I am interested in biology and I wanna become a great research scientist. how can I achieve it? I also wanna know about salary?

Can you give me the best suggestion and details

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RE: I am interested in biology and I wanna become a great research scientist. how can I achieve it? I also wanna know about salary?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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  • Meerut

Dear friend,

As you wish to become great scientist in the field of biology, therefore, you have to study biology in 12 standard. After that in graduation, you have to study any one of the following biology subject. The subjects are; botany, zoology, microbiology, biotechnology, nanobiotechnology, biochemistry, fishery science, marine biology, forensic science, molecular biology, cell biology, biomedical technology, clinical microbiology, medical laboratory technology and environment sciences.

You may also do graduation in the subjects like microbiology, biotechnology, medical laboratory technology, forensic science and environmental sciences.

After graduation, a post graduation degree in above mentioned subject and there after doctoral degree in any biology subject. After obtaining the doctoral degree (PhD) you will be technically eligible for making an entry as scientist in university, institute or governmental laboratories. People now a days also go for post doctoral fellowship studies. This is a higher degree after PhD and people mostly prefer to do it from abroad.


To make an entry as assistant scientist or scientist or assistant professor in university , research institute or governmental laboratories, along with proper academic qualifications, some additional things are also required. These are research papers, review articles published in reputed international journals, number of book chapters or book published.

The salary of a scientist at entry level in governmental sector is in the pay scale of Rs. 15600-37100 plus an academic grade pay of Rs. 5400 per month. This is as per the sixth pay commission. In 2016 seventh pay commission will be implemented, then salary will much more than this pay scale. Candidate with exceptional good record may also be offered higher pay scale.

After getting the job of a scientist, the person has to work hard, to progress in the career and to earn name in the scientific field. For this, he has to win research projects, carry out research and publish the data. Guidance of MSc and PhD students and publish the research papers. He has to present his findings in international conferences, symposium, workshops.

Some novel work or innovative work, which has not been done before, will definitely brings laurel to the scientist.

In private sector or multinational companies, the salary of a scientist could start from Rs. 75,000 to 1,00,000 per month. For experienced person the starting salary may be Rs. 2,00,000 per month

Good Luck...

RE: I am interested in biology and I wanna become a great research scientist. how can I achieve it? I also wanna know about salary?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
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  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. You have a great career ambition as becoming a scientist is the ultimate destination of an academic professional career. May I know in what level are you currently studying? School/ college? I shall give you a detailed picture on how to go to the scientist level in Biology.

Becoming a Scientist is only possible with a Doctorate degree. This is an intense research degree known as the PhD level that is run for a minimum of three years in India and most countries wherein in the USA a PhD is mostly run for five years. Only with this PhD degree a person is regarded as a researcher or a Scientist. A scientist is a person who works either at educational universities or private labs/companies at the research centres and to be eligible to work in such positions a PhD is a must.

To study a PhD degree in Biology, one must have cleared 10th standard with Science including Biology as one of the mandatory subject; and then pass 12th standard with a compulsory Biology subject and therefore your ideal choice should be the PCB group studying Physics, chemistry and Biology at 12th level. Maths is not really necessary at 12th level and you can treat it as an exemption. After 12th standard, you can enrol in a college degree and most often students are likely to only choose BSc Biology degree. Otherwise you can also choose BSc Cell biology/ molecular biology/ botany/ micro biology/ biotechnology/ medical biotechnology and nano biotechnology. Completing the BSc degree you can progress to do a two year masters degree like the MSc in biology or similar subjects. After an MSc students are finally deemed to go into the intense research degree phase, PhD Biology.

To study a PhD degree in Biology, completion of school with Biology as one of the subjects, a three year biology or related discipline and also a Masters degree is mandatory. A minimum first class or above throughout the education years is highly desirable. Along with these academic qualifications, a student is required to sit down for some competitive exams like the UGC NET, CSIR. And a UGC JRF will also qualify you for monthly salary or stipends all three years of your study. You can also write GATE exam as this is most often accepted by many reputable universities like the IIT's.

If you are a fresher with a PhD degree, you are most often directly recruited for the Assistant professor role and the pay usually starts in a range of 37000 per month and above. If you are a part of some major government approved or private universities then you may expect a even better pay. Hope this helps. Good luck.

RE: I am interested in biology and I wanna become a great research scientist. how can I achieve it? I also wanna know about salary?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

HiTo show the interest in a certain subject or stream reflects the basic knowledge about that and having inherent potential based on the suitability. This is the framework of any path-maker who knows the destination and eventually strike the goal with the systematic and continuous preparation.Based on your stated interest in biology I must give you the benefit of the doubt and explain you the realistic approach to achieve the success as a biologist and researcher which can pay you more than your expectation.You try to figure out your interest (whether it is fundamental or superficial??) on the factual parameters which includes your competency to solve the basic question. To check this query you must be interested in solving the relevant Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) either on-line and offline explore the questioner and check your basic strength. Secondly your transcript is the mirror image of your interest where the subject of interest giving you the exponential performance in terms of distinction, this type of indicator holds the futuristic guts to say ---Yes I am the eligible candidate for this.I just tried to make it sure that you have the genuine interest to opt the biology and so that you and your subject both are the ultimate combination to each other.In order to achieve this goal you just follow the following steps as per the Indian Academic System preferably:1. Pass out your higher / senior secondary with biology and explore theundergraduatecourse -B.Sc/B.Sc hons/ B.Tech/BE.Again you have to take the decision (based on the comfort and suitability andafter allyour basic result and potential) to opt the career in science or technology.2. B.Sc/B.Sc Hons are meant for the scientificpreparation, also give you the free hand to explore the other career which might not be your choice. After graduation in Biology (Botany-Plant Sciences and Zoology-Animal Science, Biotechnology-Entire living beings, Marine Science etc) you need to join post graduation -M.Sc in any subject mentioned above and then qualify the UGC-NET/ GATE for doctorate degree -Ph,D ---will lead you to claim the scientific research world of your interest.2. Similarly if you are interested in Technology then proceed for B

.Tech in Biotechnology/Bio-engineering then M.Tech and Ph.D.3. Though the discussed line of education path seems to be simple in saying, so I must tell you that your self motivation, concomitant, and family support are the pre-requisite, put your hard work with a perfection to realize you

RE: I am interested in biology and I wanna become a great research scientist. how can I achieve it? I also wanna know about salary?

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