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I want to become wedding planner or teacher primary teacher

wedding planner ka liye kun sa course krna hoga and kon sa college sa?and primary teacher ka liye kya krna hga?

by Swati Sachdeva
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RE: I want to become wedding planner or teacher primary teacher

Ravi Thakor
Ravi Thakor
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Business Analyst at Capital Novus
  • Ahmedabad
me weddings be it Japanese, Mexican, Rajasthan, or Gujarati, and on-order weddings to make the special day even more memorable. So, the father of the bride can forget any pre-wedding tensions!
The wedding planner is responsible for everything vaguely reminiscent of a wedding! He has to plan the ceremonies, organise them, decorate the venue, co-ordinate the event to the last detail, and cater to, entertain and take care of the guests. The wedding planner is responsible for creating a welcoming ambience at the venue, so that everybody participating in the event has an extraordinarily enjoyable time.
More often than not, the wedding planner also helps the client select the venue, even arranges accommodation for the guests, and provides transportation for them, to and from the wedding site. They also arrange for photographers and video-graphers, and sometimes even the priest or the pundit. Some other services include providing honeymoon packages for the newly married couple. The sky's the limit for the planner to offer as many services as possible.
How to become one?
Any one with a love and flair for organising events, meeting people, and logistics management can make an entry into the field. You need-to be a good planner and organiser, be innovative and creative, gauge client requirements, know the market scenario, and have good contacts. Additionally, a degree or diploma in management or event
management may help you set up your own start-up or work for an established wedding planner.
To make a splash in this extravagant venture, you first need to research your market, whether you would like to cater to designing and offering customised wedding services to a particular community or sect, or wish to cater to all sorts of wedding dos. However, you would have to be more than just conversant with the traditions and customs, and be prepared to burden a whole lot of responsibilities. To begin with, you can work with an established wedding planner to gain hands-on training before you venture out on your own.
Future prospects or furtive ventures?
Weddings are religious functions as well and demand a great deal of attention to detail and nitty-gritty. The budding industry has been given a further boost with events like the Mega Wedding show being held in Mumbai at the World Trade Centre. It promises to be a one-stop-shop for all wedding products. The event being organised on a grand scale will cater to every detail in a wedding, right from aroma therapist Blossom Kochar to jewellery designers, hair and skin specialists, and photographers will be present. The event marks the beginning of an era where even weddings are streamlined to perfection and organised as the product of the marriage industry!
The trendy trousseaux maker
It's that time of the year that glitters with colour and happy songs. The wedding scenario in India is more than just getting married. It is an occasion that is like a mini fashion show with every one decked-up in their finest clothes and jewellery. However, the most impressively dressed is the bride. And the people to make her day are designers exclusively churning out a breathtaking bridal collection. They are not just limited to a traditional look, but encompass a wide range of choices for the attire. An exciting bridal ensemble is on offer that the client can choose from. It is a flourishing business, especially around the wedding season from August to April.
Indian weddings have inspired designers such as Neeta Lulla, Sujatha Kothari, Ritu Kumar and others to start an exclusive bridal collection. Neeta Lulla offers consultancy services as well in addition to designing bridal outfits.
Designers such as her offer personalised and customised services to brides. The bridal outfits are customised to the last detail, to the extent of matching the ambience, the groom's outfit, and even the mandap.
The work is often a rich tapestry of tradition from exotic wedding gowns to traditional sarees, or simplicity and elegance combined, depending on the client's preferences0 to produce a sophisticated look.
To be a trousseau designer, you must be creative, must know craft of dressmaking or fashion designing and have an eye for detail, colour, and form. The rest depends on your initiative, how you market your services and if you are able to meet your client's requirements. Some designers even offer the complete look as a package. From shoes to handbags to make-up and finally the outfit, it is a compact offer for a price. And what a price to pay to live it up on a memorable day! Trousseau designers are here to stay.
Whipping up a career
Food is an important part of life in India. Every festive occasion is incomplete without a gastronomic spread to mark the event. Weddings are no different. They are seldom complete without a good and sumptuous spread to sate the guests into cheerful spirits. And the caterers enjoy it as well, for they make more than a buck. Catering is certainly an extension of the hospitality industry that has always been a lucrative option. Advertising and promotion is by way of word-of-mouth and an excellent caterer is always flooded with orders throughout the year.

With an attractive menu lined up, and the right staff of cordon blue cooks and stewards, you can set-up a roaring business, catering to the tastes of a different clientele. As an aspiring caterer, a degree or diploma in culinary arts would prepare you to take the plunge. You can do so from hotel management institutes. Diploma are offered by the Indian Institutes of Hotel Management (IIHM), Institute of Advanced Management, and RM Institute of Hotel Management, while a degree can be pursued from the Welcome Group Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Kadandala Krishna Rao Memorial and Saptagiri College of Hotel Management. The Taj Group of Hotels also offers a postgraduate degree.There are various food craft institutes like the University Polytechnic Campus, Aligarh Muslim University; S.J. Polytechnic Building, Bangalore; MITI Campus, Bhopal; Kalamassery, Kerala; Foodcraft Institute, Pune; Kufri, Shimla and the Vishakha Valley School, Vishakapatnam which also offer related courses the trend is towards catering to the tastes of the client and offering specialised services. These spreads are designed and spread so as to be the highlight of the day. Caterers now dish out theme spreads with a wide range of food specialities beginning from chats to special regional dishes. So, innovation, qualitative service and excellent food are the ingredients for success.
To establish yourself as a caterer, you first need to research the market trend, the kind of services already being offered by other caterers and the variety of foodstuff on offer. It is important to first enumerate what you plan to offer.

