Hi,Yes ,there are so many Universities  and colleges in India and abroad in the field of Dancing. I will list some of them here but it would have been much better if you would have given the name of the place to which you belong or where you wish to   move. First of all  i will share the Universities in India-- Banaras Hindu University / Unao- Gujarat University , Ahmadabad- Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore- Indira Kala Sngit Vishwavidyalaya,Rajnandgaon- Nalanda Dance research Centre's Nalanda Nritya kala Mahavidyalaya Mumbai- MR.Govt.college of Music and Dance- Gandharva M

That's useful for planning the performance's structure and sequence. As soon as they finish talking, they get to work on the dance steps, guiding the dancers as they strive for a flawless performance. Retro Bowl    

Given that we live in a fusion era, it's essential that not only classical but also contemporary dance styles be taught and practiced. snow rider 3d

Dear student, you need to get your graduation and post graduation in fine arts with dance as a major/specialization. Thereafter take a formal training for dance, various dance forms and a little part of theater etc. from a renowned institution. Try working with some promising dance groups or a training center, get an experience and then move to the next level on a higher stage and get training and after that try to seek job in concerned field. You may seek your graduation/post graduation at any one of these institutions - Christ University, Bangalore,.........................BHU, Varanasi,....

Hi Aditya, Pretty Interesting question. Here I would like to generalise. Every professional, whether a engineer or a doctor or a choreographer, must keep abreast with the latest trend in the market. Being updated is essential for ones career growth. As such, a Choreographer must: Follow healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly, eat proper food Practice regularly Try to be innovative. If possible try fusion Know their subject well Practice self help like mediation Hope this helps. Wish you good luck..

Hey......It is completely a pleasure to see how much you are concerned about your sister and are there to support her.Looking for a dance teacher is not at all tough. There are many institutes that offer classes and your sis can join them.Though there are many reputed institutes but important thing is to see the expertise of the teacher.Many if the Dance Academies are run by professionals only. I would suggest you to meet the teacher and talk to some of the students of the Academy before you plan to send your sister there.But remember it is more important for her to give her full dedication an

Remember that success as a choreographer often requires a combination of talent, hard work, networking, and adaptability to different opportunities and challenges. If you aspire to be a choreographer, focus on honing your skills, gaining experience, and building a strong professional network in the industry.  tunnel rush

  Here are a few tips for up and coming and coming startup owners: Gain knowledge and Learn from others. A mentor early on in the business provides budding entrepreneurs with the experience and tricks of the trade which proves fruitful later.  Startup owners must learn to avoid the errors that others may have made before. It’s vital for entrepreneurs to improve their methods and technology with the changing times. They should also constantly enrich their worldview by reading books, reports, newspapers and other supplements on business. Networks can be built by becoming a mem

Hello Roydilson, The most important quality needed to clear GD is KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge on all sorts of topic right from politics to history to geography to travel to cuisines to meditation to sports to any topic you could think of on earth.  This is possible on through Reading. So Read anything and everything you can lay your hands on. It can be encyclopedia or magazines or a google search etc. But just reading and storing knowledge is not important. Being able to Communicate it is also very very important. Without being argumentative, supporting your ideas with facts and logic and trying

Hi, There comes a time in every professional where he or she needs some direct exposure to the industry in order to gain the technical knowledge about their domain, within the boundary of their existing intuitions. In that phase, an internship plays the most important role in order to create a profile as well as giving you the direct exposure you want.  An internship can be defined as the recruitment process in which you are hired by a company for a shorter period of time, and not as a full-time employee. This helps you to be a part of the organization and understands how things work with

As a fresh Company Secretary you will join a corporate or a Company Secretary firm as an Assistant in the secretarial department under the Company Secretary or a Deputy Company Secretary or Legal Counsel in the company. Generally the salary offered for a fresher CS is around Rs. 30,000. If you are a CS and LLB candidate, you can definitely get that salary. You will also be exposed to legal department work along with the routine secretarial work. As you go on working and gain work experience, the salary keeps increasing and you may achieve the designation of Company Secretary when you become co

Dear Aspirant, Yes, you can study abroad only if you feel that in India there is no institute which can teach you what you wish to learn. You have selected Entertainment industry category, so it appears that you wish to learn something from abroad. Best wishes