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I am forgetting whatever i studied at the time of examination. what to do for remembering the answers which i have prepared already?

i am a 12th standard commerce student of Indian School al seeb

by Kushi Bala
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3 answers

RE: I am forgetting whatever i studied at the time of examination. what to do for remembering the answers which i have prepared already?

Dr. K.V. Anand
Dr. K.V. Anand
Verified Career Expert
Career Guide, Educationist, Author and Clinical Psychologist
  • Palakkad

Dear, Welcome to CareerGuide.com. I am more than happy to help you. The problem you are mentioning is quite common among Indian students mainly because of their attitudes towards their exams. In India, schools provide a great amount of stress towards the exams and parents and teachers compels their children to perform more and more in the exams. They make the children feel as if the exams are too much important to their career.

Of course, they are. But not to the extent they think. Exams are just climbing stairs. We have our aim in front of us and we climb stairs one by one to reach our goal. Each step is exam and we just climb. We never worry whether we fall down or not. Just climb because we are sure, that the abount of preparation we took, we are sure to climb and reach our goal.

But, Most Indian students are apprehensive or anxious about their exams. This anxiety or apprehension makes their memory and recollection abilities week. Especially when the exams are getting nearer. Hope I am being clear.

What is the solution. Please don't be anxious or apprehensive about examination. You are not preparing for the exam. You are not preparing for passing the plus two exams or any other exams. You are gaining knowledge and you are enjoying the knowledge gaining process. Gaining knowledge is to enjoy life, enjoy career and to be successful in life. When you gain knowledge, you are actually learning, learning effectively. Exams are just obstacles on your path. you are sure to clear them. (for eg. a 110 meter hurdle runner always look to finish the race. Not looking to clear each hurdle. If he tries to do so, his concentration will be in each hurdles and he will be too slow). You have to look and have a clear cut picture about your goal. I shall help you to define your goal.

Hope this answers your query. Very good luck.
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Dr. K V Anand

RE: I am forgetting whatever i studied at the time of examination. what to do for remembering the answers which i have prepared already?

Halima Sadiya
Halima Sadiya
Verified Career Expert
FreeLancer Academic and Career Guidance Counsellor
  • Kalyan


Do you face it everytime ? say class test, mini test or mock test. or its just the case of final exams.

Do you face problems like feeling worried, concerned, restlessness , anxiousness etc. before your examinations approach?

Well then you might be experiencing EXAM STRESS, which actually causes you to under perform rather than the problem of forgetting . If it would have been the problem of forgetting or memorising, it would have troubled your preparations also, obstructed all your accomplishments and wont have let you reach where you are now. I would like to offer you some tips to tide over these anxious experiences and slowly get it off your life.

1) First of all, you have to start believing that its not a problem of forgetting and that you are really blessed with a wonderfull memory.

2) Exams are just an assessment of your preparations and confidence , how you present your knowledge in a short span of time, and not the end of your career if you dont fare well.

3) Assert your positive attack upon your studies by working on a cards with words , " Yes , I can Do it " , and " My Brain is better than the best computers in the world " . place these cards in front of your books and notes so that you can see the words everytime you glance up. Remember, self trust is the first secret of success.

Practice Concentration improving exercises by closing your eyes and saying STOP, STOP, STOP to your self everytime whenever anything disturbs you while studying.Do it atleast once in a day.

4) Try to boost up your confidence level well before your exams that you are going to do it better this time by proper planning and revisions.

5) During Exams, try to keep yourself in relaxed state of mind, first attempt what you kow cent percent and gradually move on, This will keep your confidence going on and help you to give your best shot.

6) After Exams, see how well you have done and forget what went wrong. You will surely do it better next time.

It is important to pray your creator , the almighty, to give you the good results of your efforts and it is scientifically proved that prayers and meditation calms your mind and anxiety and enhances your memory and concentration.

Lots of my students have benefitted from these tips and I believe you will too.

Good Luck..

RE: I am forgetting whatever i studied at the time of examination. what to do for remembering the answers which i have prepared already?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Hello My Dear,

You are clearly facing Exam stress and let me tell you that this stress is unnecessary and unuseful. I would like to ask you to just chill and dont worry more. I am glad that you have approached CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance and advice for your concern.

Since you are in HSC, its very important for you to remain confident about yourself and your studies. Getting into exam tension mode is not required since always remember that EXAMS are for YOU, YOU are NOT for EXAMS.

Not remembering or not being able to recollect at the time of exam is a very common concern among students and the solutions to it are very easy which you have to do with yourself.

Firstly commerce field is afield which has more theory than maths or experiments like in science stream. Therefore when you study theory subjects, you must be MUGGING the answers. This is the big mistake many students make and therefore they are not able to recollect at the time of examinations since the brains get ehausted already due to mugging up since muggin up is an acticity against the brain's natural phenomena.

Why dont understand the subjects and topics and then styr to make them into word sand sentences? If you do not understand it, you will not be able to express it. Always remember that marks is only not the only criteria for being called a good student. Whatever you have studied, its very important for you to remember it for your career life ahead. HSC level is a critical one and you should not make yourself stressed by doing MUGGING. Mugging wont help you and you will continue to become blank at exams.

Understand the concepts, figures, theory and automatically you will keep remembering it.

Best Luck

RE: I am forgetting whatever i studied at the time of examination. what to do for remembering the answers which i have prepared already?

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