Kartik Chugh

I don't want to opt for Engineering or BTech. I have done class 12 with Non Medical. What are the other areas I can Pursue my career in?

I like to explore the world, the nature. I love Writing (any random piece of writing). I am good in Sports. What are the possible fields..?

by Kartik Chugh
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3 answers

RE: I don't want to opt for Engineering or BTech. I have done class 12 with Non Medical. What are the other areas I can Pursue my career in?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Why you look like confused just do it whatever you want to do, but must know about yourself and background what you have done at school level. This is crucial to screen the career oriented movement in life. At a large scale people are being confused about the career aspect and we find them in dilemma.

You are also in the same situation and not getting any concrete conclusion about your future career.

Being a PCM student you have broad scope to opt any career in sciences, humanities, and other professional courses like journalism, management, bio-computational, bio-physics, nanosciences, marine science, biotechnology engineering etc. these are all relevant subjects for you.

My friend a subject or stream is not important rather you are important who makes any subject special and meaningful for the upcoming generation. In general mediocre students always adapt the hit and trial approach and showing the dependency on subject, always make a remark this subject is placement oriented, look good to fly abroad etc. These are all meaningless and leading you to the stiffy situation in academics.

Better you understand your strength which has been reflected through the continuous upgradation mode of passing at school and college level that will be the launching pad for your career. Though you will be confused by your family, friend, society by hearing them and having several references to opt a career. But you do what you deserve or fit into only then you can succeed it otherwise as usual you will complain the subject and institution and teacher that my career is stuck due to these.

Better you explain the same thing to your parents and be very straight forward while opting any stream as a career. Next step is to explore the institutions at private or govt level depends on the subject profile. Do the rigorous job for screening them visit them personally and look at the campus atmosphere among students, infrastructure, talk to departmental head, see infrastructure, faculty profile, student-faculty ratio, academic credential at national and international level. Try to know your subject at their place how they are implementing and then compare with other organizations.

In to I have tried to explain you the real path to make.

Good luck

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RE: I don't want to opt for Engineering or BTech. I have done class 12 with Non Medical. What are the other areas I can Pursue my career in?

Rohit Gala
Rohit Gala
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director & Counselor at Svastrino
  • Mumbai


I just went through the description you have mentioned above and it shows that you are a creative person who should not be bounded to a chair and a desk with computer work.

As per you preferences you can opt for the following:

1) A travel and tourism course which will take you to be a master of tourism and will also help you to explore the hidden nature in the most beneficial manner.

2) Further you can join any of the media chanels (Discovery, National Geography, Animal Planet, Etc.) to explore your potrntial and learn the practicalities of the living world around you.

3) As you love writing you can also do a writing course which develops your writing quality and aloows you to express your throughts in the most expressive manner.

4) Combining both the nature and writing you can be a writer for the natiure because it is known that the most beautiful and healthy thoughts are developd and expressed when you have a deep touch of nature around you.

Further These should be your options as a passion and you should never think of generating money from these options. though they will be a good income source for your future, but you need to focus on some practical world studies and applications which will develop your initial income.

Wish you like my suggestions. De feel free to write to me again and I will surely solve all your issues.

Thanking you,
Best of Luck.

Enjoy and be happy through your life.

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RE: I don't want to opt for Engineering or BTech. I have done class 12 with Non Medical. What are the other areas I can Pursue my career in?

Thiruvikraman Ramadoss
Thiruvikraman Ramadoss
Verified Career Expert
Freelance Trainer and Training Partner, ProMetis Learning
  • Muthampalayam

Hi friend,
I appreciate that you are trying to explore other options than Engineering and Medical.

Let me Introduce myself to you. I have experience in guiding school students to select apt higher studies. I have crossed Engineering studies, IT Job, MBA in HR and working as a trainer now. I am an entrepreneur developing training solutions and companies.

Think, Other than Engineering and Technology what are the other areas you know. Arts, commerce, business management, design, communication and Journalism are other areas which provides job opportunities.

When you are selecting a course you should consider following two things;

1. What subject really you are interested in?
2. What are the job opportunities related to that subject.

1. What you are really interested in?
Find out what suits you more. what you are really interested in? Artisitic things or people management or simply organizing and managing events?
  • If you are a sports person you would definitely be good in organising and managing.
  • If you are a writer or orator or artist(drawing and painting) you are artistic and you would suite creative career.
  • If you have lot of friends, if you are handling roles like leader or class representative, House captain, then you would be good in managing sales.

2. What are the Job opportunities (career streams) available?

To get into artistic sectors you should do a UG study in arts, literature, Visual communication and Computer Science or IT (if you are inclined to technology) and then you should go for PG courses such as Mass Communication, Visual Communication.

To get into management based career you should do BBA or BCOM or any arts and then do a pg in MBA or MA(Human Resource) .

It weill be good if you aspire to get into top class Institutions for you PG degree. Institutions like, NID, TISS, MSSW, Madras School of Economics, Mudra Institute of Communications or Top MBA institutions (IIMs, XLRI, XIMB, XIME, LIBA, GIM, IIFT) .

If you need more details feel free to contact.
All the best

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RE: I don't want to opt for Engineering or BTech. I have done class 12 with Non Medical. What are the other areas I can Pursue my career in?

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