RE: I want to become wedding planner or teacher primary teacher

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

I would like to highlight the prospectives and procedural part of profession what you have planned to opt as a career. Just give a thought to my explanation and apply the suitability based on your futuristic approach and individual intellect.

Wedding planner:

There is an institute in Pune which is top ratted and hundred percent placement oriented college named as COLLEGE OF EVENTS AND MEDIA-COEM accredited by University Grant Commission (UGC) and associated and co-sponsored by several other foreign University and Industry. Just follow the admission procedure as per the on line available information. It has multi-fascinated offers in terms of jobs and placement at national and international level so you can explore the gateway to different institutions those are offering you the best course curricula which must be having a coherency with your educational background at graduate or postgraduate level.

Unorganised Sector
Similarly you need to be economical in terms of tuition fee, admission fee which could be covered if you apply your intelligence, there are several option at this level just follow the scholarship and sponsorship for such professional study. If you succeed any sponsorship then must read the terms and conditions, before complying them you must discuss the issues with your host organization and parents for your belongingness and Well Beingness. After all your mental preparedness is much needed as the nature of job requires your extroverts, smart gesture and your promptness all the ways around the clients and must know you will be into the reach profession.

Eligibility: Any graduate/Postgradute and followed by written and aptitude tests
Duration: 11 months depends on your interest
Specialization: Needs your suitability

Primary School Teacher:

This profession does not require any introduction which provides the foundation of nation with the holistic approach. It is just contrast to above mentioned job which is full of glamour and commercialization whereas teaching profession is based on the philanthropic approach in order to nurture the generation. It is you who will take a lead in any of them according to your interest, be sure that you are not diluting your interest and fundamental strength due to the glamour and so called willingness to be a teacher and glamour guide.

Unorganised Sector

For being a teacher you need to play a key role in cracking the tough competition at state level which is being conducted by state public service commission. Try to get the information from your state public service commission and prepare yourself. It requires your 10th, 12th and graduation course in brilliant shape and general knowledge which explain your contemporary follow up aptitude. Just do it and crack the competition. If you are graduate then try to join Bachelor in Education in your subject then again prepare for the same at higher secondary school teaching level.

Hope you will enjoy your profession which suits your profile.


RE: I want to become wedding planner or teacher primary teacher

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
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Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Wow!!!!!!. Intersting career choice. I amsure ap life main kafi creative hain,isl;iye you have thought about a creative fieldlike wedding planner.

This is one field where job would be available, its a recession proof market.
Looking at the trend, wedding is no more just a one day ritual, it ios spread over minimum 3-4 days, and every day has to be more glamorous than the previousday. This makes your job more tough, as you needto plan and create new all the time.
At the same time, you cannot repeat one design with the other days design, every day has to be unique and different.
As a wedding planner, yu would have to look into all sort of details right from the venue, where the function would be held, distance from the home, aspeople have to be completely happy to travel, lighting, decorations, music and dance, or performances forthe day, catering and most importantly the attire, the dress people are going towear especially the bride and groom.
For all this you would have to be very very very creative, your thinking has to go beyond imagination, you have to first think visually before you are able to put it on paper. Very important is that you have to be different and unique at the same time it has to be cost effective.

As such this is a field of creativity. But definately earlier anyone good with designing would take this up. But now since everything is so competeive, this job is also under the course of "Event Management". Now there are short term courses and a graduate degree available too.
There are short term, graduate courses and Post graduate levelprogarms too. You could also do a BMM, which willgive you a fair idea about orgaizing events.After your graduation you could do ashort term course or work under an event management organiztion and get an idea as to what is the work all about.
Unorganised Sector

Since wedding is a big thing now there are courses available in the market as wedding planners, which are short term courses.
But before you begin on your own, please check your creativity, your visualization. It would be good if you could begin to oragnise an event in your area or family or for friends,like say a Birthday party. Moreover get your complete planner ready to market yourself, here good communication andimportantly convincing skill is required, word of mouth, maintain good rellation with people, asthey are the one who would promote you and get you business. Very importantly you would have to have alist of people into professions like caterers, decorators, artists (musicians,dancers,mehendi) and dressing people.
Gt ready for the show. Wish you luck.

Unorganised SectorUnorganised SectorUnorganised Sector
Another question is why such a 2 varied option. No connection between the two chosen career. Though teaching also involves creativity, meaning the way theconcepts aretaught, but its a regul;ar job.
For being a teacher, you would have to have completred your graduation degree andthen clear B.Ed. You could choose ageneral B.Edor with a subject specialization. Please note that permanncy is a major issues with school teachers. Since international schools are an in thing, you could opt for those schools, but after clearing your B.Ed course. Though in international schools you would join in as a co-teacher asthat would be the training period for you, they would train you in theri style of teaching.

To end it, you could deal with both the professions. You could work as ateacher as well as awedding planner. Though management of both is your job, but doing both work would be a better option.

Wish you all the very best....Before planning others event, plan your career creatively...

RE: I want to become wedding planner or teacher primary teacher

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