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What are the career options if I opt for an integrated programme for B.Tech+M.Tech. Biotechnology after 12th?

Sir, I have applied to a reputed college for B.tech + M.Tech. (dual degree) in Biotechnology. But I am not sure about my decision as I don't know about the career options related to it. Is the maths that we have to study for first two semester in this course very difficult? and after completing the course is there any scope for some good job? I am in a confusion! Pls help!!

by Aathira Madhu
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4 answers

RE: What are the career options if I opt for an integrated programme for B.Tech+M.Tech. Biotechnology after 12th?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur

Hello there!

Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us.

First of all I want to appreciate you to have chosen Biotechnology course. You can certainly study an integrated degree and it does carry advantages with it. Employers prefer recruiting students with higher degrees for crucial research positions and an integrated program will be very rewarding in this aspect. Also students who aim to study Masters degree without taking education break, and also prefer research oriented careers, choose integrated MTech to develop in-depth theoretical knowledge.

The only two reasons why most students choose only to study BTech and not integrated MTech, is due to the duration of course. Lots of students prefer to finish education as quickly as possible and start working to earn money. For this reason, they find an integrated program pretty long in duration and doesnt want to be studying for 5-6 years all along. The second reason is the tuition fee and related expenses it may incur on the student. Students prefer investing only for a four year degree and are reluctant to invest for a degree that requires 5-6 years of study. If you can afford tuition fees for the entire duration of an integrated program, and are also able to commit to studying; you can definitely go for this course. Also completing the integrated MTech, you are sure to be placed in most research jobs and your salary will also be pretty high compared to BTech pass outs. Moreover, if you are interested in doing a PhD in future, having an MTech is advantageous.

Next, regarding your issue with mathematics. You will study maths in first year only, meaning in both sem 1 and sem 2. But it is definitely not difficult. I am a BTech Biotech graduate and I had maths in my first year and I found it very easy to manage. You may also study Biostatistics in year 2 (sem 3) and it is easy to manage too. If you can work out on problems everyday after it is taught at college, you can very well score above 80%. In fact you will not even require extra coaching or tuition support to study maths in first year. So be relaxed about maths.

Lastly, about the career options with Biotechnology. You have a variety of options to choose from like corporate to research careers. The most cool careers a Biotech degree can give you are below.


You can choose to work in any sector that may involve chemicals, molecules, meat, microbes, pharmaceuticals, antibodies, plants, animals and vaccines. Some of the roles you can get are put up in the picture above. Apart from that you can also look at the next picture below that may describe a few more roles you could possibly work at:


Most students think they can either work at corporate or research labs having a degree in Biotech. With a Biotech degree, you could also work as an pharma industry analyst, pharma marketing analyst, life science publishing companies and corporate communications in life sciences industry. I hope the briefing will help you very much.

Please write back if you require further help. Happy to help. All the best for your education.

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RE: What are the career options if I opt for an integrated programme for B.Tech+M.Tech. Biotechnology after 12th?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

First of all you make it clear that what you want to do in your career?? A descipline is designed in such a way where aspirant will be given the best academic inputs and it is very much reviewed, analysed and designed by expereicned professor at national and international repute. So you can not rule out any subject ingredient because of your own conduct and ease.

Moreover you drop the idea to do it if you think it is impossible rather then victimizing a subject, college and entire academic community where you will be the consequent survivor. Never develop a sense of feeling where you expect that it needs least effort and easy success it could be fatal, and now a days the young geretion is develping fancy approach to get the degree for the sake of job only, yes it is required but why you are not undersatnding job is being created by you and your subject not subject is created by job. You need to think in reveres order and then realize your wekness and strength.
Your interest is biotechnology at B.Tech and M.Tech level that is core engineering field which deals with genetic engineering, bio-engineering, biochemical engineering, tissue engineering, fermentation technology, industrial technology etc where the maths at fundamental level is mandatory, which is being taught in first two seems so that you could be able to design your experiment, data analysis and more often you will do the instrumentation in lab that is core bio-physics include maths, dynamics derivatives etc. Otherwise how come you can claim the best job in the contemporary world.

I can suggest you to overcome the fearpshycosis in maths--better you solve the problems at 10th to 12th level conquire the fundamnetals from NCERT book and take the help of local academicians or any family friends and raise the interest in generel, never aggreviate your problem for the sake of biotechnology juxtapose the common interest to read a book of math as any intellectual develops the habit to know eveything at elementary level so one can groom the situation at any level.

Never think this math is a strugling part of biotech rather take it as a complimentery tool which describes the biology in excusive style.

