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This is how the typical day of an Instrumentation and Control Engineer goes like:Checking the emails and making sure that every necessary communication is made.Checking the system complaints against the instruments. Start troubleshooting. They have to keep in touch with technicians and guide them for the repair and maintenance work.They conduct meetings with the senior team to plan the project work. After the meeting, they pass on the tasks and deadlines to the technicians.Visit the plant and work on the faulty equipments. They have ensure that everything is working fine.Coming back from

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An instrumentation and control engineer is mainly responsible for designing, installing , managing and maintaining equipments which are used to monitor and control engineering systems, machinary and processes. The main responsibilities of instrumentation engineers include:-Designing and developing new control systemsMaintaining and modifying existing systemsManaging operationsWorking in collaboration with design engineers, operations engineers , purchasers and other internal staff.Contacting clients, suppliers , contractors and relevant authoritiestroubleshooting and problem solvingwriting com

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Instrumentation engineering is one of the dynamic branch of engineering that includes study of electrical, chemical, electronics as well as computer engineering. Instrumentation engineers are employed in various industrial settings such as manufacturing, environmental, health, food production, mining and energy production. The key areas on which instrumentation engineers work most of the times include :-Engineering Research & DevelopmentControl system design and installationProcess control and instrumentationInstallation and managementSales and service of technical equipmentProject and tec

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