What are the most interesting things I can do while working as a Biologist?

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RE: What are the most interesting things I can do while working as a Biologist?

Preeti Taneja
Preeti Taneja
Verified Career Expert
Dy. Manager Education & Counselling, Welspun India Limited
  • Chandigarh

Biologists study living organisms and their relationship to the environment. They perform research to gain a better understanding of basic life processes or apply that understanding to develop new products or processes. Most specialize in any particular area of biology such as microbiology , zoology , botany etc.many biologists work in research and development. Some conduct basic research to increase our knowledge of living organisms including bacteria and other infectious agents.

Basic biological research enhances our understanding so that we can develop solutions to human health problems and improve the natural environment. These biological scientists mostly work in government, university or private industry laboratories usually exploring new areas of research. Biologists who work i applied research or product development use knowledge gained by basic research to develop new drugs, treatments and medical diagnostic tests, increase crop yields and develop new bio fuels. They usually spend more time working on marketable treatments to meet the business goals of their employers. Biologists carry out research in laboratories using wide variety of other equipment. Some conduct experiments involving animals or plants. This is particularly true of botanists. physiologists and zoologists. Some biological research also takes place outside the laboratory e.g a botanist may carry our field research in tropical rain forests to see which plants grow there, their medicinal and other useful properties, ecologists might study ho a forest area recovers after a fire.

Marine biologists usually work outdoors often on research vessels from which they study various water bodies and marine organisms. Biotechnology and genetics has emerged as a new area within the field of biology. Biological scientists involved in this field manipulate the genetic material of animals and plants, attempting to make organisms more productive or resistant to disease. Basic and applied research on biotechnological processes such as recombining DNA has led to the production of very important substances such as human insulin and growth hormones. Advances in biotechnology have created research opportunities in almost all areas of biology with its application in areas such as medicine, environmental remediation and agriculture.

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RE: What are the most interesting things I can do while working as a Biologist?

Ajit sankar  Mallik
Ajit sankar Mallik
Verified Career Expert
MD PhD,(CABMM) and University Hospital Zurich
  • Zurich


This is such a broad question and it depends on your interest, hard work and filed of engagement in Biology. l put forth a wide range of options with the notion "sky is the limit" in terms of interesting things one can aspire to do being a Biologist.

1) You can win a Noble Prize!

2) You can solve many unsolved puzzles of life (just for example, why we don't grow a new organ when it gets damaged as it was, where as a house-lizard can regenerate its tail to its previous state)

3) you can work on long experiments to get a cure for disease (like now some cancers are curable!)

4) you can really discipline your life, way of thinking, logic. For example, once you try to find how to make an artificial pancreas that can be used to treat Diabetes, you need to read a lot of articles as what has been done so far, why people have failed, what are the options currently available, what can you do in a different way, how can you divide your work by collaborating with other people who are in this filed.

So you learn lots of technical skill as well as soft skills like team work, leadership, analytical ability. These skill sets will help you in all forms of life

5) If you have an innovative idea/ product out of your research, you can start your own business/ company and this will open an endless horizon.

6) Based on your interest and qualification (If you do Masters, PhD), you can work either in academia or industry. In academia, you teach, train and work as biologist. In Industry, your work is more focused on targetted research, product development and developing a business acumen.

7) There are lots of diverse career options, those can be derived from the filed of biology like Project mangemnet, Science writing etc.

8) You also need "biology" back ground to become a medical doctor and thats a huge domain in itself

9) You can work with many animal models: like you can create a rat/ mouse that have similar disease like humans (like Diabetes, Eating problem, heart disease) and try to check which methods or drugs can work on them. Then one can extrapolate these options for humans.

10) You can work and take inspiration from all portions of nature like plants, animals, natural events.

Like for example, the cobwebs spider make are stronger than steel with the same dimension. So scientists are trying to use such material in surgery as stitching wounds& quot as for example.

11) These days, biology is becoming more interdisciplinary i.e. you as a biologist tend to work with many other professions like engineers, computer scientists, medical doctors and so on. So this gives a chance to know other specialized fields and learn their skills to implement in your own domain.

If you know the filed of biology you may choose or if you can become more specific with your question, I can provide even more interesting options one can do!

Best of Luck for your adventure!


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RE: What are the most interesting things I can do while working as a Biologist?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar


Interesting question to ask oneself? I want to do this I want to do that but in real world it does not happen. One can do the things as per the set goal and willingness which confines you from unwanted deviations. So it was the common rule for all as you know.

