To be a professor in any subject is a long and gradual approach in academic career and same is there in Microbiology. Try to understand the entire procedure to groom yourself throughout the career.1. After 12th with Physics Chemistry, Biology or Maths (very good scoring marks) opt out the under graduate course -in microbiology -B.Sc or B.Sc Hons in Microbiology / Botany/Zoology or B.Tech in Bitechnology with Microbiology as elective or compulsory course. 2. After B.Tech with Biotechnology or graduation with Microbiology or equivalent course structure prepare for M.Sc in same stream from any pr

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Please watch the video below to see the typical day of a Microbiologist:Microbiologists study the organisms that are too small to be studied with naked eyes. These organisms have huge significance in our lives. Sometimes they can act as infectious agents to carry the diseases while other times they can be helpful for us. As a Microbiologist, one has to study the behavior of micro-organisms, and how they impact the environment around us. The research part takes most of their time in the laboratories. Also, they spend quite a lot of time in reading the theories and concepts and updating themselv

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Dear friend, I am very happy to answer your question, because I am also a biologist (microbiologist), and I can uderstand your views to get a suible and decent job. Fisrt of all you have to make yourself eligible for a post of biologist. Technically speaking a biologist is any one who have studied any subject of biology. A biologist means, a person holding a degree of master or doctor (PhD). In most of the jobs, specially in government sector (university, colleges, institutes) due to cut throat competition, it has become mandatory to have a degree of PhD.To get a suitable job or what is the be

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Microbiology is a broad discipline with enormous applications in health, industry, biotechnology ,, environmental science and basic research. There are alot of career opoortunities in microbiology and a qualification in microbiology is an excellent option for students interested in this profession.After 12th with phyics, chemistry and biology , a student can pursue an undergraduate course in microbiology. specialization in microbiology is usually offered at post graduate level and includes branches such as medical, agriculture, industrial, marine , food & dairy microbiology. The institutes

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Large pharmaceutical companies are making alot of investment in research & development in India. As a result, there is an employment opportunity in the areas of formulation research , analytical development and clinical research in new drug discovery. Microbiologists have an ooption to teach in schools, join colleges as lecturer etc. One can start his own microbiological laboratory. Microbiologists can specialze in medical , public health, agricultural, microbial, industrial , marine , food & dairy microbiology. Medical microbiologists are involved in tracking down new, unidentifi

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Microbiology is a broad field which includes many branches like bacteriology , vrology , mycology. parasitology  etc. Microbiplogy has application in health, industry, biotechnology , environmental science and so many other fields. Microbilogists can do specializaton in areas such as medical microbiology , marine microbiology , food and dairy microbiology , agricultural microbiology  etc.Microbiologists study microbes; where they ocur, their survival strategies, how they can affect us and how we can exploit them. They study the relationship between microbes and man, animals and plant

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