Deepti Kandregula

I m an average student, I want to make my parents proud on me, is becoming a topper is the only option to make them proud?

I want to make them proud but I am not that intelligent to be a doctor as I wanted to become a dentist. I am an average student. Plz help

by Deepti Kandregula
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5 answers

RE: I m an average student, I want to make my parents proud on me, is becoming a topper is the only option to make them proud?

Halima Sadiya
Halima Sadiya
Verified Career Expert
FreeLancer Academic and Career Guidance Counsellor
  • Kalyan

Hello Student,

I can really understand what goes on inside you , it's a great feeling toknow thatyour parents proud of you and it takes years of commitment , hard work andrespect full attitude not good marks or a topper label. Students generally feel that toppers parents are proud of their children as they boast the achievements of their wards before every one where as in average case it's not so. In fact, parent' s want their children to be good to them and others and successful in their lives where as our societal pressures pictures the good marks point.

You will be definitely able to make your parents proud of one day as you are concerned son/daughter for which you are asking this query. Look dear, first of all feel that its possible , sometimes it may not feel so and make you frustrated at your self and others. Simply put in the best and 100% effort and take their advises and guidance with out feeling disturbed. Display a sense of responsibility in taking up your own charge , for ex: getting up yourself , getting ready for studies..

Now, coming to your career I would first like to ask why you feel you are an average person ? Is it because of the marks you secure ? or is it due to less smart behavior and taunts by your near and dear? if it is the case, simply forget it, go for an intelligent test and see how intellectual you are and take this feeling out of your heart and mind. Many of my students have felt the same way , but with guidance and following tips and tricks , they have done wonderful progress. So you will also do. First, talk to your parent's and go for an career assessment and personality assessment based on the results, decide on a career matching your talents, skills, interests, personality attributes and aptitudes.

Then you will feel a perfect balance and interest in studying the chosen career option, ultimately resulting in good score and good opportunities. Once , you are happily settled in a career perfectly made for you , you will see how proud your parent's will be of you. So. please don't get carried away by doctors, dentist, and others rather go for the one in which you will prosper.

Hope you get a right career direction and have a prosperous future. Wish you a great career ahead and your parents pride.

Click on the following link and see a motivational speech by an average student:

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RE: I m an average student, I want to make my parents proud on me, is becoming a topper is the only option to make them proud?

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear student....

Coming to your question of making your parents proud and how to become topper in your class though you are not that intelligent, again you want to go to medical line and persue your career as a dentist.

I am really glad to see that you are so much concerned about your parents happiness and thinking for them so much but it is not the only way to make them proud so many other options are there to do so, peruse your career in the line where your talent lies and you will enjoy doing that too, so it will be more fruit full, like if you are good in other things like singing, dancing, painting, acting there also so many opportunities lies and now a days you can see so many talent hunt shows to help you peruse that.

But if you still is interested in the medical line then first thing is remember hard work is needed if you are not that good in studies, so only hard work and full commitment to your line and subject is the only way you can do to achieve your line.

start the preparation in the ten plus two stage itself as it will be more help full join some coaching center who are helping side side in medical as well as ten plus two studies, commonly found these days every where, so not a problem in that, by this you can achieve your goal for sure. again keep in mind to do entrance form fill up as it will after twelve exams in march and April only so do not forget to apply, both online and offline process is there to apply.

Hope you got the answer for your query and now you are clear how to peruse your career in medical line.Again I would say please access where your talent lies and focus on that too, your strength weakness is important to purse a career in anything.

RE: I m an average student, I want to make my parents proud on me, is becoming a topper is the only option to make them proud?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear,

I really liked your attitude and intention of making your parents proud. A proud parent is definitely not somebody who always measures on the basis of marks or percentage. Always remember that your parents are very much proud of you but may be they are just trying to make you work harder so that you do not get causual towards life and career and take everything seriously and do things sincerely. No true parent will ever critize their child for no reason.

I am very glad that you approached for seeking guidance on your really important concern and I really liked your attitude.

Before I advice my part, please allow me to tell you about myself in brief... I am an Educationist and an Economist! I have been into career counselling for more than seven years now and have counselled many students from the fields of commerce / engineering / finance / management / law, etc. I am also an established author and my articles and research papers are published across the nation for more than ten years now in reputed newspapers and magazines on topics like economics, management, law, finance, commerce and career management. I am also into teaching for some years now.

