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I have done B.Tech and right now I am at final year of M.Tech, should I join my father's business or should I go for any job?

I have got only 50% in my 10th and 12th exams and that's why I am not able to sit for any campus interview in my college, please let me know what should I do? joining my father product business is seems to be an easy option for me but I am concern when it will be right for my future perspective or not? pls suggest

by Sahil Sharma
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4 answers

RE: I have done B.Tech and right now I am at final year of M.Tech, should I join my father's business or should I go for any job?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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Dear friend, many thanks for choosing CareerGuidecom for your question, here you have not mentioned your discipline of B.Tech and M.Tech and from where you are pursuing your degree program. Let me tell you one thing that you are lucky that your are pursuing M.Tech. You have that caliber that's why you are pursuing higher studies. The marks of 10 and 12 exam does not matter much. Whatever the job you will get in near future that will be because of your graduate and post graduate degrees. No body will offer you any job on the basis of your 10th and 12th standard. Just imagine, if you score more than 90% marks in 10th and 12th standard,and you ask for a job, will you get it, NO, NEVER. The reason being its the knowledge of your graduation and post graduation degrees which will open many job avenues for you.

My sincere advice to you will be to honestly and with hard work, you get the degree of M.Tech. Later you think from your heart and mind and finalize what you wish to do, a job or fathers business. Your fathers business is your business, whenever you wish, you can join and help your father. But since you are technically qualified person, therefore, you your knowledge and experience to serve in job.

Here you have not mentioned your subject of B.Tech and M.Tech, therefore, I am unable to suggest you right and exact companies and place where you can easily find a decent job.

But being an engineer, you have many job opportunities in India as well as abroad. If you wish to work abroad, specially in Middle east region, then there are lot of opportunities. The Wednesday issue of Times of India advertise many jobs of engineering fields in accent section. Let me tell you that earning and saving potential in Middle East region is very high compared to an Indian scenario.

If you wish to work in India, then based upon your technical education, you will find many jobs in private and government sector. In government sector the post of lecturer, assistant professor and assistant scientist is the entry level. The salary is also very attractive.

The bottom line is that first you finish your degree sincerely, and then try for job.

with all my best wishes,

Good Luck.

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RE: I have done B.Tech and right now I am at final year of M.Tech, should I join my father's business or should I go for any job?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
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Thank you for choosing CareerGuidecom and writing to us. I can understand your situation and I see you are at an important phase of life in choosing the right decision. Before that, in what subject did you do your B.Tech and also M.Tech? Has your degree got any relation to your fathers' business? For example, if you have done B.Tech and M.Tech in software or hardware manufacturing and if your father also does a business with software/ hardware then please feel free to jump in to your dad's business, although a little aptitude for understanding business is highly essential. If your father is into construction business and if you have had degrees in Computer science or IT then practically can you help your father in his business? Truly not right? If you divert into an unknown business, you are wasting your 12 years of schooling, four years of Btech and also two years of Mtech. Altogether you may not put your total 18 years of education into effective use.

If you have a desire to help your dad's business then this also requires you to have a flair for business. You should know how a business functions, what are all the internal departments and what each department does. For example, you should know how to secure finance for your business, how to manage this finance and how to make effective use of it. Next you should also understand how to handle people working at the company, who are they to be recruited, paid and what procedures are to be followed on their exit. Like wise you should also understand accounts as this highly requires to understand annual balance sheets and work on them. I give you this picture because you should know the depth before stepping into running a business.

But I would also like to advice you that on campus placements are not the only way to get a job. AT any college almost 55% to 65% students miss out on campus placements and how do you think they are finding jobs? So dont feel tensed about missing on campus opportunities. there are plenty of opportunities that lie off campus and find every way to attempt such interviews and secure your jobs.

Added to this, I am glad for you that you are in your final year of M.Tech. As you are in last sem, this is an excellent opportunity for you to find mini projects like internships or summer placements. If you add such summer placements on your resume, employers will very well get attracted at your resume and i am sure you will get selected within a month post graduation. Moreover you will be a M.Tech graduate and employers wont really mind for your school scores. Try getting a first class pass in M.Tech and I am sure you will rock. Hope this helps. My best wishes to you.

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RE: I have done B.Tech and right now I am at final year of M.Tech, should I join my father's business or should I go for any job?

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear Student...

Thanks for approaching us at!!!

We can understand your situation very well, it is a very difficult phase for you, but do not worry at all about your future. Life always comes up with surprises. First of all finish your M.Tech at least with good grades and get some hope for your job. If your college is not allowing you to sit in campus than go for off campus recruitment and I think you will surely land up some where with a good job.

To start with if you are getting a low package also than also go for it not a problem at all. After learning on the job and getting experience you will get much more better opportunities for you in job market.As you do not have good credentials some where you need to struggle either now or later so better start now.
Though you are not finding a desired job but never miss any opportunity consider it as a learning phase and move ahead.

Apart from this you are planning to join fathers business that is also not a bad idea, earning of your own business is better in any day than working for some one else. But as you studied so much B.Tech than doing M tech too which will be of no use if you join business, than you could have taken it in early stages itself why to waste so much of time and money in it. Yeah of course learning and studying some thing is always a plus point but you need to give your self at least one try for going in the same line where you spent around seven years of your life.

With out trying and quitting will be foolishness and may be in later stage you may regret that wish i could have given a try to it. So why now than later I would suggest better you try for job off campus and complete your M tech and I am pretty sure you will find some or the other job for you.
Remember job and money is secondary, they are not that important, learning is important which will help you to grow and succeed in career path in later stages of life.You will realize this after wards when you will reach your desired position, just keep up the spirit high and with a positive attitude give your self a last chance, and any way father business will be there for you, any time you can go and join.

Thank you
All the best

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RE: I have done B.Tech and right now I am at final year of M.Tech, should I join my father's business or should I go for any job?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar
Dear Friend
Thank you very much for contacting as it serves the best academics nationwide. I am not impressed and convinced with your idea as well as the reason you have given for your academic crisis. My definition of academic crisis is not average marking or scoring in the result rather your understanding, conceptualization of a subject, self-motivation as well as self-introspection which must elucidate the gap in your mindset and ongoing study. Such type of crisis arrives due to the following reasons which you have to rectify whether you join your parental business or do the job of your interest.
1. Lack of strategic study: This happens at the bigging stage of life when we use to be in school and the role of Indian parents are not matured consequently majority of the students get deprived of essential ingredients what we would have been conveyed at foundation level, rather we are exposed to the different upbringing and nurture a dummy character destined to the fake goal which is exactly not meant for---we do realize it after a damage or loss of valuable time and age--as you are saying the same thing.
2. Pre-occupied thought: It brings you to the pre-mature decision and frustration. Initially we commit this type of mistake because of freely available advice which is given from our elders, family, so called mentors and they push you irrespective of your interest, strength and competency.

These are our fundamental mistakes and bound to commit it as of our social psychology where we discuss the you are a child not a prodigy, you are a dependent so I have to fit you in a subject where you will get a descent job, sometime it works then it becomes a set parameter for entire community sometime it does not work then again we criticise and blame credits to students account, what is this, please come up and grow along with global temperament. I have no right to say you join your father business or re-start your study from schooling as you have already confessed that I am not a good student, you are wrong you are not poor at study rather you are poor in planing and self-belief.

Try to do the introspection and never blame yourself, or your subject matter.

RE: I have done B.Tech and right now I am at final year of M.Tech, should I join my father's business or should I go for any job?

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