Satinder Shergill

I opted for medical stream and want to go abroad for furthur studies after +2, So please suggest me some affordable course to opt further?

Want to go vancouver, Canada. Please suggest some medical courses, procedure and colleges. And also chances of jod relevant to the course.

by Satinder Shergill
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RE: I opted for medical stream and want to go abroad for furthur studies after +2, So please suggest me some affordable course to opt further?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

If you intend to go Vancouver, Canada for medical study then directly visit the website available online and explore the details. It is a premature stage to initiate the process. At your age you need to consult the agencies like Opulentus provide the complete assistance on genuine package. They will guide you how to explore the gateway to land there as a medical student. Before coming to this discussion you must join TOEFEL, GRE, or ILETS course work, the language proficiency test is mandatory at this stage where you need to score exceptionally. Once you get the 12th certificate along with language proficiency certificate either from GRE or ILETS you just submit your document to any available international agency (i.e. Opulentus) and get the eligibility score upon submission of requisite fee

. You will get the report card quickly and then try to generate the application either on your own by creating the profile through the student admission portal for canada or approacch the same agency on charge basis.

Let me tell you that cost of study is huge there as you seem to be self sponsor or exploring scholarship will be the alternative approach for you.
Good luck

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