I want your assistance to help me choose career option

I want to decide choosing a career and accordingly the subjects I should pick up in 11th

by Shivanshi
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4 answers

RE: I want your assistance to help me choose career option

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

I guess you are studying at 10th level and approaching 11th, very exciting stage at the same time it is a crucial stage in entire life where you are going to decide the fate of your entire career. So be yourself and judge your potential based on the schooling performance though your transcript is the mirror of your ongoing thought process. You must have noticed a subject which is very close to you, must be understanding the complex theory with a greater ease where other students having difficulties to understand the same thing. It is just to give you an exemplary notice about your strength similarly other subjects which seem to be difficult though you put your hard labor to solve the puzzles and accordingly you succeed it. This is human psychology and behavior to draw the similarity matrix where intelligence is prevalent otherwise uneducated and educated qualified will remain same.

Once you come to know that I am good in humanity, better in entire PCM and best in biology then what you will do?? then it becomes a matter of justification, this is a self analysis which will help you to take a concrete decision in your life. In any case if your family or parents forcing you to take mathematics oriented technology or science stream then you must explain them why you should decline.
Another way to take the right decision just you read all the books of NCERT at school level and understand the fundamentals with your honest effort and take the help of your mentor if you find any difficulties and again draw the conclusion you will find your filtered subject where you can debate, hypothesize, fabricate in positive sense and many more questions you can ask to confuse yourself will be the right subject of your career. Although people are so economical and chase the set pathway which is very typical for particular people it could be you too then you must go ahead nothing wrong with that but you should look the reverse side.

You must think about the right equitation at 11th level which will lead you to a particular destination after 12th:

1. Math, Physics, chemistry and language: Technical or further higher studies-mtech or msc or ph.d which can make you scientist, engineer, professor or any other professionals on the same field.


It is you who will decide now

good luck

RE: I want your assistance to help me choose career option

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear Aspirant, seems that you are in school and likely to come in college. Your career option depends upon your choice of stream. For a good career you have to first pass intermediate or 10+2 exam. Here you may take take science , arts or commerce stream. After 12, your subject stream will decide your future.
As you have mentioned that you wish to choose the subjects in 11 class. Fisrt decide yourself, do you wish to go with science or arts or commerce stream. In my opinion whatever stream or subjects you choose, do it sincerely. Because you will different job opportunities after the subjects you have taken in 11 and 12 standard.
Dear aspirant, for any career you have to pass 11 and 12. After 12 class, you will having lots of carer opportunities. If you wish to join forces, then you can try for NDA (National defence Academy), this you can opt after any subject stream.
If you opt PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) then you may try for medical sciences career. And if you pursue PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) then you will be having open access to Engineering stream . Obviously, in the all these career option you have to get entry only after national level or state level compitition.
In any case after 12 standard, if you wish to go for higher education, then you have to garduation, after that post graduation. After post graduation you will be able to get entry into University or research institutes.

I would like to mention here, it does not mean that any one gets better opportunity after 12 standard, he or she will be better than compared to others.
I know many persons, who could not made after 12 standard and they have gone for higher studies. They did their doctoral degree and they are well sttled now. Any one who opt for higher education, will also definitely gets better opportunities not only in India but also in other countries.
After graduation, you may go for masters or doctoral degree or post doctoral degree program (PDF), from wetern country universities.
At this stage my suggestion will be, just think from your heart and mind, and go for that.
God bless....

RE: I want your assistance to help me choose career option

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Hello My Dear,

Choosing a career for college is something really confusing considering the huge number of options in the market.

I am glad that you made a decision to approach us at for seeking guidance and help for your future career. I am sure that you will benefit from here. My two colleagues here have already give you their view but I would like to give my different view on this.

Since you are about to enter into college life, you must be knowing that college life is such a stage in one;s life which is always memorable, enjoyable. Therefore it is very important to choose a right college and above all a right course which will allow one to enjoy the college life and make it a good memory phase. If one chooses a wrong course, one cannot enjoy the college and not the course as well make the life a hell of frustration.

I would like to there fore advice you to think about yourself your strengths, your family background, your interests, your passion, your liking area. Knowing all these is very important to get successful in life and career.

Psychometric Test is the answer to know all the above aspects. Psychometric test is a proven method through which a person can really decided his / her career and life. Psychometric test of are avaialble for download and can be done at your home all by your self, only thing is you should be veyr honest and true while answering the test. The test will give results which will help you and the career counsellor to show you the way of career path.

Best Luck

RE: I want your assistance to help me choose career option

Ashwani  Mohan
Ashwani Mohan

Dear aspirants, I would like to appreciate that you are very serious for your career on this stage and you want to adorn your career in right guidance. first of all I want to tell you that this is very right stage for choosing career and choose subjects according to your career. Before giving answer of this question, let me introduce myself; I am career consultant and counselling Psychologist and I have been working in this field for last seven year.

Now, I would like to suggest you that before choose any career and opting subjects, you must know three things about you like your own aptitude, your own Interest and your own resources
. For Psychological assessment of aptitude and interest , you can take professional help. Beside aptitude and Interest, you should consider your own resources also because resources play important role in career building. For example, you have interest and aptitude in Engineering but you do not have sufficient resources for doing degree of engineering, it will be difficult for you to complete degree and concentrate on study.

Sometimes we choose any stream, which is being choosen by friends. This is very bad approach, we should avoid this kind of approaches because Individual differences are there and Everybody is different from others. Sometimes some students make theire interest, where scope is very limited, everybodu of you should avoid this kind of options. As suggested, consider your aptitude, interst and resources for making decision for career and opting subjects.

RE: I want your assistance to help me choose career option

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