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I am confused as my parents want me to do engineering and i have little interest in it...what should i do..?

My parents want me to do engineering as they think that it will take me up to a certain level and will remain as a back up career all through life..and then pursue mass communication..whereaes i m nt intrested in engineering at all..but have to preferences at graduate level....bachelor in mass communication....or else i m intrested in becoming a stock i dnt want to b an engineer at all....nw wot should i do....?

by Parag Uchbagle
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1 answer

RE: I am confused as my parents want me to do engineering and i have little interest in it...what should i do..?

Rajeev Jain
Rajeev Jain
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Palash, what is your interest. Can you share that? Try to find out why ur parents want you to do Engg (is it because others are doing or they get good salary)?

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