Fee details of correspondence MBA in Chandigarh? Best trade for a CSE graduate working in an IT firm?

by Abhishakerohatgi
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RE: Fee details of correspondence MBA in Chandigarh? Best trade for a CSE graduate working in an IT firm?

Srajan Gupta
Srajan Gupta
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Distance or Correspondence education is a nice movie especially for those people who are currently working with a company and want to join further studies. It is one of great relevance in the upcoming market and basically it all depends on your knowledge gain. Nowadays, You would find many people out there who talk low of the distance education, and more however, knowledge is matter something that one has to master degree himself/herself. Thus, it is pretty good to keep your hopes and goals high. Now, Coming to the courses that are currently belong as best MBA/PGDM colleges in India are:

  1. SCDL - Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning
  2. IGNOU 4. NMIMS Distance Education
  3. IMT Ghaziabad - Center for Distance Learning
  4. Manipal/LPU/etch and others.

Thus, first and foremost, please keep your minds that Distance learning it means something that may or may not be in the same location where you are staying at. Thus, even if you are in Kolkata would not matter much for your education to continue. What these distance learning programs do is that they always give us exposure to open learning and you can learn at your own places. Though they have a guideline for semesters and timelines for the exams and all, but you would be exempted from joining regular basis classes and lectures. The fee structure of these MBA colleges varies depending on which one you choose to study. For example: Fee structure of IMT Ghaziabad is Rs 25000 per semester and so the annual fees would be 1 lakh rupees for the entire 2 year PGDM programme. On the other hand Symbiosis college charges on Rs 30000/- which is payable only one time (or two installments) and the annual fee would be 1.20 lakh rupees. Hence, the fee structure of distance learning would depend entirely on which college you choose to for education. I would suggest you to connect with the respective college's offices/official websites to know about exact details. Talking about of which branch you should go for, I would suggest IT Management/Information Systems. The reason behind this would be the fact that you are already working in an IT Company and hence the more you study about how IT Companies work, function and operate the better knowledge you would have about it. Studying Finance/Human resource does not seem to logically sense to me because you would really not find it worth switching for after you already spent 4 years working in IT Industry.


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