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I want to become a professor of Instrumentation and Control Engineering. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

Will you please explain with all info

by Mohammed Shibin
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2 answers

RE: I want to become a professor of Instrumentation and Control Engineering. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
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Dear aspirant

Thank you very much for approaching counsellors at Mera career guide and writing to us. Becoming a professor is absolutely great. It is the highest academic achievement plus educational career achievement too. I am impressed with students who always aspire for a career in teaching and research as i highly feel this is a highly responsible career and also gives something back to the society.

Becoming a professor requires a person to achieve a doctorate qualification that is a PhD. In India, there is one basic criteria that every candidate needs to meet and that is following either 10+2+3 route or 10+2+4 route. I will explain it below.

  • Pass 10th class with a minimum first class and this is +10

  • Pass 12th class with a minimum first class and this is +2

  • Pass a three year bachelors degree like a BA/ BSc/ Bcom with a minimum first class and this is +3 or pass a four bachelors course like BENG/ BTECH with a minimum first class and this is +4. As you desire for a professor in Instrumentattion and control engg, you are advised to study either a BENG/ BTECH in Instrumentation and control engg course at bachelors level. Studying a related program is highly essential to progress for a PhD in future. Please note that reservation category students can get a monimum of 55% and others are required to have a first class as minimum

  • Next pass a masters like the BENG/ BTech in instrumentation and control engg degree. This should be a two year masters degree and not less than that. You are also expectd to get a minimum first class

  • Next write GATE exam in case you aim to study your PhD at IIT institutions. You are also required to write UGC-JRF in case you want monthly stipends while studying your PhD.

  • In case you dont want to study at IIT and study at other universities then you should qualify after writing the UGC-NET/ UGC-LEC exam.

  • With these scores you can apply for a PhD and completing it you are qualified to become a professor.

RE: I want to become a professor of Instrumentation and Control Engineering. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Thank you very much for being associated with as we are to serve your purpose with the best effort. I must congratulate you for your elite class thinking and having a dream of such prestigious job so you have already inspired with your self motivation. There is a need of vision and patience to go for a long way which have to be implimented while claiming the best job in the world. Your are of interest is highly exciting and technology oriented where you have to make an entry with the best possible way of engineering in making. To be a professor in engineering your academic background must be upright without any gap which sginifies your motive for the same. Academic record starting from 10th to college must be bright at the same time you have to take care of your specialization which will be emphasized thrugh the higher study at M.Tech and Ph.D. level so develop your mind set and prepare accordingly. After master (at least 55%-5.5 CGPA) in instrumentation and control engineering you need to qualify Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering (GATE) or CSIR-NET/JRF, UGC-NET/JRF only then you will be eligible for Ph.D. admission in any prestigious institution in India. As you have to enquire the best institution for your specific are for example Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, IIT-Delhi, IIT-Rurki, IIT-kHARAGPUR, National Institute of Technology-Trichy are few of the best technical Institutions in India at international standard. First you visit the website of these organizations and then try to know the minimum criteria for doctorate. As you know this course belongs to engineering so must do B.Tech and M.Tech from any of the above listed institutions where you will be given world class technical knowledge apart from text book.

Instrumentation & Control Engineer

Once you earn te degree of doctorate based on the specfic area of interest as per the feasibility and your academic standard which suits the profile of your supervisor will make you Doctorate in instrumentation and control engineering. If possible then go for postdoctorate fellowship after your Ph.D. which will give you another dimension in this area, one should not look for change the interest after walking such a long distance rather look for multidisciplinary colleboration which will complement your research objectives. Of course now you can be a professor (Asst. Prof----Associate Professor----Professor).
Good luck

RE: I want to become a professor of Instrumentation and Control Engineering. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

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