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Why everywhere teachers are paid less in schooling education?

Why primary teachers are exploited on boas of salary and work?

by Jiten Trivedi
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3 answers

RE: Why everywhere teachers are paid less in schooling education?

Jyoti B Dhingra
Jyoti B Dhingra
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This is not true in the current scenario, because the pay scales have been revised by the government for government and private schools. There are different categories for different education profiles. Since the 5th and 6th pay commissions have been passed the pay scale of teachers has changed a lot.

You can ask for the salary you want on the basis of your C.V. , It should have proper experience and degrees to attract the authority . Government has set the bands for different categories and are payed according to that.

Primary school teachers are getting scale of 4500- 125-7000 presently have been upgraded to 6500-200-10500 and finally fixed in pay band-2 at 9300-3400 with grade pay of 4200.

Trained teachers (TGT) who are getting scale of 5500-175-9000 presently has been up graded to 7450-11500 and finally fixed in pay band 2 at 9300-34800 with grade pay of 4600.

Post graduate teachers PGT who are getting scale of 6500-200-10500 is finally fixed in pay band 2 at 9300-34800 with grade pay of 4800.

Vice Principal (VP) is on pay band 3 at 15600-3900 with grade pay of 5400

Principal at pay band 3- 15600-39100 with grade pay of 6600.

If you are interested to earn more than this then there are other options too. In today's scenario as such every one is earning from at least two sources to earn more and be on the safer side, you can also think of doing some thing like that.

One salary is not able to fulfill the needs of any person. People are looking for part time options to make their earnings grow. For this one needs to have an open mind to let the information flow in. So believing in the saying that you get that what you ask for you can explore more options and move ahead.

Teachers have ample opportunities to earn other than working as a teacher in a school.
You can work part time in coaching classes or start your own classes at home which can give you one more salary, so take your call and explore options and earn as much as you want.

ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Why everywhere teachers are paid less in schooling education?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend
I really want to intimate school teachers regarding the salary related issues which could be little relaxing in terms of terms and conditions of the primary teachers. If you see the employbility and further enhancement while being in the job is quiting encouraging. But it is truth for govt teachers where they are benifited in so many ways -like a teacher gets job at the early age and get retired after a hefty salary dose where education qualification is required just mattrick and 12th you do not think it is very good incubation model for a life. Where there is a contrast situation in private schools in spite of being highly qualified candidtaes they get very less amount as compare to govt primary school. The difference is at the sponosrship level govt has the allocated fund to support the employement which extends the service towards the society education. At the same time highly glamourised schools without taking name even I am not interested to discuss the reasions behind such scarcity where management has the right to monitor the situation as they have their private resource of fund based on the revenue which is earned from the parents and society.
My objective is to explain the future perspectives of such qualified candiates (thouse are either struggling in their job or enjoying the job is not the matter of discussion).
1.L earning while earning: This slogan carries the meanigful message which is being realized at large scale. Now qualified people prefer to join the job at early stage of life so that one can be self relient and can free from the parents side at the same time parents and family are also quite happy with such apprach. This type of act is much needed which not only help any individual rather fascilitaing the happiest methodology to the different sectors of country. Try to understand the point in simple language that how one can come out from such frustration. If you are working in a private school or govt school even then you can explore the e-learning or distance learning mode of education to obtain the higher degee so that you can switch over the job. I have seen many examples specifically in humanity background who has strarted his or her career from primary school and then joined as college teacher-lecturer/assistant professor etc which seems to be the equal oportinity in the country as per the national employment act.

Best wishes

Foreign Langauge Teacher

RE: Why everywhere teachers are paid less in schooling education?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
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Dear friend, thsnk you for your question. Here you have not mentioned your eduacational qualifications and waht are you doing at present. But from your question, it seems that you are very much concerned about the situation of teacher, specially in private primary schools.

To some extent, you are right. You might have seen that in Indian scenario, the private schools are mushrooming like any thing. Here I am not talking about the big, well equiped and affluent schools, but my concern is about those schools, which are running in suburab areas. The schools are bing opned in streets, in some buildings. The students of these schools belong to lower economic level. People like vegetable seller, small shop holder, daily paid worker send their children to these schools. The fee is very nominal so that the marginal parents can pay easily. When income of school is less then the salary of teacher is also less, or they are under paid. The teachers in such achools are not properly qualified, some of the teachers are high school passed girls or maximum they are simple graduate. Here I talked about the small level schools, which impart education from Nursery to fifth standard.
Foreign Langauge Teacher

Lets take a view of some established private schools, which impart education from Ist standard to X standard or up to 10+2 standard. Here also the salary of techer is very less. I know many such schools (both in streets, or colony ) in my vicinity. THe teachers are qualified, they are minimum graduate with Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree, some are Post graduate with BEd, and MEd degree. Still the teacher is less paid. On paper the teacher put signature on a deecent salary or full salary as per the rulings. But in hand the teacher get very less salary, say 60 % of on paper salary. Here the main culprit is the management. THe management of the school explotes the teachers.
The teachers also cannot raise their voice, becaue they do not have proof of this malpractice and moreover they are in dire need of a job. If they raise their voice the management will immediately throw them out.

But in well recognized private schools with big names, this is not the story, here the teacher gets the full pay scale as per the recommendations of the government. In all government schools, wheteher in city of rural areas the salary of a primary teacher in hand is as per rules of the government.

RE: Why everywhere teachers are paid less in schooling education?

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