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I want to become a professor of Microbiology. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

Can you guide me through

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RE: I want to become a professor of Microbiology. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

Preeti Taneja
Preeti Taneja
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The starting point to become a professor in microbiology would be opting for science stream till class 12. After completion of class 12 , one can seek admission in BSc Microbiology followed by MSc or integrated PhD program. Most of the postgraduate , doctoral and postdoctoral program admit students on the basis olf entrance tests. Admission to doctoral program may be on the basis of national level test like UGC-Net, CSIR- UGC-JRF, . Someinstitutesmay conduct their own PhD entrance. Final selection would also include assessment of academic record and an interview.

Microbiology , the study of microorganisms plays a major role in our day to day lives. It is broad discipline which includes many branches like bacteriology , virology, mycology, parasitology and others. Microbiologists study microbes: where they occur, their survival strategies, how they can affect us and how we can exploit them. They study the relationship between microbes and man, animals and plants.

RE: I want to become a professor of Microbiology. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

Ajit sankar  Mallik
Ajit sankar Mallik
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Your query sounds straight and interesting. I'd like to know the "why" factor (as why you want to be a professor in Microbiology) and this can easily lead to "how" to be one.
There are basically two ways to be a professor in microbiology:

First way: Clinical path
This can be called "clinical microbiology"way and it is definitely an interesting and rewarding journey. This should be taken by those, who are interested in human medicine, treatment and their thorough understanding in addition to microbiology. In this path, you go on to class 12 with Science (Biology), then get into MBBS (5.5 years course). During MBBS, you will get to learn about some important nonclinical streams such as Microbiology, Pharmacology etc. These are taught in the initial years of MBBS curriculum. Once you are done with your MBBS, you can pursue further to do a post graduation course in MIcrobiology and then you can apply to be a faculty. With time and your performance, you can end up becoming a professor in microbiology.

Second way: Classical
In this way, soon after class 12, you can opt to go along BSc (2-3 years), then MSc (1-2 years) and then a PhD (3-5 years).
In this path you may need a longer career route, but then you are specializing only on Microbiology from an early time point (at BSc level).

First way vs Second way:

1) In the 1st way, you are a medical doctor and you can treat patients if you wish plus you can be more comfortable with direct patient handling. This is not the case in "second path"

2) In the "First path", you can be more comfortable with clinical research as you are also trainied with clinical medicine during MBBS
In the second path, you will have more exposure to research as such but for clinical research, you need to tie up with a group/ person, who is a doctor, clinical obligations.

3) In both ways, you need a substantial amount of time, dedication and hard work.
Both ways involve difficult screening methods (Entrance examnations) almost at every level (MBBS, BSc, MSc)

4) To take either ways, you need to have good grades to qualify for the cut off eligibility for the entrance examinations plus good publication record at or beyond the level of MSc, i.e. you need to have research articles published to your credit. Post PhD, your publication record becomes a measurable yard stick for next levels in your career.

Hope it helps. Get back to us, if you need any clarifications.


RE: I want to become a professor of Microbiology. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar
Dear Friend
To become a professor first you need to join as lecturer then reader then professor or first join as Assistant Professor--Associate Professor --Professor it is the general procedure according to academic performance index after you master or Ph.D in Microbiology. If you are extra ordinary scientist and set a huge milestone in sciences then any universit worldwide can offer you direct professorship like many scienfic and technological digniteries--Dr. APJ Kalam known as missileman and then became president of india.

I would like to give you the procedural guide lines --how to become professor in Microbiology:

1. First of all your basic qualification from from 10th to M.Sc must be excellent. at graduation level you must be having microbiology as one of the subjects or opt it as honors subject then you will be given B.Sc hons in Microbiology. It is a three years course best institute is Delhi University

2. After B.SC/B.SC HONS you can go for M.Sc microbiology where you study all the modules of microbiology within two years. This course work includes basic as well as apllied both and then will give you exposure at industrial level through the disrtation / project work for six months. Explore institutes like Delhi University, IMTECH, Chandigarh

3. While doing M.Sc you must make up your mind for NET-JRF examination conducted by University Grant Comission, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research -CSIR, Indian Council of Medical Resaerch, Department of Biotechnology, Indian Council of Agriculture Resaerch etc. These tests are based on your M.Sc course work as well as general studies (maths, physics, chemistry, environmental sciences, GK). If you are a higher scorer as per cut off list then you will be given NET-JRF/SRF qualification which will offer you research scholorship/ emoluments to pursue your research leads to doctoate admission in any premium institutes or university in India.

4. Just like sciences Microbiology is being offered at M.Tech level also though your degree will be awarded in MTECH IN Biotechnology where Microbiology will be your specialization as your transcript will reflect the disertation work in Microbial technology. This degree program takes two years after doing B.Tech for four years with same background. Accordingly you have to plan to crackthe NET/GATE test as I have described above.


Good luck
Dr. Manoj
Feel free to call us

RE: I want to become a professor of Microbiology. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

To be a professor in any subject is a long and gradual approach in academic career and same is there in Microbiology. Try to understand the entire procedure to groom yourself throughout the career.

1. After 12th with Physics Chemistry, Biology or Maths (very good scoring marks) opt out the under graduate course -in microbiology -B.Sc or B.Sc Hons in Microbiology / Botany/Zoology or B.Tech in Bitechnology with Microbiology as elective or compulsory course.
2. After B.Tech with Biotechnology or graduation with Microbiology or equivalent course structure prepare for M.Sc in same stream from any premium university or institutes. For that you need to qualify the entrance test, be informed about excellent attepmt in excellent institutions like Life Sciences in M.Sc from Jawahrlal Nehru University as Life Sciences have the microbiology to give you your goal to be completed further. Delhi University-Microbiology Department (South Campus), AMITY University Noida, Microbial Technology.
Just explore the list of Universities (Govt)/ Private University/ MHRD research Institutes-Indian Institutes of Sciences and Educational Research -IISERB, IISERM, IISERK etc. National Institute of Immunology, IMTECH, Chandigarh etc.
Certain govt funded laboratories like CSIR, ICAR, DBT, ICMR DRDO etc. you have ecellent oportunities in these listed instittutes where you will be given a healthy research and educational atmosphere to groom yourself to excel your career in Microbiology.

3. Once you are done with Post graduate fegree in Microbiology or associated subject where you will have equivalent course structure, start preparing for Doctorate degree, but you have to be ready to qualify UGC-NET/ CSIR-JRF/ICMR/ ICAR/DBT etc for the eligibility test of lecturership where you will prove your credential to be a researcher as well as quailified academician. You will be eligible to do Ph.D with very good supervisor/scientist/professor in excellent university/institutes. At the same time you will be given research fellowship under Junior Research Scholarship or Senior Research Fellowship prgram, emolument ranging -16000-22800 as per the research type.

4. In total you have to spend time at B.Sc level three to four years, at PG level -two years again at doctorate level-three to five years so you are walking a long way to complete such bonafide research training program in a defined manner which allow you to claim any academic position--like assistant professor or lecturer or scientist B/C/D (equivalent) then after good performance or certain research achievement you will be promoted to Associate Professor and accordingly professor.

Hope you got the detailed journey how to be a professor----

Good luck

Dr. Manoj Kumar

RE: I want to become a professor of Microbiology. What is the eligibility criteria for that?

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