

RE: Do I have any scope for jobs outside India after Msc in Biotechnology?

Jyoti B Dhingra
Jyoti B Dhingra
Verified Career Expert
Education, Sports & Relationship Counselor
  • Mumbai


Thanks for approaching us at!!!

Biotechnology has scope in India as well as abroad. Biotechnology is an inter- disciplinary science which includes not only biology but also subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering. Some of the fields where biotechnology students are applicable are Medicine and health care, Industries trial research and development, Agricultural and animal husbandry, Environment Research etc.

Candidates with a post graduate degree in biotechnology will get jobs in different corporate and government sector. Qualified Bio-technologists are capable of getting jobs in different pharmaceutical companies, chemical industries, bio- processing industries, agriculture related industries and pollution control industries in India and abroad as well.



Abroad they give preference to experience so after doing M.Sc, you need to work some where , gain experience and then apply abroad. You can even start with your Ph.D degree abroad if you can afford that. / job +USA and abroad are the sites you can explore to your advantage.
You have asked for some colleges in Bangalore for Biotechnology, they are listed below-
- St. Joseph's college , Lalbagh Road Bangalore (
- Christ College , Hosur Road, Bangalore (
- Mount Carmel College Vasanth nagar Bangalore (
- Jyotinivas college Hosur Road , Bangalore (
- The Oxford College of science C.A.Site no.40, 1st phase J.P.Nagar (
- MES College Malleswaram Bangalore(
- NMKRV College for women , Jayanagar, 3rd block Bangalore (
- National college Jayanagar Bangalore(
- S B Mahaveer Jain college Bangalore (
- National college Basavanagudi , Bangalore (
- Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and research centre (
These are some of the good colleges in Bangalore, which you can explore and take admission in any of them and continue with your studies. Keep in mind that the degrees which you have mentioned , can get you a job abroad but they prefer work experience along with the degree.
I hope the above information will help you take a right decision and move ahead in life with full confidence that your dreams will get fulfilled with the efforts you are planning to put.

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RE: Do I have any scope for jobs outside India after Msc in Biotechnology?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar


Biotechnology is a tool to explore the fundamental to applied aspect of life with contemporary demands. I am not convinced that biotech has least scope as compare to other subjects / technologies it depends on candidate that how much he/she understands and inclined to proceed further, for example we call garbage / dumps / wastage etc in socio-ecological terms becuase we think there is no use of such throws but if you think scientifically then it looks like scarcility of knowledge or academic limitations to understand that dumps/garbage etc. Likewise we should not compare any subject with pre-occupied thought that can deprive you in so many ways.
Without any hesitation you should take up your interest in biotechnology, if your inclination and interest are genuine.

Again you are trying to draw a demarcation line between south and north india in terms of fees, quality of education etc. it is not true good and bad lie throughout the country and various negative examples are available in placement percentage. Again placement of any candidate is not the end of your struggle rather it gives you exposure to prove something out of your interest.

There are Many colleges/institutes in north india:
1. Amity institute of microbial technology,Amity University (, Noida offers 100% placement after M.Sc/M.Phil/Ph.D in Microbial Technology -various tie up with abroad, MNCs
2. Shiv Nadar University, Noida (
3. South Asian University, Delhi (
4. JNU, New Delhi (,
5. NIIT, New Delhi (
6. Delhi University (
7. JIIT, Noida (
8. TERI University (
Above listed universities not only meant for quality education and placement, also offers scholarships but you have to crack entrance test.
I can suggest you following courses for your master degree:
Microbial Technology
Above listed subjects are having equal potential if you are excellent in learning these listed tools will equip you to be a great scientist of tomorrow.
Hope my advise will help you to opt out any suitable field of your career.
Good luck
Dr. Manoj

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RE: Do I have any scope for jobs outside India after Msc in Biotechnology?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Hello there

Thank you very much for contacting counsellors at and I am certainly happy to help you solve your query today. I am glad you have considered doing a career in biotechnology and i very well understand your deep inclination into this subject. Not all students find their interest so quickly and i am glad you can focus a way right after 12th standard. Before we go on, let me introduce myself. I am Gomathi and I have been into education and career counselling since 23 years. I see your motivation to do higher studies and have careers abroad in either USA or Germany. It could be certainly possible if you can approach two ways.
One, doing your Bachelors in India and then study your PhD abroad.
Second, do your Bachelors degree and Masters degree in India and then get a few years work experience and then apply for jobs abroad. Even a PhD from India will help you get jobs abroad. I will brief you on these two cases now.

Studying a Bachelors degree: You can consider doing a Bachelors degree in Biotechnology in India. You may certainly choose colleges prescribed by Counsellor Jyoti in Bangalore region. If your focus is to work abroad as early as possible, I would advice you to opt for a B.Tech instead of a B.Sc. You can consider studying B.Tech Biotech from BITS (, VIT (, SRM (, IIT's. All these are well reputed in India and abroad for biotech. Especially IIT's can give you some foreign placements soon after your B.Tech. Also, it is highly required that you obtain a very high percentage preferably above 90% in your B.Tech to be able to either get placed in foreign companies or even give you scholarships to study Masters or Ph.d abroad. If your score is very high in B.Tech, you can be easily recruited for Ph.D' rel="nofollow"s in USA, UK, Germany with scholarships. It means, the universities give you 100% tuition fee waiver and also pay you a stipend as salary every month for the research work. By this way, you can achieve your dream of working abroad. Your PhD degree abroad will also strengthen your career.

Next, consider doing BSc, MSc or BTech, MTech or even a PhD from India. Completing either of these sets of degrees, you can work in some national research centres in India. Alternatively you may also choose to work for top pharma companies like Glaxo smithkline ( These pharma companies have internal transfers to abroad and after getting some years experience you may choose to work in their abroad branch.
All the best.

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RE: Do I have any scope for jobs outside India after Msc in Biotechnology?

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