I am Badly confused dont know what to do?

I wish to pursue ba economics

by Ushetimsharma
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3 answers

RE: I am Badly confused dont know what to do?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

I am badly confused ---should you take it positively? Yes confusion signifies the alert mind towards the future, as I am not a person of psycho
Though I can diagnose the situation with the given situation and will try to suggest you to develop the strategies for a bright future.

Students percentage of this generation are almost-ninety percent and their parents are also equally confused and hopeless the reasons could be anything::::::: many options are available // job insecurity // technological advancement// institutional paradox confusing you with and making you a customer unlike student etc.

Forget these reasons and get back to your inner perspective--self analysis / self interpretation/ then prepare yourself with the available media to acquire your individual approach based on the self motivation, commitment, and the inquire the possibilities around you.

As you have given me the hint about your interest in economics, I guess you must be doing well in your academic career uptill12th level and must be following the subject at application level, reading economic times, business times, following global market, understanding the socioeconomic of country etc I can say you are the right person to opt economics and will graduate yourself accordingly in economics.

In general students waste their valuable time in discussing about their future study, rather one should create the gravity of current study which is always happen with the intensity of effort, interest, and competency.

Must do this: read all books at school level (from 8th to 12th preferably from NCERT) as you matured now to understand the subjects what you have not done at school level--go ahead and do this at first aid level.

With your maturity you will come out with certain group of subject interest and accordingly graduate yourself in a particular stream--sciences, engineering, commerce, humanities and then you will be in position to say I can join a particular stream and will forget to ask other tell me What I am where I am which reflects the loss of identity at academic level.

Erase the futile mind and let your creativity develop at any circumstances so that you will enjoy your firmness and you will not be regretted at latter stage like majority which being a serious concern in our country.

I wish you will be out of this paradox !

RE: I am Badly confused dont know what to do?

D.magesh Cdavid
D.magesh Cdavid
Verified Career Expert
Career Counselor at Career Boosters
  • Chennai

Hi! Thanks to ask this question to me. No problem dont worry that you have pursue ba economics because economics is very good course to know about your level.After complete the b a economic course you can go lot of career option.

The details are given below.
1.Market research analyst
2.Real Estate agent
3.Retail buyer
4. Insurance underwrite trainee
5.Management consultant
6.Strategy planner
7.Business administrator
8.Claim examiner
9.Foriegn trade analyst
10.Tax auditor
11.House development aid
12.Budget officer
13.Legislative assistant
14. Research assistant
So dont worry you can choose any of these above option.There are many scope in international marketing and domesting marketing . marketing is one of the richest field because because of marketing field.If you join any marketing company they will depend only on you.After marketing only the manufacturing and other department will grow.
Some of the company expecting strategy planner for their business.To make strategy person should experience in market analyse.
You can choose educational field.because lot of vacancies are there for lecturer in the arts colleges.Your time and knowledge can give to others by choosing of this field.
Or you can go Foreign trade analyst this field will use to grow your career fastly. Because the person who is working in this field they are getting good salary and some of the guys are doing by their own.So you can choose this field.
Many manufacturing and trade companies need business administrator who is handling all type of administration work that also you can choose if you willing to do the administration work.
Budget officer is the one of the finest job which is very mandatory to the industries.
If you join as a budget officer you have to plan well and this budget will lead the business growth.
NGO field you can choose after complete ba economics because lot of ngo is not running due to lack of competent person to control the activities.

RE: I am Badly confused dont know what to do?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

Thank you very much for approaching counsellors at Meracareerguide. I can very well understand your situation as these sort of confusions are common with students at schools and colleges. The main reason behind such confusions are, you have not explored what interests you personally and towards what you get motivated too. From your question i believe you are at final year of school, class 12th. May i know what group or subjects you are studying at school? Only this will help me tailor my answer for you. However as you have said Economics as your interest, i will advice on this for you.

First of all your confusion arises because you are not sure what you want and what will suit you. For this, i highly recommend you to take the Online Psychometric Test that are available on this CareerGuide website itself. Taking the test, you will know your personality, what sort of subjects you would like to choose and study, and what sort of career will suit you. I am sure taking the test, you will get more clarity for yourself. Please do not ignore this advice as this is the best way to understand your self and your motives behind your education now and career for future.

I have seen lots of students believe everything that comes into their ears and blindly study a degree. For that reason i also want you to explore if Economics will really suit you. May be some other subject may interest you too, and you will only know after you take the test. This will also save you from career risk.

Next understand what is Economics, why you want to study it. Try going to a near by college that runs BA Economics course. Collect their study prospectus and see the syllabus and see if you like to read them for three years. Talk to the professors there and chat with them to understand what sort of jobs this degree can give you. If you are satisfied happily sign up for this course else you can also turn to other departments to understand what you like to study.

RE: I am Badly confused dont know what to do?

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