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A Biologist is a scientist who studies living organisms, mostly in the context of their environment. Biologists who are involved in fundamental research mostly attempt to explore and further explain the internal and external mechanisms that govern the functioning of organisms. There are different types of biologist some researches on unicellular organisms where as some researches on multicellular organisms. They investigate on large scale organisms like tissues, organs, cells and large void bodies etc. A biologist or a biological scientist plays a vital role in fields of medicine, agriculture and industries. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Biologists answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Biologists

Hello Thank you for choosing Career guide and writing to us. A post graduate degree qualification always offers a better standing for graduates in search of a job. And moreover with a degree in science subject like the Biology, you are definitely standing up with great job scope. [A masters degree in Biology can give you career both in India and abroad][1]. If you are a fresher with no work experience, then you have less job scope for finding jobs abroad. Jobs for MSc Biology in India: 1. [Research labs][2]:As a Biologist you can work at research labs either government approved or even pri

HiTo show the interest in a certain subject or stream reflects the basic knowledge about that and having inherent potential based on the suitability. This is the framework of any path-maker who knows the destination and eventually strike the goal with the systematic and continuous preparation. Based on your stated interest in biology I must give you the benefit of the doubt and explain you the realistic approach to achieve the success as a biologist and researcher which can pay you more than your expectation. You try to figure out your interest (whether it is fundamental or superfici

Dear friend, the question you have asked is very interesting and and also has practical aspects. Let me tell you in simple words that a biologist could be a 1. [Botanist, who study the plant kingdom][1], 2. [A zoologist, who study about animals][2] 3. [Agricultural scientist][3], study about crop management, plant breeding, entomology, nematology, horticulture, forestry, silviculture, vegetables, floriculture 4. [Microbiologist; study the structure and functions of microorganisms][4] 5. [Biotechnologist; the techniques in biology][5] 6. [Geneticist; how characters are inherited][6] 7.

Hello friend, You have completed your 12, so now you should get admission in BSc in any one of the following subject: Botany, [Zoology][1], [Microbiology][2], [Biotechnology][3], Biochemistry, Nano Biotechnology, Bio medical science, [Environmental Science][4], Marine Science, Dairy Microbiology, Molecular biology, Genetics, [Food Technology][5] and there are many more subjects. After BSc you have to choose any one subject of biology to pursue your post graduation (MSc) program. The first three semester are for course work, the fourth semester is for research project. This is very crucial

Dear FreindBiologist make the day very typical I do not know how much it is true or false? A professionalist makes the day as  the requirement and need of any professional ism which looks very typical for others those are not involved into that profession. Observing others while doing a job like earthenpot maker devote day night in shaping something which attracts me how they do it but that perfectionist never wonder about his or day to day life as thery are involved in complete sense, similarly being biologist I never get excited about my day rather i use to be sincere and justify the jo

Dear aspirant   ans622409439645708.jpg1210x755 131 KB   Thank you very much for approaching counsellors at Mera career guide. I appreciate your interest in Biotechnology as a field and as a career. I really recommend you to study this integrated course in Biotechnology. You will be directly receiving an MTech degree in Biotech after studying for five years. Moreover, i see you are considering to apply at a top university. So please go ahead. An MTech that too dual/ integrated from top university will attract employers towards you. This will give you a very nice opportunity to stand

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Hello, Thanks for Asking..!! If you are interested in Biology & Chemistry then there are various fields available in Science which can help you to pursue your career in the same field. These careers are high in demand. You can become Doctor, Bio technologist, Research Scientist, Professor etc. The best fields for you are : Bio-chemistry genetics Botany zoology chemical engineering micro biology immunology pharmacy microbiology pathology radiology   To make career in Research Field or Lectureship, you can pursue Masters Degree & apply for CSIR NET Exam, which is the National Lev

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Students initiate their Path towards their Final Goal from the very beginning by choosing a Stream for completing their Intermediate i.e. Final Years of their Schooling. This decision acts as a Foundation Stone for the Journey throughout his career.  Today we are going to discuss the various options available for a Biology Students in Science Student except for the Traditional Career Options like MBBS.  For any Confusion Regarding Career Paths – Take here: Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test This is the basically the dream of almost every Biolog

