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What are best way to find jobs as a Biologist?

give me a best possible solution

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3 answers

RE: What are best way to find jobs as a Biologist?

Deepak Rana
Deepak Rana
Verified Career Expert
Author: Sky Beyond the Clouds
  • Kangra

There are a number of ways to find the jobs as a biologist. Below is the information provided that will help you in getting the jobs and the information regarding how to approach them:

1. The biologists need to search on the job sites and remain active on them in order to find the right opportunities for them. In the recent few years the job market has shifted and has transferred from the offline scenario to the online one. There are a number of job sites such as Naukri, Monster and even Linkedin is serving as a good platform to look for the job opportunities. You need to create your profile in each of these job sites and start searching for the jobs. You can also contact the customer care for further actions to be taken so that your resume gets highlighted with the employers.

2. You should search the academic institutions in the country and even abroad if you are looking to work outside and should start looking for the openings in those institutions. In case you the openings are not listed on their website you can contact the concerned persons and ask for the openings. Remember taking the initiative is extremely important while looking for the job. This not only tells the employer how excited you are about this job but also gives you the first mover advantage if you apply before others. Therefore do no wait and start applying now.

3. You need to read the job openings section in the newspapers every day. It does happen a lot of times with many government institutions that they do not update the websites but keep on posting the ads on the newspapers for the current job openings. You need to be aware about that so that you can contact and apply at the right time and get the job.

4. Start networking with the people belonging to your professions. This can also be done using social networking sites. This will not only give you more information about the job openings but also how to enter the job and prepare you interviews. Therefore you need to grow your professional network.

RE: What are best way to find jobs as a Biologist?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Before getting into the job hunting process you need to understand the basic philosophy of jobs in biology. First- what type of job you are looking for, as biology has multiple options and it is not possible that you will be fitted into everywhere. Second- identify your specilaization based on your earned skills and degree. Third -either you desrve for higher academic/scientist job or middle level of scientists or technical job again you look for acedimcs or technical in university or industr etc.

As you know biology offers you job at various level which is detremined by your standard, level of degree, skills and experiences.

Industry look for technical and academic both staffs as per the need, you must know the requirement of industrial needs based on the ptoduct types accordingly you build your stretegies which should be reflected through our earned degree so there is no pint to get confused and misleaded by any third party. I must tell you that if you are confined with your interest then things become easy to target. This is well proven approach applicable for all the aspirants in any stream.

Once you are clear about your destination then start to groom your mind and hand to claim the best job available in industry, acedemics or your own entrpreneureship.

There are several job portals available like,, shine---, biotechnika---helpbiotech--these are all to update you regarding the current vacancies in all sectors including biotech-basic to applied.

Being an aspirant you must know the suitability where you can give your best and will get the package accrodingly which is called mutual growth so recruiter as well as employee both are happy and eventually achieve the milestones in life. That is why reputed brand never entertain the misfit even they do not call for interview as they know it will be the wastage of time, money and effort at both level. Keeping these in mind you start to prepare yourself if you are interest in academics then obtain degree at higher level -Ph.D with NET (UGC/CSIR) and then join any university at govt or private level will give you a new horizon in life.

After Ph.D. you can join industry, govt sponsored research institutes-like DBT, DRDO, CSIR, DST, ICMR, NII, MOEF etc you will be absorved as a scieintist. At M.Tech or MS level you have options at technical as well as academic level both.

Good luck

RE: What are best way to find jobs as a Biologist?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear friend, I am very happy to answer your question, because I am also a biologist (microbiologist), and I can uderstand your views to get a suible and decent job.
Fisrt of all you have to make yourself eligible for a post of biologist. Technically speaking a biologist is any one who have studied any subject of biology. A biologist means, a person holding a degree of master or doctor (PhD). In most of the jobs, specially in government sector (university, colleges, institutes) due to cut throat competition, it has become mandatory to have a degree of PhD.

To get a suitable job or what is the best way to get a job of biologist, you have to be proactive. Means you have search the print media, internet and also your circle.

Most of the government jobs are advertised in national news papers and also in Employment New paper. You can also search jobs of your interest by visting the websites of the government organization. But the problem is that either the website is not working or latest job openings are usually not updated. This is not so, in case of private sector or multinational companies. If you are interested in making an entry into private sector, you may also drop your CV in the data bank of the company. Here I would like to advice that, you should prepare your CV as per the requirement of the company and job. Gone are the days, when everyone used to send a universal CV for all sorts of job openings.

The social sites like facebook, linkedln plays a very crucial role about job search. Usually any one in our friend circle post the jobs and we come to very easily. At least in my circle this is very common thing. You should maintain a regular contact with your friends and seniors, these guys play important role in telling you about openings in their department or organization. And if someone close to you is also close to resourceful person in interview panel then results are obvious. Therefore, your social and interpersonal skills will also helpful to provide you a good job.

Alternatively, you can register your self to many job oriented websites, like, Biotechnika,,, and many more. You may write your key words related to your job in Google. Search the job in India and abroad and apply online.

with all my best wishes,
Good Luck...

RE: What are best way to find jobs as a Biologist?

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