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I want money, respect and social status through my job. So,keeping all these requirements in mind what should I pursue after class 12th?

I am kind of confused whether to prepare for BMS or go ahead with CA or CS. IAS also seems to be a good option to me. Moreover, I am also considering law as a profession. It's really confusing as I want to take best decision about my career. Could you please guide me by enlisting pros, cons, working conditions and most prominantly, remuneration of each of the above mentioned options.

by Tanvi Bansal
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4 answers

RE: I want money, respect and social status through my job. So,keeping all these requirements in mind what should I pursue after class 12th?

Alok Agrawal
Alok Agrawal
Verified Career Expert
Mananger at Etoe Group/Career Counselor
  • Bangalore

Hello dear student..

seeing your query above I can understand that you are thinking of career choice after twelve standard and which line will be suitable for you and will lead you to fame, money, respect in future, there are so many lines there for you but for you to decide which is fruit full for you we need to know properly your personality traits and your way of approach.

You want to go for career options like CA chartered accountant, Cs company secretary and IAS Indian administrative services, even law seems you to be good.

To start with I would say all three needs different approach and labor, if you say about CS it is also good and now having good scope also with increasing demand but if you compare it with CA than you need to do more hard work and give more time to studies as compared to CS as it is bit tough than CS and need more time and labor.

Than if you thought of IAS it is even more tough than CA and you need to make up our mind completely before going for such plan as it needs full dedication commitment and hard work with out this you will not get any results, you have to be in it completely for atleast two years and need to forget every thing apart from this eat sleep and drink IAS than only you can clear it.

Do not think that I am making you scared by saying all this as nothing is impossible in this world just go with full confidence and focus you will reach your goal, everything is possible in this world.

Hard working is the only key to success and nothing else can lead you to your destination.

Now you have to decide as final decision is always yours and at the end you need to execute your plan and move ahead in life, so be careful while taking any line.

Hope you got the answer for your query and now you can decide better which will be best suitable option for you and will move ahead with it with full confidence and will reach your goal soon.

All the best for your bright future and career path
Thank you

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RE: I want money, respect and social status through my job. So,keeping all these requirements in mind what should I pursue after class 12th?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear Aspirant,

When you are confused it is always better to see an expert and I am glad that you decided to approach us at CareerGuide for seeking the right guidance and the right time. You say that you want money, respect and social status - My Dear, all this can be achieved very much if you are disciplined and choose the right career path which suits your personality, strengths, passion, interests, skills, capabilities, abilities.

There is not equation through which one can get all the above three and therefore it is very necessary to be careful and well informed about the areas of career.

Before I proceed to advice you, I would like to tell you about myself in brief... I am an Educationist and an Economist! I have been into career counselling for more than seven years now and have counselled many students from the diverse fields of management / law / finance / engineering / commerce, etc. I am also an established author and my articles and research papers are published in reputed newspapers and magazines across the nation for more than ten years now on topics like economics, finance, banking, commerce, management, law, and ofcourse career management. I am also into teaching for some years now.
I suppose that you are in commerce stream and would soon appear for HSC or may be already appeared for HSC.

IAS, CA, CS, BMS, Law... All these career options are professional and therefore need to be chosen carefully.
I am happy that you are keeping your career options open, but I would like to strongly suggest you to also keep your mind open to choose a specific career option based on your true and honest interests, passion, skills, abilities.
Since you are HSC, you need to choose a good graduation course and therefore BMS would be fine as a graduation course.

Along side BMS, you can pursue CA, CS, CWA courses which are of professional nature.

IAS is a very different stream and is not a course to pursue. IAS needs tremendous study.
Making good money and social status is possible only when you choose a career which suits you and your personality, skills and competencies.

I would suggest you to decide on the basis of Psychometric Test available at CareerGuide.com which will tell you exactly for which career you are suited.
Best Luck

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RE: I want money, respect and social status through my job. So,keeping all these requirements in mind what should I pursue after class 12th?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Thank you very much for contacting CareerGuide.com. Your desperation seems to be fatal, the first line of action should be how to control such strong possession which leads you to a fragile world, so work out on this aspect first of all. At the juvenile phase people use to be attracted by the glamour world where the ambiguity and subconsciousness supersede the foundation act of career. In my observation, you are doing the same which will make you saturate after certain period of time. I am worried about your present situation as you are not able to understand your ground reality and this is a general trend in this economical era where the name and fame are defined by the capability of monitory gain. I can not blame you for such imbalance act rather our socio-economics structure is responsible due to the unanimous crisis. This is our prime responsibility to make you aware of the facts which make you susceptible trait to the surrounding negativities.

Nothing wrong to be a dreamer, set the specific parameters to develop the aptitude as a good human being, screen your identification that what is your strength, then put your honest effort to realise your goal.

Unorganised Sector

Make your own path to be a successful person which is a famous quote but to make it happen you need to assess your values which you carry at academic level. It is not easy to understand the individual facts regarding positive and negative, I have already highlighted your negativity so work out on that aspect and follow the strategies below:

  1. After tenth, the combination of your subjects will be filtered and reflected with high score, as our examination system makes it sure.

  2. Naturally you will go with the best suited subjects based on your tenth results, then get admitted in the premium organisation or retain the same school if you think your future will be incubated in the best atmosphere.

  3. Once you finish the 12th with high score then plan your career either in engineering or medical based on the subject type or go for general graduation system and prepare for UPSC. Though all these movements are based on your intellect, concomitant and effort.

Rest depend on your individual courage and phenomenal act which will be coined in terms of success.

Good luck

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RE: I want money, respect and social status through my job. So,keeping all these requirements in mind what should I pursue after class 12th?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. Whatever you aspire could be possible with a career or a profession but with only a job. I often tell people there is a huge difference between a career and a job. A career is termed as professional and personal advancement added with social status and high earning opportunities. Where in a job, doesn't give each of the above said aspects. Therefore I advice you to choose a career wisely.

You tend to have thought well on how your life needs to be in future. For this, you have also constructed a map of relative careers. To be honest, any career will give you respect and social status. But it depends how the individual grows along with the profession. For example, not all people in law can be popular. There are very few who get to be popular because they are dedicated to their profession. Like wise, there are many reputable professions that doesn't suit everyone. One can get success in a profession only when the profession personally suits you. For this it is necessary to understand what type of personality you have and what type of profession suits you. Therefore please spare a few minutes on the psychometric assessment from this website. Taking the test you will understand what type of personality you have and the possible careers in that route.

Apart from this, I can give you some idea on reputable professions you can carry out.

If you are from a Commerce group in 12th, you may take the following options

Bcom---> Mcom--->ICWAI---> CA
BCom---> MCom---> CS
BCom--->MCom---> MFM

If you are from a Computer science group in 12th level,
BSc CS ---> MSc CS --->PhD CS
BSc IT ----> MSc IT ---> PhD IT
BE CSC ---> ME CS ---> PhD CS
BTech CS ---> MTech CS ---> PhD CS
BTech IT ---> MTech IT ----> PhD IT
And if you want a professional career in medicine: MBBS, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BPharm and Physiotherapy are possible options.
If you choose to do Engineering then you can pursue the same path as BTech ---> MTech ---> PhD. If you choose Arts, you can similarly choose to do BSc ---> MSc ----> PhD. However you can also get into law or IAS professions but all this will require you to have a basic Bachelors degree in any subject you like.

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RE: I want money, respect and social status through my job. So,keeping all these requirements in mind what should I pursue after class 12th?

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