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How is the academic life at ICRI campus?

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RE: How is the academic life at ICRI campus?

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Perks of joining ICRI

One of the most renounced institutes in clinical Research and Hospital Management is ICRI that stands for Institute of Clinical Research India which is known for its healthcare oriented and clinical studies oriented courses. The main perks of joining ICRI is that the curriculum designed in such a way that it consists of most of the practical knowledge and real learning with a direct implementation of the internship schemes with some global brands like Ranbaxy, DR Reddy’s Labs, Glaxo SmithKline & Novartis etc. On considering the professional facts, the first every Indian book on clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance was launched by ICRI and is the first institute to launch a Ph.D. Program for Clinical Research. Apart from that ICRI has 90 percent of trainees that are absorbed by big pharmacy giants and providing them full-time opportunity to work and grow in their environment and hence making the professional track record of the ICRI as one the most efficient and clean in terms of students placements.  

Healthcare and Hospital Management

Healthcare and Hospital management can be taken to the field of managing and facilitates the infrastructure of the hospitals and the system in order to provide them with all the necessary and vital resources that are required by them in order to process and have a better and more organized way of dealing with day to day works. The healthcare and hospital management is part of the management studies that deals with providing an adequate and procedural workflow in order to provide and run a hospital and medical facility properly, economically and more efficiently. The professionals belong to this industry are the ones who plans and direct the medical and health services professional or the entire facility of the hospital in a more managerial way and with the agile approach so that their overall efficiency can be maximized and results can grow rapidly.

Overview of Healthcare Industry

Presently, the healthcare industry is growing at a faster pace than any other industry, covering the major part of the world and also strengthening its roots at both public and private sectors of the industry with an exponential increase in expenditure According to some facts, from the year 2008 to 2020 the market of the Healthcare industry is expected to grow with a growth record of 16.5 percent which is very high in terms of development at medical science levels. The total size of this industry is approximately equal to 160million USD till 2017 and will be approx. 280 million USD till the end of 2020, that means almost the 10lac more and fresh job opportunities in this sector for India. Apart from that, the growth and advancement in the medical and research areas and development of new technologies, the scope, and demand of the professionals in order to manage and conduct these researches efficiently is much more required and hence making it as one the major sectors that can be looked forward to in India. The opportunities are growing at a very high rate for this sector in our country.  

Career Opportunities

The career scope of this sector is dependent on the health and managements, and most of the hospitals and medical diagnostics centers are looking for professionals to create better and more versatile strategies in order come up with the better market value and brand specification as well as using the present facilities more economically. The overall efficiency is increased by proper planning and plotting of the strategies, in a medical and healthcare center, and that is why there is a high importance professional from this industry.

Unique Features:

  • India is going to be the hub of clinical trials
  • Starting salary of ICRI’ians is 4 to 7 lacs
  • 100% placement with ICRI
  • Career progression in Clinical Research 

Campus life at ICRI 

The campus like of ICRI is very much up to date, with the provision of almost each and every facility available on campus. The main advantage of choosing ICRI is that, all the courses provided by ICRI are fully residential and are in-house. Apart from that, the campus is widespread over the area of 52 acres is fully surrounded by green lawns and playing field. In terms of education standards, all the classrooms are fully IT enabled and usage of technology in order to provide the best of the education is been a everyday part of the campus.

These all parts made ICRI as one of the most important player in the clinical research and hospital management programs and make the college option of ICRI as greater one comparatively with the existing colleges in terms of education standards, faculty, placements, internships, exposure and all the other facilities.


RE: How is the academic life at ICRI campus?

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