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Hello Spriha, It’s good you approached the CareerGuide for guidance in your education field. The CareerGuide is really one of the able and largest career guiding platforms in India which has been assisting and guiding the career aspirants and students for many years successfully and has the largest state of the art network of highly qualified Professional Career Experts.     Spriha, you seem to have completed your 10th level of education and now about to step up for your 10+ levels. Here, you out rightly have asked if you should opt for Biology as one of the major subjects in

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Hello,Thanks for Asking..!!Don't worry, there are hundreds of options available in biology field.Yes, when we think about biology, the first thing comes in our mind is "Medical". but its okie if you don't want to career in medical.Agriculture - You have agriculture field option also available. in which you should have knowledge of Indian economy Agriculture includes Dairying, Poultry Farming and Horticulture apart from production of Fruits, Vegetables and food grains.Research -Research is really good option for Biology students. Biological researchers include scientists and technicians.To purs

Dear Aspirant, There are really good options in Biology as a career ahead. With 12th Biology (PCB) group, below are some of the options of careers where Biology is a dominant factor: Dentist Dermatologist Dietician Nutritionist ENT Specialist Food Technologist Pharmacy Medicine – Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Veterinary Radiology Technician Pathology Botany Biologist BioTechnology BioMedical Engineering Microbiology / Horticulture Forestry Para-Medical – Nursing, Physiotherapy, Lab Technician Agriculture / Fishery Life Sciences (Genetics) However, you will have to be sure abou

Hello For most of the reputed Engineering institutes, it’s mandatory to pass twelfth standard with Physics, Chemistry and Maths group. Hence, you are now eligible for non maths streams like microbiology, physiotherapy, biotechnology, paramedical science, etc. The option that you can opt for joining engineering stream is to take admission for diploma course on the basis of tenth standard’s score and later join degree course. However, it is a time consuming choice. It is highly recommended to write a psychometric test as it will help you clear all the doubts and make a choice dependi

Dear Aspirant, In which specialisation have you completed your engineering? I am surprised that after BTech you want to go to non-engineering stream and make a career in that. If you have strong Biology then you can go for MSc in Environmental Conservation or Environmental Science. You can get admission on the basis of your engineering degree. Just to make sure scientifically, that Biology related career is for you, giving the Ideal Career Test from Its a psychometric test which will assess your aptitude and interests combined. Best wishes

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Dear Aspirant, To know the field of your interest for a long term successful career, you should first spend time and take efforts in knowing 'YOURSELF'. You should know about your competencies till now, your aptitude level, your inter personal abilities, your strengths, your weaknesses. You should also know how far you can reach and what are your limitations. It is a myth that all limitations can be removed and we can get successful. Everyone is born having some or the other limitation.  You should find out which subjects in academics you love the most and what are those which you wo

Dear Aspirant, Thanks for call. I would like to just add the following which could not be discussed on the call: 1. If you love animals and Biology, then choosing Veterinary Medicine degree is a good option. 2. Travelling the world and explore it, can be a good hobby. For making it a career, you can think of Zoology and become a Zoology Researcher, Wild Life Researcher, etc. You will have to focus on one thing at a time which will give you desired success. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, Nice question but this is a platform for solving career queries, doubts, problems and deciding career paths. You may ask this question to Google Search or your own professor. The later is best recommended. If you wish to know anything about any career, its scope, etc, you can definitely write to us. Best wishes

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Dear Aspirant, First upon I congrates you to choose Biology as your special subject.There are many ways to  career in Biology, as follows- Agriculture Medical Forestry Food Science Indian Forest Services Exam in Biology / UPSC Exam Horticulture Fishery P.hd in Biology Microbiology Nutrition Dental Field Wish you all the best.  

Dear Aspirant, Your career choices are very varied and it definitely requires counselling and scientific assessment. You like Biology but dont want to go for Medicine and also like Music. I would suggest that you can continue with Music as your hobby and definitely participate in music shows to keep your hobby and liking going. However choosing a strong education course is very important for you at this point of time for a stable and secure career in life. Apart from MBBS taking Biology, you can definitely choose excellent options like Biotechnology, Microbiology, BioChemistry, Food Technology