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I am a failiure of class 12 what can I do..?? plz suggest me I am so confused I want ot make my career in army

i am a failiure of class 12 what can i do..?? plz suggest me i am so confused

by Abhishek Kumar
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RE: I am a failiure of class 12 what can I do..?? plz suggest me I am so confused I want ot make my career in army

Deepak Rana
Deepak Rana
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There are a number of career options for you that you can pursue. But first of all you will have to complete your 12th class otherwise you won't be able to pursue the career of your choice. Since you have posted this question for army related careers, I am assuming that you want to pursue your career in the military field only. Below is the information provided to you so that you can choose your career wisely at this stage as the decision made at this point of time will have a long term impact on your career pursuits:

1. As mentioned earlier, you will have to first complete your twelfth standard. Do not worry that you have missed it this time. You can always come back again and with great effort you can do far better next time. We learn from our failures and you should not be discouraged at this point of time. Once you have completed your twelfth you can enter the military world via NDA written exam. If you have physics, chemistry, maths as your subjects you can also apply directly for the technical entry scheme without writing the written exam. Thus you will be able to enter the military world as an officer and thus pursue a wonderful career:

2. You can first complete your twelfth class and then go on to finish your graduation. Once you are done with that you can apply for the military world. You can take the written exams and clear them to enter it.

3. You can join the army directly after completing twelfth as a soldier. You have that option also. If you are really passionate about the army world you can go on working there and grow their to reach the higher positions. Thus you can spend a life in the military world.

Thus with the above provided options, you can go on to join the military world. You will have to at least complete your twelfth for that and then consider the right path for you.

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