I am in 12th class confused what to do further,plz guide me

by Ria
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RE: I am in 12th class confused what to do further,plz guide me

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Dear Ria,

Glad that you are aware that you are confused and before taking any decision you have approached CareerGuide. I appreciate your attitude to search for information and get guidance before choosing the career choice. Thank you for approaching us,

firstly relax and dont get worry about your career.

Removing confusion from your mind about your future life and career is actually simple, but when you become panic and tensed it becomes difficult.

You have thought about your future career at a very right stage of 12th std.

For knowing what and which career you can do you need to do few things. Unfortunately you have not mentioned in which stream of 12th you are currently studying. If possible please let me know which stream you are in. Is it whether Commerce, Arts, Science.

However this is not a problem. What you can do is, think about the subjects in your 11th and 12th which you feel you know and like and love the most. Generally if one chooses a career choice based on what you love and like the most, then you can become successful and happy in that career.

Secondly there is a scientific method to know which career stream can be successful and beneficial to you. This method is called Psychometric Test. Now this test is not a psychology test which you need to get afraid of. In this Test, there are number of questions which you have answer very honestly and frankly. Your answers to these set of questions will determine your aptitude, emotional ability, skills, linkings, interests, passion, etc.
The result of this test will then suggest you which career stream and course will be good and suitable to you.

Online Psychometric Test is available right here on CareerGuide.com for a nominal fee.

Thirdly, then you can actually talk to me via phone and we can discuss in detail how to choose a career option. Therefore I suggest you that to do the psychometric test from CareerGuide.com as early as possible.

Let me tell you that choosing a career is simple actually. Do not take tension and get confused.

Best wishes.

Dr. Anand Wadadekar
Discovering Careers India

RE: I am in 12th class confused what to do further,plz guide me

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur

Hello Meenakshi,

I am glad you recognised your confusion and brought it to us. While many students blindly do whatever they have been told to, very few like you actually recognise you are confused and need help. So this explains you are much capable of handling things better, owing to your self awareness at very young age. As you haven't mentioned the subjects of your 12th grade, I am basing out my answer more generally.

  1. What subjects do you like?
    First try to analyse what are the subjects you love studying the most as of now. You may have 5 or 6 subjects at your 12th standard depending on your board level. Of these 5/6 subjects, which subject did you enjoy the most? In which did you get a high score? Which subjects were a bit easy and enjoyable for you? First try to pick those subjects that were easy and enjoyable for you and leave the rest behind.

  2. Find the degrees associated with these subjects.
    Next, you have to find what sort of degrees does your favourite subject lead to. For example, if you are in science stream and if Biology is your favourite subject,
    Biology can lead to degrees like BSc Biology, BSc Biotechnology, BSc Environmental biology, BSc Biochemistry, BTech Biotechnology, BTech Bioinformatics, BTech Biomedical Engineering, BTech Industrial Biotechnology, BTech Medical biotechnology and so on.
    Another example, if you are in Commerce stream and if Commerce is of your interest, it will lead to degrees like BCom, BBA or BA Economics.
    Thirdly, if Computer science was of your interest in 12th, it may lead to degrees like BSc Computer science, BCA, BSc Information technology, BE/ BTech Computer science and BE/ BTech Information technology.
    Accordingly, identify what your favourite subject will lead you to study, whether to a three year Arts level or four year Engineering level.

  3. Look up for syllabus:
    Next, try to find the syllabus of your choosen degree programs and have a look at the syllabus. You can often find the syllabus on the University's website itself. Otherwise, you can still walk into a college and ask for the prospectus where you can find details of everything you will study for the next 3/4 years. Now analyse if they really interest you or not and choose degrees accordingly.

  4. Find some elders working in that subject area to seek practical advice.
    Occasionally it may help in talking to elders in seeking practical evidence. Approach final year students or recent graduates in job to understand how it is likely to study your favourite subject at degree level. Their insights will strengthen your decision to a large extent.

  5. Psychometric assessment:
    Finally, apart from doing the above the above mentioned practical exploration, it is highly essential to do a Psychometric testing for your individual profile to understand what really suits you and interests you. These psychometric assessments will tailor courses and career advice based on your individual strength and abilities and therefore it can never go wrong. Career choice chosen using these psychometric testing will be certainly rewarding for a bright career. Hope this helps.
    All the best.

RE: I am in 12th class confused what to do further,plz guide me

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