How to get a dream internship?

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RE: How to get a dream internship?

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There comes a time in every professional where he or she needs some direct exposure to the industry in order to gain the technical knowledge about their domain, within the boundary of their existing intuitions. In that phase, an internship plays the most important role in order to create a profile as well as giving you the direct exposure you want.  An internship can be defined as the recruitment process in which you are hired by a company for a shorter period of time, and not as a full-time employee. This helps you to be a part of the organization and understands how things work with the company’s infrastructure and at the same time completing your education or anything you are pursuing. And apart from that, some of the internships are pretty well paid, and hence ending with some pretty nice money as a stipend or work reward. But the main reason is exposure given in this internship is of top quality and hence counted as a big milestone in your career.

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Now the point is how to get a nice internship, well for that, there is a big list that you should follow.

  • Shortlist your skills: The first step of getting an internship involves you shortlisting with shortlisting all the required and possible skills for you. This includes all the professional skills you are good at, but only show that skill in which you want your professional career to move forward. For example if you are an engineer and good and want to pursue your career in software development but has a nice knowledge of both networking and software, mention your prior interest to be software field, in this way, you can mention your prior interest to be in the desired domain, and hence leading to a better experience in that field.
  • Search: After shortlisting your skills, you can apply for the different companies and for different roles. Also, shortlisting skills will lead to a better list of companies to apply, and help you land in your dream internship. There are certain way to find the right company to in order to apply for an internship, which are
    1. Website: there are a number of job/ internship search websites that can be used to find the required or dedicated website you need. In fact, every job search website has a dedicated portion to either internships or the part time job section on their website dedicated to this process only.
    2. Network/alumni: Network and social reach always help to get an inside man in the company and helps you get a better situation about the company and hence always plays an upper hand in order to either apply or just to confirm about the open positions in the company. Alumni always play a major role in order to create your professional network and in the worse cases you can also add them as your reference if needed.
    3. The job fair: Job fairs are the open events where a number of companies can collective organize their recruitment process and are always telling about their work life and achievements in order to look for more enthusiastic people to join them as well as create a better public reach. And hence these places can be targeted to get an internship or to approach big organizations.
    4. Campus Resources: Some big colleges and institutes organize the industrial training and internship drives in order to provide students with the better opportunity and hence it should be properly mentored and utilized as an opportunity if a drive like this held.
    5. Company’s website: A lot of big companies has specified section of careers on their website, which includes all the newest openings in their companies. Also, some of them are either dedicated to fresher’s and interns and can be considered as a place to look forward to, in order to file an application.
  • Make an impression: During the application, it is important to make an impression, and hence applying in the best possible way and with best of the resources will always help. Writing a decent yet effective resume that showcases all your capabilities and fulfilling the desired requirement from the organization side always plays a major role. Apart from that, a nice formatted cover letter will be considered as a nice thing if the application is written directly to Human resource or recruitment department of the company.
  • Interview time: After a beautiful application, comes an interview. In the interview, it is important to look decent as well as smart and enthusiastic. Always showcase your talents and innovation in the interview and put yourself as the one person who believes in getting the job done. This all will lead to a strong interview and increases your chances. In the uneasy situations, put yourself as a learner and not as a vulnerable person and hence leaving a mark with the person who is eager to learn and improve.

If not getting a call: after an interview, if never get a callback, it is alright and never feel disappointment. Just remember there are a lot of options out there and always keep on trying, for your betterment. For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: How to get a dream internship?

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