Meena Gogoi

I m 28 yeas old house wife.i do ba in 2004,b.ed in 2006,what should i do for my carrier.i m not interested in teaching

I want to do job.plz suggesed me in wich field.i do my ba in geographyin 2004 and then b.ed 2006.

by Meena Gogoi
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4 answers

RE: I m 28 yeas old house wife.i do ba in 2004,b.ed in 2006,what should i do for my carrier.i m not interested in teaching

Sumit Basu
Sumit Basu
Verified Career Expert
Head at MARKS Consultancy Services
  • Kolkata

Hi ,

There are many opportunities beyond teaching. I would advise you to undergo some short term vocational programs available in your locality and should match your INTEREST AREA too.
Some part time career options that can be looked at are like Insurance adviser, Recruitment executive, Market Researcher, Event management programs, NGO's, Product marketing, Internet based work etc.
Even Ignou has some special vocational programs.
Sumit Basu

RE: I m 28 yeas old house wife.i do ba in 2004,b.ed in 2006,what should i do for my carrier.i m not interested in teaching

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Dear Aspirant,

With your BA as qualification I don't think you will get a decent job.

It is important to do MBA in a specialisation which you feel is good for you. With MBA qualification your area and chances for getting a job will increase substantially.

Best wishes

RE: I m 28 yeas old house wife.i do ba in 2004,b.ed in 2006,what should i do for my carrier.i m not interested in teaching

Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD
Apurva Kumar Pandya, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Consulting Psychologist
  • Delhi

Dear Meena,

Thanks for writing to

I agree with both the Career Experts Mr. Sumit & Dr. Anand. Graduate Degree will not suffice you in getting good job. Although, you have done your B.ed but you are not interested in Teaching so the option for you is either you take up further studies wherein you can do Post Graduation in your subject which will help you to get job in the area of your education. If you pursue Post Graduation in Geography you may get opportunity to work as:

1.Cartographer: The person who specializes in this can make maps, charts, globes and models.

2.Surveyor:The person who specializes in Surveys can take a job as a Surveyor for Survey of India or State Survey Departments or Private organization. Surveyors mainly map the surface of the Earth using Mathematical Observations and field work.

3.Urban & Regional Planner: The post graduation in this stream can help you gain job in Urban & Regional Planning of Housing and Development Projects with respect to their location & utilization of the available space.

4.Town Planning: you may be recruited by public or private organization who are involved in Urban Planning & Design also by NGOs who work on Rural Development Projects.

5.Remote Sensing: study pertaining to quickly changing Phenomena such as floods, droughts, forest-fires etc.

Depending on your area of specialization, you may get employed as forest manager or in agricultural or economic institutes or as demographers in government and research organizations. A geography background is also an asset for careers in travel and tourism, particularly for travel Journalism. Geography also helps in competitive examinations and general knowledge papers.

Apart from Geography, there are many short term diploma/ certificate courses which you can take up based on your Interest area of work. if you still find a confusion, I suggest you take up Ideal Career Test from Careerguide. com. It will help you to know your key strengths and also the best area for work based on your skills & Aptitude.

Do write us back for any further assistance.

Thanks & Regards,
Apurvakumar Pandya, PhD

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