Otherwise Biotechnology is the fantastic discipline which offers you multimillionaire job worldwide.

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RE: What are the career options if I opt for an integrated programme for B.Tech+M.Tech. Biotechnology after 12th?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear Aspirant, I really appreciate your decision of opting BTech and MTech intigrated Biotechnology course. Your decision is perfect and at this moment you should concentrate only on your dual degree program. The BTech and MTech Biotechnology has lot of job opportunities. After obtaining the degree of BTech in biotechnology, you will be not a simple graduate rather you will be an engineer holding a degree in Biotechnology.

Let me first tell you the scope of dual degree in biotechnology. After getteting a degree in MTech Biotech. you will be eligible to apply for jobs in government as well as private sector or multinational companies in India and abroad. After MTech biotechnology degree you may apply for lecturer, Assistant Professor or Scientist in college, university or Institutes. But keep one thing in mind, you have to clear the National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by UGC-CSIR or ICAR. To get entry in academics or research this certificate is must. In private companies or multinational companies, this document is not required.

If you pursue doctoral degree in biotechnology or molecular biology or any subject of life science then chances of getting entry in universities, colleges and instititues will increase. To make an entry into private comanies, such as food industries, pharmacology, biochemical manufacturing companies. beverage companies. There are many biotecgnology based companies in India (mentioned below) in which you can try after obtaining your degree.
Biocon, Bangalore
Panacea Biotech, New Delhi
Piramal Health Care, Mumbai
Wockhardt Limited, Mumabi
GlaxoSmithKline, Mumbai
Bharat Serum, Mumbai
Krebs Biochemical and Industries Limited, Hyderabad
Zydes Cadila, Ahemdabad
Indian Immunologicals, Hyderabad
Monsanto Biotech, Mumbai
Rassi Seeds, Attur, Tamilnadu
Novo Nordisk, Bangalore
Trans Asia Biomedics, Mumbai.
THere are other companies also such as Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Brainwave Bioinformatics, Bangalore Genei, GVK BIosciences, and many more.

You may also try for academic jobs in western universities. After MTech you can go for a doctoral degree from any USA, Canada or UK university. This will increse the chances of job all over the globe in academic as well as in private sector.

Regrading mathematics in BTech, let me tell you, it is not at all difficult. You have to clear your concepts of 10+2 maths and then you can easliy carry that forward. Just believe in you, and you can do it.
With all my best wishes,

Good Luck..

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RE: What are the career options if I opt for an integrated programme for B.Tech+M.Tech. Biotechnology after 12th?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant



Thank you very much for approaching counsellors at Mera career guide. I appreciate your interest in Biotechnology as a field and as a career. I really recommend you to study this integrated course in Biotechnology. You will be directly receiving an MTech degree in Biotech after studying for five years. Moreover, i see you are considering to apply at a top university. So please go ahead. An MTech that too dual/ integrated from top university will attract employers towards you. This will give you a very nice opportunity to stand for job placements when you pass out.

When you complete a BTech degree in Biotech and say you join as a trainee or as an entry level role in a biotech company, you would start with a basic pay. The salary will also be around any where between 10000 to 15000 initially per month. You can only start on basic and entry level jobs and employers wont usually prefer BTech pass outs for senior positions. But if you start work with an MTech Biotech degree you will definitely not start working from a basic role. You will work in at least a second level position compared to BTech positions and your starting salary will also be any where from 18000 plus a month. Moreover the main advantage to have a masters degree in biotech is, you can aim for research oriented jobs at either pharmaceutical companies or other private biotech firms or central research labs.

Your MTech degree will certainly train you with research skills that are required for you to prepare yourself for a research career. You can also work as a Research Associate at college final year MTech under your supervisor on a research project. This is much like a trainee role and you can add this to your resume. You can also consider doing summer projects/ internships while at final year MTEch. For knowing about the companies where you can apply, please consider the list of companies given by the previous counsellor here.

Next, an academic career: With a MTech degree, you can either write UGC NET, UGC SET or UGC LEC exam, pass it and be qualified to work as a lecturer in colleges. Else you can also consider studying a PhD and starting your career directly as an Assistant Professor. You need UGC NET/ GATE/ CSIR/ UGC JRF scores to apply for a PhD in India. Completing the PhD you are qualified to work as an Assistant professor and after 2-3 years you are likely to promote as a professor. If you develop your research standards and publication list, you can also be promoted to Head of the department within 7 years and then a Dean of the biotech department within 10 years.

Please write back if you require further advice. All the best for your admissions.

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RE: What are the career options if I opt for an integrated programme for B.Tech+M.Tech. Biotechnology after 12th?

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