The average student is not at all a factor to determine whether one is successful or not. Your parents wnt you to become a doctor but you should tell them the fact that you do not have the ncessary eligibility criterion to get admission into a MBBS course, etc. since you will not be able to make it to the eligibility. You can tell them that though not an MBBS doctor, but a Dentist, Eye Specialist, are equally doctors.

I very much appreciate that you wish to make your parents proud but there are unlimited ways to make them proud. Becoming a topper is not always a parameter is getting successful or becoming a doctor. Tell your parents that Einstein was not a topper, Newton was not a topper, Dhirubhai Ambani was not a topper, Sachin Tendulkar was not a topper....

Always remember my dear, that once you are able to make your self competent and skilled in any career, success will come after you. Aim for being a good dentist and you may earn more than a doctor or any person.

Do not get disheartened and go your way to become successful. Your parents will surely appreciate and feel proud of you and actually they are feeling proud of you still.

Best luck

RE: I m an average student, I want to make my parents proud on me, is becoming a topper is the only option to make them proud?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear Aspirant, I really feel proud on you that you have asked a practical and natural question. Let me tell you one thing that you are so sincere about this that you want your parents to feel proud on you. Never ever measure success with the parameter of scoring top marks in school and colleges. Let me say one thing that you may be an average student but you are not at all an average person.

Your parents will definitely feel proud on you, if you are good in behavior, your body language is very positive, you are an honest person, you are very hard working and you listen to the advice of your parents and friends.

To be a topper in academics does not mean that a person is great or will be great in his life. Lets us take some examples of famous personalities, who were average or below average students in their career. Amithabh Bacchhan (was he a topper??), Sachin Tendulkar (was he??), there are many more examples. Can you name me any film star or tennis star (except countable) who were toppers in their student life. No they were not, still they make their parents very proud and are loved by millions of people. I does not want to say that only film stars, tennis stars, singers or musicians can make their parents proud.

You just try to look in your self, see what you want to do, you may be having some hobby, try to sharpen that hobby and it may become your profession. All the great scientists were not toppers, it is the idea which matters. You must be flooding with great ideas, try to give them a shape, something positive will definitely make yourself and your parents proud.

Do you know that a simple or average person with pleasing personalities, with a decent behavior and good manners is liked by all compared to an arrogant topper. So why do you compare yourself with a topper student. Scoring good marks is not a big thing, the big thing is that are you a good person, who is loved by majority of people. So don't think in that way, change the way of your thinking and be a good human being. This is the crux of the life.

With all my best wishes.

RE: I m an average student, I want to make my parents proud on me, is becoming a topper is the only option to make them proud?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Student

Thank you for your modest question which stimulates me to awake you on the war foot. My dear just come on -----come out from such mind set which seems to be depressing that must be eliminated from your life at any cost. You need to convince yourself, in my opinion you are not self motivated and even not trying to acquire the best things hidden in your life. Just meditate and give ample time to your initiatives, never waste your time in thinking about the good and bad impact of the consequence of your plan. It is a general phenomenon which happens everywhere but the courageous people never get indulged into it and give fresh direction with the excitement and calculative approach for a healthy preparation. Never try to be obsessive about your dream and destination otherwise your present will be lapsed and then you will remain thinking in this mode only.
First you promise that you will read my suggested facts with a positive mind set only then you will be benefited and will be focused only on the preparation.

Unorganised Sector
Try to understand factors below which could be helpful for your future career goal:
1. Not to be emotional : Never mix your emotion which is the most complicated theory in the world, being an Indian I know our emotion discharges the concreteness of nature and eventually get deviated from the appropriateness. Never promise anything under the influence of emotion rather be practical and follow the contemporary thoughts will help you to incubate your study in the holistic manner.
2. Self believe: Neither you are an average nor you are extraordinary you are an unprepared aspirant who has become the victim of social gossips and fake benchmarking. Come out of this you are a trait carries unique genetic make-up and dependent on the environmental factors for a visible expression. Hope you understand the theory of inheritance and its genetic transmittance. Stick to your self study and healthy collaboration among your good friends and teacher and discuss only the relevant talks never think anything out of the box.
3. Competency: It comes through the above explanations which brings dynamism in the personality.

I wish your changed temperament will give you a new vision in your life and eventually you will claim the proud factor in life. This is the way to be a valuable person over the successful.


RE: I m an average student, I want to make my parents proud on me, is becoming a topper is the only option to make them proud?

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