In biology numerous examples have been set by many Indian and International scientists which inspire us a lot. Biological Science is very delicated and sensitive issue becoz you deal with living beings and entire phenomenon is comlex. Therfore one can become very puzzled to solve the integral questions which bring you to the confusion. If you take my opinion I always scan the existing problems in my surrounding and correlate accordingly:

  1. How you develop the concept in Biology---require fundamental very clear?

  2. How you convince your intellect---require communication skill?

  3. How you realize the concept---require strong technical skill?

  4. How you benefit society---require the parameters (international bench marking) to assess the development?

Based on the above listed facts I can explore the interesting things to do:

Beng true countrymen one should think the wholesome development of the society and country and then figureout your strentgh and peoples problem and keep ready your biological tool. If you are a medical scientist then explore the chronic deceases and its victimization rate.

Many illustrations can confuse you so first of all asses your comparability and then initiate the dialogues with sound research group leader in India and abroad and keep your concept communicable post your ideas to the world level scientists I am sure you will be picked up and will be given million dollars project and fame.

I hope you understood my opinion and structural strategies to claim any interesting fact in biology.

Good luck
Dr. Manoj Kumar

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RE: What are the most interesting things I can do while working as a Biologist?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Biology is the study of living beings which elucidates the facts cellular potential and the biologists are the learner and the best observer of such natural happening. Biologist transmits the knowledge from one to another and therefore global society gets benefited.

It is very difficult to write all interesting facts and disciplines of biological science what a biologist do in interesting manner, few of interesting facts about the biologist which make you delighted:

  1. Biologist work for their own satisfaction it does not mean he or she is selfish rather the feel glad in discovering the facts which enrich the society. They do not draw the demarcation line between plant and animal, plant and human, eucaryote and prokaryote moreover they think biological system as model system to understand closely and then extract the hidden behavior and then correct the error which could be fatal for human being, further extract the best solution and serve the humanity.

  2. For example a plant bio-technologist understands the entire mechanism of plant cell, tissue and organ then entire organel which explain the internal movement of plant how it survives under harsh condition whether it is abiotic or biotic (abiotic stress means extreme cold, water crisis, heat shock etc and biotic stress means pathogenic attack, nematodes-pest attacks etc). A plant has potential to resist or tolerate such stresses which is lacking in human and animal due to certain genomic reasons, a scientists knows the facts, isn't interesting??

  3. A Microbiologist elucidates the facts about microbial system which is invisible, cause the damage and benefit both for the human beings. How it is possible scientists postulated several concepts like plant-pathogen, human-pathogen, animal-pathogen interactions with the help of metabolic, genomics, protoplasmic those are wonderful tools deiced by scientist to understand the puzzles at molecular level. It enriches your knowledge and you feel accomplished after knowing the relationships with microbial system, like many economical bacteria are existing in our intestine which help our digestive system, converting milk to curd, converting ferment-able sugar to alcohol etc.

  4. Animal scientists works on animal behavior and mimic its internal aspects which helps the human being to get more and more benefits.

Similarly many other scientists work on human system, clinical research, drug designing, etc.If you have any further query then call us

Dr. Mano

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RE: What are the most interesting things I can do while working as a Biologist?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear friend, the question you have asked is very interesting and and also has practical aspects. Let me tell you in simple words that a biologist could be a

  1. Botanist, who study the plant kingdom,

  2. A zoologist, who study about animals

  3. Agricultural scientist, study about crop management, plant breeding, entomology, nematology, horticulture, forestry, silviculture, vegetables, floriculture

  4. Microbiologist; study the structure and functions of microorganisms

  5. Biotechnologist; the techniques in biology

  6. Geneticist; how characters are inherited

  7. Biochemist; study the chemistry of biological system

  8. Bio-medical Scientist; study about biomedical (paramedical) aspects and instruments related to the field.

  9. Medical Laboratory Technologist; who deals with the clinical and medical aspects of patients.

There are many more fields. As a biologist you can do many intesreting things, which will give you job satisfaction and benefits to the society. For example if you are a microbiologist, then you can make some some microorganisms such as curd forming bacteria to produce insulin. This will simple control the diabeties of people by simply eating the curd.

If you are a botanist or plant breeder or biotechnologist, then you can make changes in plants to produce more yield, and the plant will require less water and less nutrients. Alternatively you can make some plants resistant to common diseases, for which lot of pesticides are required. In this way, you can save the money of farmers along with sustainability of environment.

I am a microbiologist and in one project i am working on fortification of micro-nutrients in staple crops and in another biocontrol of common diseases of some vegetables. The positive result will give me satisfaction as well as recognition.

Another thing, It will depend upon you, which organization you would like to join as biologist. If you join a university or institute then you can work on your independent research projects. You can plan some crazy ideas, such as use of bacteria to control diseases, growing apples in deserts and dates in cold region.

It is the idea which matters, you have plan any wild idea and think how to convert it into reality. Plan your steps and start doing it. If you have good planning, believe me, you can do any thing. If you wish you can make a cow to produce milk with more vitamins, calcium and insulin. You can make any bacterium to clean the polluted water.

With all my best wishes,

Good Luck..

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RE: What are the most interesting things I can do while working as a Biologist?

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