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How beneficial is it to pursue BCA from foreign universities?

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RE: How beneficial is it to pursue BCA from foreign universities?

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Often we look beyond borders to fulfill our career interests and  climb the ladder of success.Pursuing BCA from abroad can be quite favorable for students looking for greener pastures in the field of information technology. Not only one is exposed to a different culture but also newer ways of teaching that are at par with the current standards. The minimum eligibility criterion to apply for an undergraduate degree course is to pass one’s 10+2 examinations with minimum percentage required by the institutions.

Admittance process to any foreign university / college differs from country to country based on the individual requirements of the university/college. For seeking admission in the domains of  Computer Science and IT, you are required to take TOEFL(Test of English as a foreign language), IELTS( International English language testing system) and other exams that test language proficiency. Following are a few universities offering computer application or similar courses:

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Their Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science offers a full time undergraduate degree programme in Computer Science and Engineering for a four year duration which focuses on software engineering, computer algorithms  etc.   Complex system designs are taught to students.

Carnegie Mellon University: The B.S. programme in Computer Science amalgamates major Computer Science courses with the opportunity to gain deeper knowledge in another area through a minor in a second subject. As computing is a branch of study that has ties with many fields, this provides students with opportunities to indulge in  allied (or non-allied) interests.

Stanford University: Stanford University’s Computer Science division offers fulltime undergraduate degree in Computer Science and opens up the world of research for students. Students have the liberty to indulge in many different interests such as artificial intelligence, programming languages, graphics, and theory of computation, human/computer interaction, robotics and numerical analysis.

University of California—Berkeley: Computer Science option is for students with a passion for all aspects of computer science, including design and analysis of algorithms, complexity theory and databases etc. Graduates of this program are prepared for both a possible research career and technical leadership in the sector.

California Institute of Technology: With its stress on innovation, this programme is a stepping stone for by a career in research, or for an entrepreneurial vocation. The course introduces students to the mathematical and engineering basics of the branch of study. There is considerable flexibility in course selection, together with projects giving an opportunity for independent work.

Cornell University: The Computer Science major is part of the College of Arts and Science and the College of Engineering as well. Students who have computer science as their major take up courses covering algorithms, data structures and databases, logic, programming languages.

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After finishing your course you can either opt for a course in IT or in Management

Following are all the courses you can opt for Information technology:

  • Information Systems Mobile computing
  • Mobile computing
  • Computer systems and Networking
  • Visual communication
  • Games animation
  • Enterprise computing
  • Management of business information technology
  • Computer animation
  • Graphic design

One can pursue management courses as well such as an MBA in information technology or business management. Programmes like MCA can also be opted for apart from a MS or masters in computer science.  Institutes that offer all these courses are Bangor University, Lancaster University, Kent University, university of East London and lots more.

After completing BCA you can work as following posts given below:

  • Network Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  •  Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • System Analyst
  • Technical Support
  • Software Consultant

One can bag jobs in the following sectors:

  • Banking sector
  • Programming
  • Networking
  • System administration
  • Telecom
  • Dairy Sector.

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Keep in mind: A foreign degree is not a marker of great education or a guarantee of a respectable job   unless it has been earned from a reputed institute which figures high in world rankings. One should thoroughly browse the websites of various institutions where one wishes to apply before making the final decision. It is always to advisable to pursue a course offered by a highly regarded Indian university /college rather than obtain a degree from a lesser known grad school abroad. Factors such as cost of living, travel and fee structure should be considered.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!



RE: How beneficial is it to pursue BCA from foreign universities?

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